Chapter 68 Crushing The Master Rank?

Wu Chi and Xu Chen were the first to charge forward, and when Bai Ye and the other senior recovered from their shock and moved to defend, they were already incapable of posing any threat to the two of them and were beaten back at practically the first possible moment.

At the same time, Wang Hang and Zhu Sisi instantly erupted. They charged at the same time towards the senior holding the Hurricane Sword from both the left and the right. Lin Li had just thrown out Qin Lingyan, and Shi Kui and Qi Wei, who were slightly slower, selected Qin Lingyan as their target.

The entire Savage Class seemed as if they had taken drugs collectively, their attacks pouring down like a ceaselessly flowing river. They didn’t give any of the seniors the slightest chance to retaliate.

He Meng, who was still in midair, was already on the brink of his limit because the attack from the Divine Phoenix Feathered Dress hadn’t stopped for a moment!

Right at this moment, Fang Ye felt it was the best opportunity and fired!

His target was precisely He Meng!

Injuring all ten of a person’s fingers is inferior to chopping off a single finger. Everyone else could still resist, but as far as everyone else was concerned, He Meng was already a piece of meat on the chopping board!

However, it was precisely this piece of meat on the chopping board that caught everyone off guard!

He Meng’s fourth puppet, the Chains of Purification!

Powered by origin energy, it could remove all effects of control a puppet had on him!

After he purified himself, the skill to arrive was He Meng’s teleportation!

His target, Fang Ye!!!

Meanwhile, the others who were passively taking a beating erupted with their second and third puppets. In the blink of an eye, Wu Chi and the others had changed from the suppressors to the suppressed!

Actually, their true target had been Fang Ye since the moment he had shot the first bullet because a Ranged Stream puppet master capable of breaking open a Master Rank puppet master’s origin energy defensive shield was like a fish bone stuck in their throats. They would be in danger at all times if they didn’t remove it!

Now, this threat was gone!

At least, Qin Lingyan’s group of five thought this way because how could a Ranged Stream puppet master possibly win when approached by an Assassin Stream puppet master?

But reality exceeded their expectations, especially He Meng’s.

He was dazed at this moment because the situation after he teleported was exceedingly different from his expectations!

Chen Hui and Mo Ka were on both sides of Fang Ye, and they pounced the instant He Meng appeared!

He Meng’s first reaction, however, was that they were only two new students who weren’t even at the Master Rank, so how could they possibly be a match for him in close combat? He Meng only realized he was wrong the instant they collided with him!

He was deeply wrong!

When compared with Chen Hui and Mo Ka, the close combat techniques he possessed were simply like the difference between a full-time professional and a part-time employee!

This was especially so of Mo Ka’s character of taking advantage of opportunities to strike a heavy blow. Chen Hui was in charge of drawing his attention from the front, and Mo Ka only struck at his weak spots!

During the entire process, Fang Ye didn’t even turn around, and his eyes, which were looking for an opportunity, had never moved an inch. Moreover, he had launched an attack!

The energy bullet had shot out explosively, and Bai Ye, who was in battle with Wu Chi and Xu Chen, hadn’t taken the slightest precautions, causing it to be too late when he realized what was happening!

“Solid Wall!” Bai Ye activated the effect of his fourth puppet, the Solid Wall Necklace, and took Fang Ye’s attack head on. At the same time, a tempestuous storm arose in his heart.

He Meng actually didn’t deal with that puppet master with a gun puppet?!

Could it be there’s another Master Rank puppet master?!

As countless thoughts flashed through his mind, Bai Ye stopped underestimating the Savage Class, and he started to take precautions against Fang Ye while dealing with Wu Chi, who was before him.

Qin Lingyan and the others naturally noticed Bai Ye’s situation, and they couldn’t help but shoot a questioning expression towards the place the bullet had shot over from.

It wasn’t just Bai Ye who didn’t understand it, all four of them who were still in the main battlefield were unable to understand what had happened!

“Give it your all!” As her expression darkened instantly, Qin Lingyan spoke the common thought that everyone had.

Before they had come here, Qin Lingyan had instructed them to just teach Bai Xiaofei and the others a lesson and to try not to injure them or cause any irreversible outcomes. But now it would seem that if they didn’t give it their all, it would be a problem for them to withdraw uninjured, let alone teach Bai Xiaofei and the others a lesson!

So, Qin Lingyan’s words at this moment were no different than a removal of a seal!

In the next second, origin energy fluctuations that far exceeded everyone’s from the Savage Class stretched out, and in the blink of an eye, the four of them reclaimed the initiative!

Since they were able to be brought over by Qin Lingyan, none of them were weaklings, and the weakest among them had attained the Origin Energy Control level of the Master Rank! At this moment, all of them had precisely utilized the Origin Energy Control level at this moment!

“Retreat!” Bai Xiaofei, who had been helped out of a predicament, noticed all this. Even though it was slightly troublesome, it was entirely within his expectations because there were numerous Master Rank puppet masters in the Gorge of Heroes, so how could he not know what they were capable of?!

Along with Bai Xiaofei’s order, everyone besides Lin Li didn’t continue fighting and immediately crushed the mist bombs that Bai Xiaofei had utilized earlier in exchange for some time to breathe.

“Lin Li, I’m fine! Calm down!” Bai Xiaofei’s voice sounded out once more, causing the berserk Lin Li to gradually calm down. She then immediately ran over to Bai Xiaofei’s side and checked his injuries.

“I’ll kill them!” Lin Li’s tone was exceedingly cold, and her grave expression wasn’t faked in the slightest.

“There’s no need for that. We aren’t mortal enemies. Moreover, don’t you believe me?” Bai Xiaofei tried his best to make his voice gentler as he consoled Lin Li because he’d experienced it once before, as Lin Li had once gone berserk when they had encountered the Earth Dire Bears for the first time.

Lin Li glanced at Bai Xiaofei’s hand which he placed on her shoulder, and her origin energy fluctuations calmed down. Presently, Lin Li was far from attaining the ability of Origin Energy Control, so controlling a gold-grade puppet beyond the limit was harmful to her.

“Skysplit Slash!” The senior holding the Hurricane Sword executed this move again, and the pressure exuded from the strike was at least two levels higher than before, blowing away the dense mist permeating the entire battlefield.

Meanwhile, He Meng knew he was unable to accomplish anything over where Fang Ye was, so he executed his teleportation ability and returned to the other four.

The greatest difference between puppets and ordinary equipment or tools was the cooldown period of skills. The cooldown period between usages of tools was normally extremely long because it required time to replenish the tool’s energy. But puppets were different: one only needed sufficient origin energy and one could activate a puppet’s ability at will!

Of course, the precondition was having sufficient origin energy. Normally, the more extraordinary the ability was, the more origin energy would be consumed when activating the puppet. For example, He Meng’s teleportation!

“Bai Xiaofei, I withdraw my mistaken views from before. You’ve really made me look at you in a different light. But there’s one thing that’s impossible to change.” Qin Lingyan paused for a moment, and then her already terrifying origin energy fluctuation rose once more! “All of you will be the losing party today!”

Her voice hadn’t finished resounding in the air when Qin Lingyan’s group of five moved into formation and charged towards Bai Xiaofei at the same time. In the beginning, they intended to completely subdue the Savage Class, but now, they wanted to capture the leader first!

But, right at this moment, Bai Xiaofei revealed a smile, a smile that said everything was ready.

“Senior Sister Lingyan, I wouldn’t have been able to refute you if you had said these words two minutes earlier,” Bai Xiaofei said, and he seemed self-absorbed, completely disregarding the approach of Qin Lingyan and the others. “But now you have no chance!”


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