Chapter 669: The Terror Called Rangers!

Chapter 669: The Terror Called Rangers!

After the scare, Bai Xiaofei began to doubt Cang Lan’s words. That fellow said that he would come here for a walk when he had nothing to do. Yet how can this place be somewhere he can casually visit?! You think you’ve lived for too long?

In fact, Cang Lan did not lie to Bai Xiaofei. He really visited when he was free, but ever since the last time he was almost caught, his range of activities had been fixed to around the tree where Bai Xiaofei had first appeared on.

If there were ripe fruits, he would eat one or two, otherwise, he’d directly go back…

Of course, Cang Lan definitely would not tell him about this, so his suspicion was quite reasonable. After all, Cang Lan didn’t value delicious food enough to risk his life for it.

Exiting his daze, Bai Xiaofei then continued to look around. The performance of the patrol team just now had greatly alarmed him.

During the problem, they didn’t lose composure. In their team of ten, four stayed where they were and continued to observe while the other six investigated the surroundings. And after they had issued an alarm, the rest of the other teams also stopped, cutting off the possibility of the opponent creating a diversion.

This was the detail that made Bai Xiaofei extremely desperate. Experience accumulated over generations was truly impossible to bypass!

Fortunately, Bai Xiaofei didn’t take the risk for nothing. He found three ripe Crystal’s Longings on this tree.

During every two-second gap, he would carefully move and slowly pick a fruit without forgetting to replace it with a fake that Cang Lan had given. Every 30 minutes, someone would count the fruits on the tree. If the quantity was off, the energy-draining formation would be activated as well.

Struggling to pick up the three Crystal’s Longings, Bai Xiaofei was so exhausted to the point he felt paralyzed. This was definitely the hardest fruit to pick in the world!

After a short rest, he looked toward a new target, but before he could act, two rangers holding notebooks came up and scared Bai Xiaofei into lying flat on a trunk again.

“Three mature ones, sixty-six near maturity, no problem.”

One of the rangers marked the notebook with their pen as they carefully counted the fruits one by one. Bai Xiaofei was constantly anxious during this process. Fortunately, they finished without finding a problem…


Bai Xiaofei hadn’t even caught his breath when the other ranger suddenly shouted. Bai Xiaofei’s heart jerked again.

“What’s the matter?”

“The size of No.7681 seems to be wrong, and its luster… a lot dimmer!”

That sentence shocked Bai Xiaofei completely.

The hell!!!! You can remember the size?! And luster?! How do you cultivate your eyes?!

“I’ll go up and have a look!”

The ranger with the pen handed the stuff to the one who had just exclaimed before starting to climb the giant tree.

Knowing the situation was bad, Bai Xiaofei decisively acted.

He stuck a piece of yellow paper on the tree, and before the ranger climbed up, he leaped out from the branches and rushed to the tree where he had first appeared.

“There’s someone there! Activate the formation!”

An alarm resounded, and immediately, a special force activated on Bai Xiaofei. He felt like there were dozens of pumps sucking out his energy together. In just half a second, half of his energy was gone.

Jumping back to the anchor point, Bai Xiaofei crushed the paper on it without hesitation. A light flashed and he appeared outside the fruit forest.

The cotton shirt he wore was soaked with sweat.

Half of my energy was drawn out in half a second, so I can only last for one second?! What kind of formation is that?!

Trying to calm down from the horror, Bai Xiaofei looked in the direction of the forest, which still showed nothing but snow in his eyes. For the first time, he felt a deep sense of fear of a place.

One slightest mistake and he might really die there!

Meanwhile, the whole fruit forest had been put under lockdown, and the sudden disappearance of Bai Xiaofei had been reported up layer by layer. Although this was not the first time such a strange situation had occurred, the last one had been several years ago.

The Disappearing Thief was back!

That’s right, the Disappearing Thief. This was what Cang Lan was called in the fruit forest, and he was also the only person in history who had successfully stolen Crystal’s Longings.

And Bai Xiaofei, who used the same method, was mistaken for Cang Lan.

Without knowing, the unsuspecting Bai Xiaofei had taken the blame for someone else and was even waiting for the next opportunity to enter…

As Bai Xiaofei was thinking about what to do the next time he got in, the Leng sisters also ushered in their new training in the peach blossom forest.

After half a month’s overtime work, their meridians now met the minimum standard for cultivating God Control. Like Bai Xiaofei, they had also started their training in energy micro-manipulation.

However, unlike Bai Xiaofei who trained with Snow Moles, their method was the true scientific and effective one.

“Sure enough, my Little Shuang’er is the most talented. You can already control nine beads. Work a little harder. As long as you reach seventeen beads, your training will be completed.” Cang Lan grinned as he savored his wine.

Meanwhile, the triplets were so tired that they were sweating profusely.

The beads they were controlling, which came from Cang Lan, were made of inkstone, which was a very strange material. Under normal circumstances, it looked like ordinary stone, but once it came into contact with origin energy, it would become hard or soft according to the energy it touched.

The beads made by Cang Lan were composed of three layers of inkstones. What the triplets had to do was to make them float while maintaining a gap between the three layers. The basis of success was not to make any noise.

It sounded simple, but taking the characteristics of inkstone into account, it was not simple at all.

Controlling the beads to float demanded a certain amount of energy support; but once this amount was exceeded, the beads would shake and the three layers would inevitably touch, and when it was lacking, the inner layers wouldn’t have enough energy to float and would even become soft and interact.

Not to mention that Cang Lan required them to maintain seventeen of such beads at the same time!

However, no matter what, this was still much better than facing the crisis of starvation at any time, and it was also the methodical way!

As for Bai Xiaofei’s savage training…

Oh well, it could be called an obsolete method, but one could not deny that it worked. Wasn’t Bai Xiaofei happy for a long time when he succeeded with his practice?

“Grandpa, what is Xiaofei doing now? Does he not need to practice this?” During the break, Leng Liuying was the first to run to Cang Lan and skillfully massaged his shoulders.

“Him? Don’t worry, his training is much more effective than yours!”

Cang Lan smiled, with a hint of a mysterious expression, behind which was the pleasure of venting one’s grudge.

Smelly brat, I hope you don’t die in there!

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