Chapter 678: Real Bandits!

Chapter 678: Real Bandits!

“No worries, Lil’ Brother Feng. Although I, Han San, don’t have much skill, I’ll be there for you as long as you need me!”

“That’s right! Immediately! “

“You can count me in!”


After three rounds of drinking and who-knew-how-many bottles had been consumed, the group of people in front of Bai Xiaofei were already dead drunk and had begun to ramble.

Bai Xiaofei naturally wouldn’t take their drunk promises seriously, and he didn’t need anything from these people. The information he needed had already been obtained before they were drunk.

As for the address ‘Lil’ Bro Feng,’ it was a name he came up with on a whim when he tried to think of a fake identity, and the first face that popped up was Feng Wuhen. It seemed that his feelings for his brother Feng were truly deep!

“Waiter, bill for the table, please. And help me settle these three. You can keep the change as your tip.” Bai Xiaofei got up and left after tossing a dozen gold coins on the table. At the current Holy Snow, the silver coin was no longer an effective unit. Everything was too expensive.

Leaving the inn, Bai Xiaofei walked towards the temporarily established trading area at the foot of the mountain. This was the first piece of information he got from the group of three. In addition to the location, they had also told him some experiences they had gained with tears and blood…

There were just too many professional scammers there!

At the word ‘scammers,’ Bai Xiaofei’s lips curled up. Scammer, huh? Maybe this lord counts as one?

However, he wasn’t there to deceive people this time and only simply wanted to buy some consumables!

“Brother, have a look! They are all treasures brought out from the cave. Every single one is priceless, only ten Amethyst Coins each!”

“Selling high-quality medicinal materials at high prices!”


The moment he entered the trading area, Bai Xiaofei was forcibly dragged to many booths along the way and had to look at items that seemed to have just been taken out of dirt and mud without feeling a shred of interest.

He would have had a careful look at it if Han Third’s group hadn’t told him that 9.5 of 10 items labeled as relics were fake. Who would really dare to reveal a real relic at a place like this, not to mention sell them?

This was no safe zone. No one would even care if murder and robbery were to take place.

Han San had especially advised Bai Xiaofei not to expose his wealth. There were many people who were there not because they were interested in the Holy Snow Mountain.

Bai Xiaofei paid no mind to the last part though, with his strength he didn’t have to worry.

“Buying unlimited white puppets at a high price regardless of their skills! One Amethyst Coin each!” Bai Xiaofei’s special purchase request quickly attracted the attention of many. They had heard about massive purchases, but that of white puppets was quite a novel thing.

Bai Xiaofei’s price was attractive. A white puppet normally ranged from 30 to 50 gold coins. He was tripling the price.

However, there were few people who would keep such a thing in high quantities. White puppets were mostly only crafted by apprentice smiths who were starting out or per orders from merchants selling necessity-type puppets.

A normal puppet master would keep three to five commonly used white puppets for trivial inconveniences. For example, many people carried white puppets that create a warm space when going to the Holy Snow mountain. Who knew if that humble little thing could save their lives one day?

However, when it could earn some money, this kind of prop was not that necessary anymore.

Gradually, people started trading their white puppets with Bai Xiaofei. Most of them were guildless adventurers, earning more than a hundred gold coins by selling three to five white puppets was a good deal for them.

It didn’t take long for Bai Xiaofei’s spot to become the busiest place in the small trading area, especially when he paid very straightforwardly. These white puppets would be worth much more than one Amethyst Coin in his hand!

However, as Han San had warned, Bai Xiaofei, who appeared to be only Master Rank, had been eyed by many…

Just as Bai Xiaofei was happily collecting puppets, Blackie on his shoulder suddenly opened her eyes. The smile on Bai Xiaofei’s face then disappeared.

“Today’s acquisition ends here. I will come back at the same time tomorrow, same price in unlimited quantities. Everyone can gather as many as you can!”

Many eyes lit up at his words as they found this to be a great business opportunity.

After the crowd dispersed, Bai Xiaofei put on his hat and walked toward the entrance of the trading area. Behind him several shadows slowly followed from various directions. Their peers sighed helplessly after noticing their actions. It seemed that they’d have no chance with this ‘fat sheep’…

However, those people’s actions did not escape Blackie. Wordlessly communicating with her, Bai Xiaofei revealed an imperceptible smile. Looks like I can recover the money I’ve just spent!

He briefly paused to sweep his eyes around the surroundings. The tails whose eyes were fixed on him, immediately stopped and found nearby booths to pretend to buy things.

The next second, Bai Xiaofei suddenly took off running, making it look like he was using his fastest speed. Seeing this, the tails secretly cursed his slyness and hurriedly gave chase.

In his run, Bai Xiaofei headed toward a rocky area and disappeared from their sight. At the same time, they also completely gave up on concealing themselves and revealed a total of five people.

“Find him! I don’t believe that he can fly!“ roared the leader furiously.

The group quickly spread out. There were no other people nearby so they didn’t need to hide anything. They just needed to find Bai Xiaofei and kill him.

However, Bai Xiaofei was really flying…

“Say, Huskie, what should we do with these five?”

Floating in mid-air, Bai Xiaofei wore an evil smile. This should be the professional bandit group that Han San had mentioned. They were completely different in nature from the Thunderstorm Bandits.

“Rob them clean!!!” Huskie excitedly suggested. He didn’t know what ‘an eye for an eye’ meant, this came entirely from the ‘correct way of being a human’ that he had learned from Bai Xiaofei.

“That’s inevitable. What I’m asking is what to do after robbing them. Just killing them would be too nice to them.” Bai Xiaofei sneered as a plan formed in his mind…

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