Chapter 689: Jackdaw’s Determination!

Chapter 689: Jackdaw’s Determination!

“How ridiculous!”

Jackdaw’s icy tone made the noisy crowd quiet down. Most instantly revealed displeased expressions. If it weren’t for Jackdaw’s identity, a fight would have started.

“Wanting big benefits but scared of death. No wonder you can only remain as trash at the bottom!”

Jackdaw’s sharp change of attitude triggered quite a number of people and curses started spewing. He only snorted coldly and the Frost Crow King on his shoulder flew out, landing on the man who was cursing the loudest.

There was no chance to respond as the poor guy was frozen into an ice sculpture. It didn’t end there as the crow pecked on the head, and the next second, the sculpture shattered into pieces…

Murder! Jackdaw had just killed a person right in front of so many people!

However, his actions shut everyone’s mouth. The cursing people immediately shut up, fearing that they would become the next ice sculpture. In the anxious atmosphere, no one dared to say a word.

“As expected of trash. Not cursing anymore?” Jackdaw scanned the crowd with a sneer to see everyone evaded his eyes. “This will be my warning to you all. Except for those who are going to take part in the crusade against that beast, no one else gets their hands on the origin mine, not even a shard! Those willing to participate, come here to sign up before nine tomorrow evening. We will set out early in the morning the day after tomorrow.”

Jackdaw announced domineeringly, obviously not seeking the agreement of the crowd.

“By the way, let me warn some people, don’t even think about being fishermen. If you really annoy me, I don’t mind summoning the rest of the Jackdaw group!”

Upon finishing, Jackdaw left with his people. The irritated crowd also bitterly scattered.

Bai Xiaofei and Han San’s group were no exception. It was not a wise choice to remain there and stand out from the rest.

“Tch, did you see his aura? That’s what men should have!” Han San sincerely exclaimed on the way back, his voice full of yearning instead of resentment.

He envied and also strived for such might!

“Everyone must have their own way. He is the head of his mercenary group and we are wanderers. We may not be inferior to him, Brother Han should not undermine yourself.” Bai Xiaofei might be the only one who wasn’t affected by Jackdaw’s dominance. He was contemplating another problem.

“Huh? Why do I feel like you are saying the grapes are sour because you don’t get to eat them, Lil’ Brother Feng? But then again, what are you going to do? Are you following Jackdaw?” Han San looked at Bai Xiaofei ponderingly with a hint of expectation.

He was currently struggling to make his decision. Deep in his bones was a desire to go. Whether it was the adventurous blood in his veins or the allure of the origin mine was enough of a reason, but a magical beast of the Emperor Rank was too terrifying…

Therefore, Han San wanted to know what Bai Xiaofei was planning. At a time like this, it always saved the most effort to refer to other people’s ideas.

“Me? I’m not in a hurry, I’ll consider it for a while first,” Bai Xiaofei glossed over it with a smile.

Of course he was going!

However, he certainly would never follow Jackdaw’s butt, in which case not only would he be subjected to other’s orders, but also losing his initiative, and thus unable to display his advantage.

“It’s getting late. Let’s get together another day, Lil’ Brother Feng. We will buy you a drink then, can’t let you spend any more money!” Han San said goodbye upon returning to the inn.

Bai Xiaofei naturally would not keep him. He was not idle and Han San had no more useful information for him.

“What do you think?” Leng Liuli asked Bai Xiaofei after they returned to their room.

Except for Leng Liuying who didn’t have much idea about the situation, the other three all sank into contemplation.

“It is absolutely impossible for Jackdaw to make such a big fuss just to pull in some guildless people to help him. We have all seen an Emperor Rank beast. No amount of cannon fodder can be enough for such an existence. He must have another motive.”

Bai Xiaofei tore apart their cover story and started discussing together with the triplets.

“Do you think that recording is real?” Leng Liushuang voiced her doubts.

The Holy Snow Mountain was not a volcano, so it was peculiar for a fire-type beast to appear there. Any fire attribute being would get no benefits, and any high-ranked magical beast could not be so stupid.

“It should be. If it’s forged, they could have chosen a beast of the ice attribute instead of fire which would be easily suspected,” Bai Xiaofei said, his brow creased.

Since the beast was real, Jackdaw could have sealed the news and then called the rest of his mercenary group over to monopolize the mine, but he didn’t and just vigorously disclosed everything.

What is he after? What’s in it for him?

Even after thinking for a long time, Bai Xiaofei couldn’t make a good guess. Certain matters could not be deduced by sitting in one place.

“Why don’t you go and try to find out whatever intel you can get? Aren’t you best at this?” Leng Liuying finally found the opportunity to get in a word. Her two sisters immediately agreed.

However, Bai Xiaofei helplessly shook his head.

“If it was before, I could still give it a try, but I have already had contact with them. If I guess correctly, I have become a thorn in their side now. I’m afraid it’s not so easy to blend in again.”

Bai Xiaofei really hadn’t expected that there would be such a situation, or else he wouldn’t have assumed Qiu Feng’s identity in the trading area. After two successive tricks, Jackdaw must be very wary of him, an unknown person that could become another at will.

Not to mention that if he poked into such a sensitive matter, there was a great possibility that he would be caught right away.

“What do we do then?” Leng Liuli asked the hardest question.

Bai Xiaofei was lost in thought. It was impossible for him not to join. He wouldn’t be Bai Xiaofei if he didn’t get involved in such a big event, but he had to consider which method to use.

“You guys go rest first. I’m going out.” Leaving this, Bai Xiaofei called Blackie and Huskie as he headed toward the window.

“Be careful,” said Leng Liushuang, her face full of worry. While she had no idea what Bai Xiaofei was up to, she knew that the purpose of his trip would not be simple.

“Don’t worry, I’m just taking a look at the situation, there will be no danger.”

He then leaped out from the window. The moment he landed, his whole body melted into the darkness…

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