Chapter 665: Snow Mole!

Chapter 665: Snow Mole!

“The Endless State is really good stuff, allowing you to hang on until now with just a crude technique like that.”

There was no recognition for Bai Xiaofei, who was too tired to breathe, in Cang Lan’s voice. He even said it with a hint of contempt.

“Just some advice, your method is right, but there’s another that will save you some strength instead of constantly spending your energy.”

Cang Lan got down from the carpet. Then, he let his origin energy surged out like Bai Xiaofei had done, but it only took him the time of a blink. When Bai Xiao realized what was going on, Cang Lan was already more than ten meters away.

“Although it is unable to compare with dash-type puppet skills, this kind of trick can save your life in many cases once you master it. After all, puppet masters cannot always rely on their puppets.”

Cang Lan stopped there. He didn’t say many words, but each of them was precious. Bai Xiaofei firmly committed the lesson to memory.

However, this did not affect his contempt for Cang Lan.

Why didn’t you say it before we set off?! This lord wouldn’t have to be this tired!!!

He could sense Cang Lan’s brimming malice, but he could only put on a smile.

“I’ll remember. But what are we doing here?” asked Bai Xiaofei tentatively as he surveyed the surroundings. The entire area was bright white and nothing looked like it could be related to the God Control Technique.

“In addition to the tenacity of your meridians, another key requirement is the subtle control of origin energy. Otherwise, once your energy spins out of control during purification, even if you have the strongest meridians you can only wait for death.” Cang Lan then pointed to the distance. “Look carefully, do you see anything there?”

Bai Xiaofei looked in that direction. After he focused to the limit, he saw a small white mass moving in the snow.

“Snow Mole, a Barbaric Rank beast. This little thing can be found everywhere in the Kingdom of Snow. Its meat is juicy and is a rare delicacy. Your next task is to survive here for half a month. The Snow Moles will be your only food source.”

Cang Lan walked toward the Snow Mole as his energy gradually covered his whole body. Bai Xiaofei’s eyes went wide.

Cang Lan was obviously right in front of him, but he found that once he was a little distracted, he would be unable to see him as if the old man had completely melded into the surroundings.

Soon, Cang Lan approached the mole without the latter sensing anything strange at all. The little creature was still foraging for food, and then, Cang Lan picked it from the ground like picking up a piece of garbage…

After a while later, Cang Lan returned to Bai Xiaofei and threw the mole away.

“This is what you have to do.” Looking at Bai Xiaofei, Cang Lan spoke slowly, “Attach the energy to your whole body and adjust its fluctuation to the same frequency as the surrounding environment. You will become a part of heaven and earth, which will let you approach the Snow Moles. However, their senses are extremely keen, hence tolerance for mistakes will be very low. If you don’t practice well, you may starve to death in this half-month.”

Cang Lan then revealed a smile.

“Don’t worry, though. I will come and collect your body in half a month if that happens.”

Bai Xiaofei’s face had turned livid at this point. He had expected that Cang Lan would make it hard for him, but he didn’t think the old man would be this cruel!

“By the way, in order to ensure that you don’t cheat, I’ll need your storage ring, and I’ll have to adjust your puppets a little.”

Upon finishing, Cang Lan quietly looked at Bai Xiaofei. A helpless Bai Xiaofei could only comply. As the old man slightly tapped on the weakened Blackie, Huskie, and Purple Luan, Bai Xiaofei was shocked to find that he couldn’t inject energy into them!

God Control even has this kind of effect?!

“Don’t think too much. Even with God Control, this trick can only be done by me, and it is mainly because your rank is too low. If you are an Exquisite Rank puppet master, it won’t work.”

After pouring cold water on Bai Xiaofei’s idea, the smile on Cang Lan’s face deepened.

“Well then, I wish you good luck.”

With that, Cang Lan laughed in joy as he boarded the Light Chaser, and the only thing he left for Bai Xiaofei was a tent and a big pile of firewood…

I’m finished, I can’t run away now.

Looking at Cang Lan disappearing into the horizon, Bai Xiaofei sighed. Turning his head to see the Snow Mole from earlier foraging through the snow, he bitterly spat.

Damn it! There’s no way I can’t even catch a Barbaric beast!!!

Following Cang Lan’s instructions, Bai Xiaofei controlled his energy as it gushed out from various store points, but he soon found out how difficult it was to do what Cang Lan had said, let alone integrate with the surrounding environment. He couldn’t even change the frequency of energy fluctuation yet.

Still, Bai Xiaofei held on to a glimmer of hope and went toward the nearest Snow Mole. However, before he got to its 30-meter vicinity, the mole had plunged into the snow, and when he ran to check, there was nothing left except a hole in the snow, not even a strand of fur…

“Motherf*cker! This lord refuses to believe this! How can I be toyed by a group of mice?!”

Realizing that the idea wouldn’t work, Bai Xiaofei took a deep breath and tried to calm himself down. Fine control over energy was impossible when one was too emotional.

Sitting cross-legged, Bai Xiaofei began a long period of energy adjustment.



Three times…

After losing count of how many times he had tried, he finally… got beaten by impatience…

Damn it, is this really what humans are able to do?!

Bai Xiaofei gave up and lay down in the snow. The Endless State was running slowly, supplementing the energy he had exhausted.

Suddenly, his eyes lit up!

Stupid me! How can I forget about such a shortcut?!

Scolding himself, Bai Xiaofei sat up again. Unlike before, there was now confidence on his face.

In fact, there was a fixed fluctuation that had always existed within him, but was ignored. The operation of the Endless State was the most stable fluctuation. Cang Lan said to adjust his own fluctuation to match the surroundings, but he didn’t say that it had to be done by releasing energy!

As long as I adjust the frequency of absorbing energy, then wouldn’t it count as integrating with the surroundings as well?

With this thought, Bai Xiaofei began to consciously change the frequency of Endless State.

Would it work?

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