Chapter 65 - Qin Lingyan Came As Agreed!

The small incident at the entrance didn’t make them late, and their faces were covered in anticipation when they finished the theory classes for the morning.

Xue Ying had already notified the principal, and unless something unexpected occurred, they would soon hear from Qin Lingyan. After that, it would be the time to test the outcome of their month-long training!

“Class monitor, do you think there’ll be someone of the Grandmaster Rank among those who come?” As she moved over to Bai Xiaofei’s side, the glittery eyed and garrulous Qi Wei looked at him with her large eyes. In the entire Savage Class, only Bai Xiaofei and Xu Chen were capable of controlling her, and the rest of them were no match for her mouth…

“We still have a chance at winning even if there’s someone at the Grandmaster Rank. It mostly depends on how seriously they take us.” During the past month of time, the first half of the month was mostly spent training to improve their foundations, and for the second half, they spent practically every few days to spar with Xue Ying at full power.

In the beginning, they couldn’t resist in the slightest, but later on, they could resist for a while and occasionally gain the upper hand. In their opinion, the Grandmaster Rank was no longer an existence far beyond their ability!

“The exact method of the fight hasn’t been set, right?” Qi Wei said, her gaze carrying a trace of curiosity, and this was the true question she had come over to ask.

“If nothing unexpected happens, we will decide it.” Bai Xiaofei grinned, and his words made all of them relax because if it was really Bai Xiaofei who determined the method of the fight, the chances of victory would increase by at least thirty percent!

All of them chatted among themselves, but Lin Li just sat there quietly by Bai Xiaofei’s side. Mo Ka and the others had improved in strength over the last month while she had instead enriched her expressions. At the very least, she didn’t look as stiff as she had in the beginning.

But it had also been during that month that her reliance on Bai Xiaofei grew deeper and deeper.

“Lunch is back!” Fang Ye, who had completely become the Savage Class’s manager, ran over excitedly. Wang Hang, Ming One, and Ming Two were behind him and carrying a large pile of things. The person that was the happiest from the plundering they had done at the entrance was actually Fang Ye. This was because he would have needed to sell Starnet Stones if it wasn’t for that sum of money they had plundered…

After the food boxes were opened, a colorful variety of vegetables appeared before their eyes, and the group couldn’t help drooling.

Even though magical beast meat was good, anyone would get sick of it after an entire month, so vegetables were the most precious to the members of the Savage class!

Food for over thirty people was distributed and cleaned up in the blink of an eye. All of it had been finished in a few waves, and the group cried as they ate, like beggars who had never tasted food…

“We haven’t seen each other for a month, but I never expected that you would still eat like this!” Bai Xiaofei was eating happily when Qin Lingyan’s icy cold voice sounded out, and for a moment, everyone stopped moving the chopsticks in their hands.

“Heh, I was wondering who it was. If it isn’t Senior Sister Lingyan. Shi Kui, quickly bring a chair for her!” Bai Xiaofei wiped his mouth and hastily stood up as if their relationship was actually good.

“There’s no need. Our relationship isn’t good to the point that we can sit together and speak. I only came to tell you to get ready because we’ll put an end to everything tonight!” Qin Lingyan put away her disdain, a small, firm expression appearing on her face.

“Senior sister, can’t you give us another two days to make proper preparations?” Bai Xiaofei revealed a troubled expression, as if he wished for nothing more than for the end Qin Lingyan spoke of to never come.

“I’ve already allowed you a month to prepare. What else do you want? Or do you want to be listed on the Bounty Ranking again?” Qin Lingyan grunted coldly and displayed her disdain towards Bai Xiaofei.

“Where’s the location? Are there any special requirements? Senior sister, you wouldn’t have arranged everything and are waiting for me to go seek my own doom, right?” Bai Xiaofei said, wearing a slightly wronged expression as if he was the victim.

“What arrangements do I need in order to deal with you? Besides setting the match’s time to six tonight, everything else is up to you. But don’t think of playing any tricks, or you’ll only suffer a more horrible beating!” Qin Lingyan was warning him in speech, yet she was afraid in her heart. During this period of time, she had intentionally paid attention to Bai Xiaofei, and from all the information she had gathered, she had found that Bai Xiaofei had never suffered a loss. Therefore, she was afraid Bai Xiaofei really had some sort of trick she was unable to see through.

Once or twice might be a coincidence, but three or four times meant something was wrong!

Controlling the delight at the bottom of his heart, Bai Xiaofei revealed a troubled expression and asked, “Can we really not delay it anymore?”

In reply Qin Lingyan rolled her eyes in disdain.

“You’ll never prevail with your ability!” She didn’t waste her breath with Bai Xiaofei, and she immediately turned and left after saying this. 

The members of the Savage Class instantly went into an uproar when she left.

Some cursed at Qin Lingyan for being arrogant, some laughed at her for being stupid, and there were even some who started to prepare how they would celebrate their triumphant victory tonight.

As far as they were concerned, Qin Lingyan had made an enormous mistake – she’d underestimated Bai Xiaofei!

“Alright, quiet down. We have to prepare everything before we go for classes in the afternoon because she hasn’t left much time for us!” Bai Xiaofei asked everyone to stop as he revealed confidence in winning. He then distributed assignment after assignment.

Practically none of them were in the mood to listen to the afternoon class because all their thoughts were filled with anticipation of tonight’s battle. On the other hand, Bai Xiaofei was extremely relaxed. He continuously interacted with the teacher because he had been unable to learn these theoretical things at the Gorge of Heroes!

The hand of time moved bit by bit, and it wasn’t long before the bell indicating the end of the last class sounded. Once the spectacled teacher teaching warfare announced the end of class, all of them rose, bowed, then rushed out of the classroom. Only Bai Xiaofei and Lin Li remained.

Not long after, Xue Ying, who had been at leisure somewhere during this time, sauntered inside. She felt more at ease when she saw Bai Xiaofei with a smile on his face.

“Is everything ready?” It wasn't a form of question but a form of care.

“More or less. No one can cover every aspect, right?” Bai Xiaofei grinned, and he was slightly at a loss for what expression he should use to face Xue Ying at this moment. After all, Lin Li was still here.

During the month they were in the Infinite Mountain Range, the two of them had met by themselves on countless occasions, but it was mostly for sparring or strolling and chatting in the forest, whereas “special circumstances” like the one that occurred that one night hadn’t occurred again.

But even the two of them were unable to explain exactly what sort of state they were in. In any case, it was impossible for their relationship to be a pure relationship between teacher and student…

“The principal will be watching, so don't go too far,” Xue Ying reminded carefully. She wasn't worried that Bai Xiaofei would suffer a loss because even she had blind confidence in Bai Xiaofei.

“That isn't up to me. If I don't go too far, I might be the one who gets beaten up instead.”

Plans were eternally incapable of catching up to the changes in a situation. Not to mention the intention to hold back had never crossed Bai Xiaofei's mind…

“I've already investigated, and Qin Lingyan is the eldest daughter of the Violethorn Empire’s Cloudrise Marquis. You better restrain yourself because you won't be staying in Starnet Academy your whole life, and you have to consider the influence of the various powers once you leave the academy.”

Bai Xiaofei didn't say anything in reply to Xue Ying’s reminder. Instead, he slowly walked to stand in front of her, and he stared right at her.

“I'll commit it to memory.” 

Xue Ying couldn't help but be stunned when his gentle voice sounded out, and then her valiant face blushed slightly…


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