Chapter 667: The Second Task, Artificial Restricted Area!

Chapter 667: The Second Task, Artificial Restricted Area!

“You survived?!”

These were the first words of Cang Lan, whose face was glowing from the past half-month of being pampered, upon seeing Bai Xiaofei.

Bai Xiaofei nearly vomited blood. So your purpose was to starve me to death?!! You are cruel, old man!

His mouth twitching in anger. Bai Xiaofei tried to calm down. I can’t be angry, can’t be angry. I’ll note this down first, and wait until after I learn God Control.

“It’s just a group of mice. What I’ve grasped is much more difficult than them.” Bai Xiaofei said with a relaxed expression as if he had forgotten the many times his anger had hit the ceiling in the past half-month.

That was the art of bragging. If one doesn’t believe in themself, how can others believe them?

“Don’t be too happy yet, this is just the beginning.” Looking at the smug Bai Xiaofei, Cang Lan smiled with malicious intent.

Bai Xiaofei immediately felt the hair on his whole body stand up. There should be nothing more difficult than Snow Moles, right…?

If he could choose, Bai Xiaofei would rather fight with advanced magical beasts than go through something similar to catching Snow Moles again. However, he had no right to choose…

“Now that you can catch Snow Moles, we should be able to speed it up.” Cang Lan got on the Light Chaser Carpet.

“Are we going back?” asked Bai Xiaofei somewhat uneasily as he gulped.

“Go back?” Cang Lan sneered and looked like he had just heard a very idiotic question. “You think too much.”

With that, he urged the carpet to fly out in the direction opposite of the peach blossom paradise…

Gritting his teeth as he inwardly cursed Cang Lan all over, Bai Xiaofei chased after him.

The practice of catching Snow Moles had indeed brought him great changes. If Bai Xiaofei had used his origin energy like an extravagant young master before, then he now did so like a careful housewife. Every bit of energy was exploited to the extreme. After running for thirty minutes, the energy he consumed was less than one-third of that when he had first started half a month ago, and his speed was even much faster!

When Cang Lan finally stopped, Bai Xiaofei was still comfortable. However, he was secretly frightened. They had gone too far out this time. If it weren’t for the training in the first half of the month, he would have been drained into meat jerky this time. After all, his storage ring was still in Cang Lan’s hands!

“You must have tried Crystal’s Longings before, right?” asked Cang Lan absent-mindedly.

Surprised, Bai Xiaofei nodded. More than just ‘try.’ There were still a dozen in his storage ring, but they were the last he had. The new Babel Merchant House people obviously would not abide by the old agreement.

“This is the place with the largest production of Crystal’s Longings in the Snow Kingdom. Tell me what you see.”

Bai Xiaofei looked in the direction Cang Lan pointed to and was confused.

Are you kidding me? Isn’t this just a big snowfield?!

“Snow,” Bai Xiaofei said what he saw, he couldn’t pretend to be better than what he really was.

“What about now?” Cang Lan waved his hand. A light enveloped the two, and then Bai Xiaofei gulped hard.

The place where he had just thought to be snowland was shining brightly at the moment. Glittering snow-white giant trees were so dazzling that Bai Xiaofei could hardly open his eyes. He strained his eyes and discovered that there were even more brilliant spots of light dangling on the trees. Although it was not clear, he was sure that those were Crystal Longings!

However, in the periphery of this forest was a huge magical barrier, which was why Bai Xiaofei had been unable to see anything.

“In order to find this place, I studied the conditions for Crystal’s Longings to grow and traveled half of this country. Finally, I found such a treasure land, right next to the peach blossom forest where I lived,” said Cang Lan with an expression of wanting more.

Seeing this, Bai Xiaofei instantly understood. You were looking for this place to steal food!

“Then we are here to…?” a dubious Bai Xiaofei asked weakly, suddenly having a bad feeling.

“Although the Snow Kingdom isn’t too large, it absolutely ranks at the forefront in overall power, only behind those major empires. And 90% of what contributes to such power are these Crystal’s Longings!” Cang Lan introduced, then asked, “Have you heard of the restricted areas of this continent?”

Bai Xiaofei was once again puzzled. That doesn’t sound like it would have any to do with everything in front of us.

“Infinite Mountain Range, Dead Sea, Despair Cliff, Silent Land, Windless Zone, and Undead Desert.” Bai Xiaofei still displayed his ‘broad knowledge’ despite his doubts.

He had to thank his first father, whose ultimate dream was to explore all these six places and he talked about it almost every day. Unfortunately, the guy never got out after entering the Infinite Mountain Range…

“Almost. There is another one that you don’t know, but that’s completely normal,” Cang Lan nodded and said with rare approval in his voice. “The ones you mentioned are naturally formed. Besides those, there are places labeled as artificial restricted areas because of their particularity, and this forest in front of you is one of them!”

Cang Lan topped it with a grand look on his face. After all, he was someone who could come and go freely in this restricted area.

However, Bai Xiaofei’s heart jumped in fright. He was not scared by the information, but the implication behind it.

This old man is not going to make me do anything here, isn’t he?!

“Your next task is to steal Crystal’s Longings. Don’t need much, just one hundred!” Cang Lan smiled, and Bai Xiaofei’s hanging heart made a complete leap to his throat.

Well, I guessed it!

But Bai Xiaofei was not at all proud of the correct guess as he smiled bitterly.

“Gramps, you said yourself that this is a man-made restricted area. Without you, I can’t even see it, let alone steal from it.” Bai Xiaofei meant this from the bottom of his heart. Just as Cang Lan had said, Crystal’s Longings were the foundation of the Snow Kingdom. If it was so easy to steal, this kingdom would have been finished.

“What are you afraid of? I haven’t told you the method yet. Don’t worry, it is not a problem for you to come out alive with my guidance, but it depends on yourself whether you can complete the task,” Cang Lan promised.

Bai Xiaofei couldn’t help a long sigh. Ah, just have to accept my fate. I can’t escape!

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