Chapter 677: Lively Holy Snow Mountain!

Chapter 677: Lively Holy Snow Mountain!

“I can’t believe it, there are suddenly so many inns on this deserted Holy Snow Mountain!” said Leng Liuying, her arms dancing around in excitement.

As her big sister, Leng Liuli couldn’t help but feel a little embarrassed. They were from the same womb, but why did she have such a crazy sister, and why did it seem to be getting worse and worse recently?

“What’s so strange about this? Where there is demand there is supply. If those people fail to grasp an obvious opportunity, they might as well stop being businessmen. Don’t forget that the prices here are five times the norm,” Bai Xiaofei explained as he lifted the window and looked outside.

In order to grab this room with a good view, he had to spend over 200 gold coins!

It seemed that the money was worth it. Looking out, he could see the only entrance to the Holy Snow Mountain and would know when anyone entered.

“True. You just reminded me, those guys are too evil!” Leng Liuying angrily exclaimed.

“This is also normal. As long as the Holy Snow Mountain becomes worthless, these inns will be meaningless. It’s not like they need repeat customers, so they can set the price as high as they want. When more people come later, the price will probably go even higher.” Leng Liushuang smiled and patted her emotional sister. She felt that if she didn’t say something, Leng Liuying might rush out to deal with the boss.

Causing a ruckus didn’t matter, but if they exposed their identity, the consequences wouldn’t be favorable. There were many national troops around this area, and the supreme commander stationed here was a senior who had watched them grow up. If the news of their return got out, the triplets might have to pack up and return to the capital immediately.

“Forget it, I’m a big person. I won’t trouble them.” Leng Liuying drank a mouthful of hot tea, and then curiously walked to Bai Xiaofei’s side. “What are you looking at? You don’t seem like the kind of person who enjoys the scenery. “

Moving to give her some room, Bai Xiaofei pointed at the entrance of the Holy Snow Mountain.

“Since I opened the window, I have seen a total of seven groups of people entering. Three are composed of guildless people, each having around ten to fifteen people. The other four groups are organized, and two of them didn’t seem simple,” Bai Xiaofei explained.

“So many people?!” Leng Liuying was surprised. She looked in that direction and confirmed what he said with her own eyes.

“It seems that we weren’t late, and it can even be said that our timing is just right. So many people are rushing inside, this means that the good stuff hasn’t been looted, and it is very likely that some useful information has been found,” Bai Xiaofei said as he sat down.

Leng Liuli nodded.

“Indeed, grandpa said that when he came to check, the people of the Jackdaw Mercenary Group, the Puppet Master Alliance, and the Martial Alliance had just gone inside once. Although their states were quite embarrassing when they returned, everyone looked delighted.”

This was basically all the information that Leng Liuli had learned. After all, Cang Lan was not Bai Xiaofei, he was too lazy to carefully observe anything.

“It seems that someone has leaked news about this.” Bai Xiaofei smiled. A plan started to form in his head. “Let’s go out and have a look?”

Right upon hearing his invitation, Leng Liuying uncharacteristically revealed resistance, and this time it wasn’t just her, even her two sisters were hesitant.

“Well… It’s not very convenient for us to go out. If we meet someone who knows us, there’ll be trouble…” Leng Liuli explained.

Bai Xiaofei immediately understood. The triplets had already told him along the way that their return must not be known to any of the high-ranking officials of the Snow Kingdom, and there were currently more than just a few of them at the foot of the Holy Snow Mountain.

“Then you guys get some rest, I’m going for a walk.” Bai Xiaofei waved to Huskie and Blackie. When he walked out of the door, Huskie fused with him and transformed him into a plain and ordinary appearance.

After the experience in Tranquil, Bai Xiaofei had finally gotten a good idea of his fame. If nothing else, anyone who had watched the Blossom Competition should have a little impression of him. The Holy Snow Mountain was currently full of people lurking around, someone here could definitely recognize him.

One less trouble was better than one more, and there was no need to cross avoidable trouble. Moreover, Bai Xiaofei had ‘grand schemes’ to carry out this time and it wasn’t a good idea to be noticed.

Entering the lobby of the inn, Bai Xiaofei sat down at a corner. Looking around, all sorts of people were filling up the whole hall, some were chatting and some were warily watching the surroundings.

“Brother, is it convenient to share your seat?”

Bai Xiaofei had just sat down when three thickly dressed people approached. It wasn’t that they were eyeing Bai Xiaofei, but there were really no other seats in the hall at the moment.

Quickly scanning the three, Bai Xiaofei revealed an amiable smile.

“Of course. As guildless wanderers, we can be considered friends.”

Bai Xiaofei’s straightforwardness earned him a great first impression from the three. Their caution immediately turned into gratitude.

“Thank you, brother! When we first arrived, I could never have thought that this terrible place doesn’t even have a place to rest our feet,” said the bulky fellow who had just spoken.

At that time, the waiter also arrived.

“What would you like to order?”

“Four Snow Milk Wine and some side dishes,” Bai Xiaofei quickly ordered for the whole group.

The three people were immediately appalled. There was no such thing as a free meal. This made them anxious again and they secretly put up their guard.

“Don’t be nervous, big brothers. If I am not mistaken, you three must be from the Violethorn Empire,” said Bai Xiaofei, instantly replacing their wariness with surprise.

“Brother, you are also from Violethorn?”

It was difficult to control one’s emotions when meeting a fellow countryman, not to mention a generous one.

“I haven’t returned in a long time, or else you would be able to know at first sight,” lied Bai Xiaofei brazenly. In fact, he didn’t even know where he was born.

But it didn’t matter. The important thing was that his words successfully earned the friendliness of the three people in front of him…

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