Chapter 684: The Impeccable Man!

Chapter 684: The Impeccable Man!

“Alright, there’s no one around, you guys don’t need to be so nervous.”

Finding a place to avoid the wind and snow after walking for a while, Bai Xiaofei stopped. However, his face didn’t look very pleasant.

“Do you smell a strange smell?”

The girls, who had restored their original appearances, sniffed. Leng Liuying frowned and swept her eyes around. Leng Liuli and Leng Liushuang were puzzled but failed to smell anything after half a day.

“Nothing?” Leng Liushuang blinked and innocently asked Leng Liuying.

“No way, neither of you can smell such a strong vinegar smell?” Leng Liuying yelled.

Bai Xiaofei, who was still trying to identify the ‘special smell,’ awkwardly froze in place. Leng Liushuang and Leng Liuying immediately smiled upon realizing what their sister meant.

Leng Liuying didn’t stop there. She went even further to use a Recording Eyeball and stored Bai Xiaofei’s reaction forever.

“Tch, you think too much. I’m not the kind of person who gets jealous easily!” Bai Xiaofei retorted despite his beet-red face.

“There is really nothing to be jealous of. Brother Bryne is just a little handsome, a little strong, has a little better character, a little more caring, a little more refined, a little more talented…”

Leng Liuying kept counting and didn’t seem like she would stop until it got dark. Listening to her, Bai Xiaofei’s face was already dark and still getting darker.

Knowing each other so well, huh?!!

“What is his relationship with you?!” he icily asked, unable to listen on. If Leng Liuying kept going, he might just go back and destroy that fellow.

Men’s jealousy could be much more terrifying than women’s!

“That’s enough, Yingying, stop joking around.” Leng Liuli also thought that her sister was going overboard. She pulled Leng Liuying aside, who didn’t forget to flash Bai Xiaofei a winning smile.

“Bryne’s father is the leader of the Snow Lion Army, the strongest army of our kingdom. His father and our father are friends of life and death, so we have known each other since childhood,” Leng Liuli explained.

Bai Xiaofei’s mood dropped again. Isn’t that the legendary ‘childhood sweethearts?’

Heaven shut one door but opened another. Leng Liuli’s next words instantly made Bai Xiaofei feel better.

“The three of us have always regarded him as a big brother, but he doesn’t seem to think so. The reason why we went to Starnet is actually to avoid him for a few years.”

Leng Liushuang nodded in agreement, while Leng Liuying aloofly snorted. Getting their unanimous answer, Bai Xiaofei’s nervous heart was put at ease.

Turns out to be one-sided wishful thinking, then that will be easy!

“Are you secretly scheming something bad again?” Leng Liuli instantly grew serious when she saw the corner of Bai Xiaofei’s mouth curve up.

“No, no! How can I?” Bai Xiaofei hurriedly denied it, but his denial looked very weak to Leng Liuli.

“I’m warning you, although we don’t have feelings for Bryne, he is our good brother who has taken care of us since childhood, and Uncle Orton is the hero of our Snow Kingdom. Do not do something reckless, or we will never let you off!” Leng Liuli immediately warned as she knew Bai Xiaofei’s character. It wasn’t that she cared more about Bryne than him, but in her opinion, Bryne didn’t have any chance of winning if they crossed paths.

Even though Bryne was an Energy Stream Grandmaster Rank of the fourth realm…

“Don’t worry, I won’t fight with my future brother-in-law.” Bai Xiaofei grinned to push his lie through.

He was not afraid of being robbed, but the idea of being constantly watched by a thief. While he believed that the triplets would not have a change of heart, it was hard to be sure if this Bryne guy would resort to shady methods in desperation.

Therefore, some things had to be done in advance, for example, beat him up and ravage him! Make him feel pain just at the thought of the triplets! Only in this way would Bai Xiaofei feel secure enough to let the triplets return to the Kingdom of Snow after graduation…

Indeed, it was terrifying when a man got really jealous.

In order to realize his scheme, Bai Xiaofei kept probing about Bryne by beating around the bush along the way, and what he got scared him witless.

At first, he thought that Leng Liuying had exaggerated when describing Bryne to provoke him, but after asking, he knew that it was no exaggeration, but modesty!

That Bryne would be a godly prince charming no matter where he was! The only son of the most powerful commander of the Snow Kingdom. A 29-year-old Energy Stream Grandmaster Rank puppet master of the fourth realm. Currently the leader of the Sixth Army – the Snow Lion Corps. Had a gentle personality, a heaven-destroying beauty, and was good with words…

And the most perverse of all, this fellow’s cooking actually could rival Leng Liushuang!

Motherf*cker! Does this man have no weakness?!

Asking all the way down, Bai Xiaofei nearly lost his sanity and almost asked Leng Liuli if the guy had any weakness at all.

Per Leng Liuli’s description, as long as Bryne was willing to marry any girl of the right age in the Snow Kingdom, the matchmaker would come to his door within fifteen minutes.

Even more frightening was that because Bryne hadn’t married yet, many girls also didn’t marry, holding onto a thin hope. Some even declared they would never regret being his concubine if he wanted…

It was not until hearing this that Bai Xiaofei realized what kind of character Bryne was. Even if there was a deified part about him, it was no doubt that Bryne was a person who could call the wind and storm in the Snow Kingdom, a man that could never be provoked!

Hurt this guy and it was very likely that he wouldn’t even have to retaliate. His fan group alone could drown Bai Xiaofei with their spittle!

At this thought, Bai Xiaofei had to temporarily give up on the plan to beat up Bryne.

However, he refused to believe that there was such an impeccable man in this world. He would wait until the day Bryne showed his tail.

Anyway, Bai Xiaofei was not in a hurry. After all, the triplets were on his side. He would just stay immovable, ready to respond to any unexpected variables. In the end, that guy Bryne would definitely be the one to lose his calm first, and who knew if he could still maintain his gentleman facade then?

There is still a long road ahead. Impeccable man, we’ll see!

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