Chapter 683: Holy Snow Mountain!

Chapter 683: Holy Snow Mountain!

After forever, Bai Xiaofei was finally able to re-enjoy sleeping together in the same bed. While they still couldn’t cross certain boundaries, this was already enough for him, who hadn’t vented his desires in a long time.

The next morning, Bai Xiaofei walked out of the room all refreshed. Following him were the triplets, the color of their faces even more beautiful than that of peach blossoms.

“Hey, you haven’t said where we are going today!” Leng Liuying carefully walked to Bai Xiaofei’s side and poked him. This temporary small gathering place had Snow soldiers patrolling, so even the bold Leng Liuying didn’t dare to be reckless.

Again, they might come across someone who knew them at any time.

“Where else? To the Holy Snow Mountain, of course. We will never know what is going on inside if we don’t, right?” said Bai Xiaofei.

His answer excited the three girls. They were not belligerent, but going out was certainly better than sitting around inside all day. And since there weren’t as many soldiers in the Holy Snow Mountain, they could have a little more freedom.

“If this is your first time entering, please apply for a pass at the left. If you already have a pass, please cooperate with our inspection!”

Just as the four reached the entrance of the Holy Snow Mountain, they heard an exceptionally magnetic baritone. Even Bai Xiaofei couldn’t help glancing in the direction of the voice.

One look and Bai Xiaofei immediately witnessed for himself what was called ‘true beauty.’ Sharp facial features, snow-white skin, noble temperament, approachable aura… All the outward advantages that could be thought of seemed to come together and formed the impeccable human being in front of him.

As far as Bai Xiaofei could think of, only Yun Jingshuang was able to compete with this person, but even he was inferior about one thing – the heroic spirit that this person exuded!

“Go! Go quickly!”

As Bai Xiaofei was inwardly exclaiming how unjust creation was, the triplets tightly covered their faces and tried to hide behind him.

Seeing this, Bai Xiaofei immediately understood. That guy knew them!

At this thought, a sour feeling filled his heart.

Damn it! That pretty thing knows my girls?!

“Don’t worry, I am here.” Bai Xiaofei snapped his fingers.

Blackie’s eyes flashed and the next second, three strands of hair fell upon the girls. Their appearances quickly started to undergo earth-shaking changes.

After receiving the pass at the registration booth, the four went toward the impeccable person. Despite their changed appearances, the triplets were nervous. They couldn’t help it, they knew each other too well!

Bai Xiaofei presented their pass and was allowed to pass. Just as the triplets relaxed, the impeccable man’s voice suddenly rang out, scaring them witless.

“Please wait a moment!”

“What’s the matter? Didn’t we pass the inspection? Does the Snow Kingdom still have to make things difficult for us guildless people?” Bai Xiaofei didn’t keep his voice low at all. He immediately attracted the attention of the people around.

Guildless wanderers currently made up the largest group on the Holy Snow Mountain!

The gazes from all around made Bryne tense up. He stopped Bai Xiaofei because he felt that something was wrong with the triplets, but it wasn’t that he saw through the illusion. The reaction of the three girls was just not right. Ever since he had been stationed here, every female adventurer passing through had tried to strike up a conversation with him. The triplets were the only ones that were evasive.

Others might say that he was a little too narcissistic, but in his case, it wasn’t blind narcissism. He had the qualifications!

At least, he wasn’t wrong this time.

Unfortunately, Bryne met his match. Bai Xiaofei shifted the focus with just a sentence, leaving Bryne with the problem of how to avoid causing public outrage instead of worrying about the abnormality of the triplets.

“Not at all, I never meant that. I just noticed that you guys are entering the Holy Snow Mountain for the first time and wanted to remind you that the monsters inside are extremely active recently. Please be careful,” Bryne paused, his eyes drifting to the triplets, “Otherwise, it would be a pity if the three beautiful ladies are injured.”

Bai Xiaofei immediately stepped forth and blocked his view.

“Don’t let this bother you, my lord. It’s not a problem for me to protect my own women. Thank you for your reminder, though. If there is nothing else, please continue your work. There are many people waiting behind, I don’t want to be the target of criticism.”

Bai Xiaofei smiled and turned to walk into the mountain before Bryne could say anything else.

Looking at the four disappearing figures, Bryne frowned. Grunting coldly, he summoned a person to take over his position before heading in another direction…

Meanwhile, Bai Xiaofei and the girls had officially entered the Holy Snow Mountain.

The Holy Snow Mountain was not the name of a single mountain peak, but a mountain range. Cold north winds blew all year round at this place, so it was impossible to enter the mountain range from the north side. Both sides of the leeward area in the south were dangerous natural barriers, so the area where they entered from was the only entrance.

However, this by no means resulted in a long queue like at other scenic spots. The checkpoint set up by the Snow Kingdom was like the midpoint of an hourglass. After crossing this midpoint, people would greet vast fields that were isolated from another!

The intricate valley turned the foot of the Holy Snow Mountain into a natural maze, which was a must to pass through if one wanted to climb the main peak. Most importantly, except for a few people with special talents in memorizing paths or special puppet abilities, everyone basically had to feel their way around no matter how many times they came to this valley.

It was not that the terrain would change, but that leaving marks was useless. The snow would quickly cover up any hidden marks while obvious marks would be destroyed by other people who saw them. After all, not everyone would get lost. Most were very happy to eliminate competitors.

As for flying, this method was possible, but the premise was that one could endure the endless cold winds.

In short, the Holy Snow Mountain was not an easy place to conquer!

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