Chapter 673: Opportunities and Continental Order!

Chapter 673: Opportunities and Continental Order!

As soon as Bai Xiaofei heard this, his eyes lit up as his grievance and anger were replaced by hope.

“Gramps, please tell me. I will do anything to fix my current situation no matter how difficult it is!” Bai Xiaofei patted his chest with an ingratiating expression.

“Did you hear about the Holy Snow Mountain when you arrived?”

Cang Lan’s question stunned the triplets. Bai Xiaofei instantly froze.

Of course he knew, and he had even dipped his nose into it. He would have forgotten if Cang Lan didn’t mention it. A month had passed since then, the Jackdaw Mercenary Group should have already entered the Holy Snow Mountain.

“What is it about it? Isn’t it just a big snow mountain?” asked Leng Liuying dubiously, her eyes darting back and forth between Cang Lan and Bai Xiaofei.

“I forgot to tell you guys that I got some information from the previous inn we had stayed in. The current Holy Snow Mountain may be a little different from the one in your impression,” said Bai Xiaofei nonchalantly.

“Indeed, that mountain is quite lively now, but that’s all it’ll ever be. With the constraints from all sorts of parties, no one will really have any big gains.” Cang Lan’s lips curled up.

Hearing this, Bai Xiaofei was excited. This meant that there should be more than one major force aside from the Jackdaw Mercenary Group at the Holy Snow Mountain. It seemed that Jackdaw’s plan to please his father-in-law really fell through because the foxes escaped. Otherwise, they would already have turned the mountain upside down.

Bai Xiaofei then suddenly realized. Does the hope for my condition have to do with The Ruins?!

“Gramps, you mean…” Bai Xiaofei hesitated, but the excitement on his face couldn’t be hidden.

He had always harbored great curiosity toward The Ruins when he had first heard about it, and now, he might have a chance to see it for himself!

“That’s right, The Ruins. Although it is not certain that the cave on the Holy Snow Mountain has any connections to it, this is your last hope. Everything is possible as long as they are related to The Ruins. You won’t even need to learn God Control to solve your problems,” said Cang Lan solemnly. His eyes grew fervent as he looked at Bai Xiaofei. Having a desire for adventures was an instinct of every young man. He wanted to see how strong this instinct was in Bai Xiaofei.

Risks meant opportunities and rewards. A coward would never get Cang Lan’s approval.

However, Cang Lan worried too much. If Bai Xiaofei would give up something important for fear of death, then there was no one in this world who dared to take risks. After all, he came from the Gorge of Heroes, a place which had a danger level considered very high for even residents of a place like the Infinite Mountain Range, and Bai Xiaofei was like a duck to water there!

“Are we going now?” The eagerness on his face spoke for itself. As long as he got a nod from Cang Lan, he’d take out the Downwind Boat and fly over there without hesitation.

However, what Cang Lan wanted was only to check his attitude. He had no plans to take his juniors to the Holy Snow Mountain just yet.

“Don’t worry, there won’t be any results there for a while. What you have to do now is wait!” Cang Lan said firmly.

Bai Xiaofei frowned. What’s there to wait for?! The longer one sleeps on something, the more unexpected variables there are! Who knows if the people there will suddenly reach a consensus, and if the Snow Kingdom will be able to control those hungry wolves then!

“Wait for?” Bai Xiaofei asked in his calmest tone possible despite the emotions in his heart.

If they made a trip to the Holy Snow Mountain, Cang Lan would be a great guarantee. With him, even if they couldn’t make a fortune, at least there would be no life-threatening danger. A puppet master who had countless puppets, and treated his puppets like stones on the street that he could just detonate at any time. It would be hard to die with him present.

“Wait for our girls to thoroughly learn God Control!” Cang Lan said and a scroll appeared in his hand. The title was God Control, the pseudo-god technique coveted by many!

“Grandpa, we are not in a hurry. Why don’t we go to the Holy Snow Mountain first? We won’t be in danger with you around, right?” The thoughtful Leng Liuli spoke the words in Bai Xiaofei’s heart.

However, Cang Lan poured cold water on their hopes.

“You definitely won’t be in any danger if I’m with you, but the problem is that I can’t go with you.”

Everyone was stunned.

What? Is this old man’s time running out? But it doesn’t look like it, he’s still very lively…

Bai Xiaofei thought to himself, wishing that what he thought was actually the truth, but he was afraid to say it, or he would be the one whose time was running out.

“Do you have other things to do, gramps?” asked Bai Xiaofei weakly. The triplets also wondered.

“No, it’s not about me. In fact, in order to ensure that the Holy Snow Mountain is under his control, your father issued a continental order prohibiting any major force to send more than Exquisite Rank experts into the mountain. Although I’m only one person, my rank would break the balance if I go in, and then your father will be troubled,” Cang Lan explained.

The four juniors immediately showed a confused expression, but for different reasons. The triplets wondered what was so special about the Holy Snow Mountain that their father actually had to impose a continental order, while Bai Xiafei wondered what was this order that could even limit all the Exquisite and Legend Rank puppet masters in the whole continent.

“What is this continental order…?” Bai Xiaofei asked, successfully earning contempt from Cang Lan.

“Starnet doesn’t even teach you this? What were you doing in your General Introduction to the Continent class?”

Cang Lan poked Bai Xiaofei where it hurt most with just one question. What could he do in it? He didn’t even attend the class…

“A continental order is a privilege jointly issued by the emperors of the six major empires. Any order issued in this manner can be regarded as a consensus reached by the whole continent. If someone dares to violate it, they will be exiled and even hunted down by all countries,” Leng Liushuang explained. “At present, except for the five great empires, the only kingdom that is qualified to issue this order is our Snow Kingdom. However, we can only issue it once every three years, unlike the five empires that can do it once a year. Therefore, you can imagine the importance of this continental order.”

After shocking Bai Xiaofei with the information, Leng Liushuang looked at Cang Lan with worry in her beautiful eyes.

“Grandpa, what happened?”

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