Chapter 664: True Discrimination!

Chapter 664: True Discrimination!

“Let me have a look.”

Cang Lan immediately fixed his expression upon seeing Bai Xiaofei’s smug expression. He walked to him and checked the equipment.

The triplets’ eyes also focused on Bai Xiaofei, they also wanted to hear approval from Cang Lan even more than Bai Xiaofei.

“Oh, I had the level of your set wrong. It’s a level lower than theirs, so the pressure on the meridians is much lesser,” said Cang Lan with a straight face.

The Leng triplets instantly looked dejected.

“Can I try theirs, then? Didn’t you say we need to test the limit?” said Bai Xiaofei as he took off his equipment.

The eyes of the triplets instantly brightened. Leng Liuying took off her own set for Bai Xiaofei.

“That’s not necessary. I already have a rough understanding of your ability. This thing can only be used once. Give it back to me.” How could Cang Lan let it happen? He didn’t want to see Bai Xiaofei’s smugness shoot to the sky, so he pulled a random excuse and tried to grab the equipment back.

“Gramps, didn’t you say it was consumable? Why would you want to keep it…?” asked Bai Xiaofei with a ‘puzzled’ look. The triplets immediately understood what was going on.

“Because I want to! The person who sells this thing can recycle it!” Cang Lan glared at Bai Xiaofei with one eye, acting as if he was going to get angry.

“So you lack money. It’s okay, gramps. If you need money, just tell me. It’s not a problem for me.” Bai Xiaofei decided to keep up his act, obviously wanting to irritate Cang Lan to the end while donning a concerned expression.

Cang Lan also knew this very well in his heart, but he really could not turn down Bai Xiaofei’s ‘enthusiasm.’

“So you’re very rich? Come, let me see one million Amethyst Coins.” Cang Lan sneered with disdain. How much money can that Revelation have? What’s more, he is extremely stingy. As his apprentice…

“These are five one-time-use cards, each has one million Amethyst Coins stored.” Bai Xiaofei took out five Amethyst Cards flashing with purple golden light, shocking Cang Lan.

Didn’t the girls say this boy is not from a big clan?! How the heck is he so rich?!

Cang Lan swallowed repeatedly as his eyes were glued to the cards. He was indeed the strongest among the three legends and also the most free, but he was also the poorest one…

After all, his identity limited him. It wasn’t like he could go to the Adventurers Union or Puppet Master Alliance to receive missions or sell materials, he could not swallow his pride. And he wasn’t like Revelation, who not only had a whole pavilion that made money for him but also could sell divinations for sky-high prices.

On top of that, Cang Lan spent his money lavishly. Eating and drinking was a habit that was impossible to change, and he only ate the best food. In addition, every time he blew up a puppet, that was an astronomical sum gone because he only used good puppets.

That year, he took the Leng triplets as his adopted granddaughters because the generous emperor of the Snow Kingdom offered him enough to take care of his food and drink for the rest of his life.

Even heroes are troubled by money, ah!

And now, this five million Amethyst Coins before his eyes was already equivalent to five times what the Snow Emperor had given!

“Mhm, this is just enough for the materials I’ve prepared for you four.” Cang Lan thickened his skin and pulled out a reason that no one believed as he snatched the cards from Bai Xiaofei’s hand. He could not refuse the money!

Bai Xiaofei instantly stared in shock. He thought Cang Lan would not take the money, precisely because of pride! Five million Amethyst Coins was not a small sum of money for his pocket money, alright?!

Noticing Bai Xiaofei’s expression, the triplets tried to hold back their laughter.

Cang Lan was definitely very concerned about his pride, or else he wouldn’t be so miserable, but he would not refuse the money delivered to him once certain conditions were met. For example, this situation where not many people were present…

Bai Xiaofei, who ate a loss, could only accept his fate. He consoled himself with the thought that Cang Lan would be nicer to him because of the money.

However, Bai Xiaofei really thought too much. Cang Lan was a man with a distinct idea of favor and grudges!

“Alright, your training now starts. You, wait first. You three, I’ll teach you a set of movements. From now on, you must repeat it at least 50 times a day.”

Cang Lan took two steps back and demonstrated a series of movements that didn’t look very difficult. They also didn’t look coherent, as if they weren’t a set, and the only difficulty was that each series of movements lasted for a long time.

When Cang Lan stopped, a total of twelve movements had been memorized by the four juniors.

“Did you memorize them?” Cang Lan looked at the triplets.

The three sisters immediately nodded. It was not difficult for puppet masters to remember things at all.

“Then go practice. You must ensure to be precise as it relates to whether you can learn God Control,” said Cang Lan solemnly.

The girls agreed and ran to one side to practice. Before leaving, they flashed Bai Xiaofei a cheerful expression.

“Gramps, I also remember it. Do I have to do it several times more than them?” asked Bai Xiaofei eagerly, but he only earned an eye-roll from Cang Lan.

“What’s the use of you remembering it? You don’t have to practice that, that’s their training content, yours is different from them.” Cang Lan waved his hand and a soft carpet appeared.

It was a gold-grade Light Chaser Carpet, known for having no other use except its speed. As a puppet, it could be said to be a very embarrassing existence, but for Cang Lan, this embarrassment did not exist.

“Where are we going?”

A smiling Bai Xiaofei wanted to follow Cang Lan as he got on the carpet, before he could get on board, Cang Lan rolled his eyes again.

“Did I say you can get on? From now on, you are not allowed to use any puppets. You must keep increasing your speed using origin energy along the way, and you cannot use any energy supplements. Just a heads-up, the place we are heading to is quite far away, so you’d better keep your consumption in check.”

As Cang Lan announced this, the carpet had already floated up. Bai Xiaofei, who had no time to even curse, had to pour energy into his legs and start following. However, he soon discovered that he could not keep up with Cang Lan relying on this alone.

Without a choice, Bai Xiaofei used the energy maneuver technique that Xue Ying had taught him. His energy gushed and his speed soared again, allowing him to barely keep up.

However, even with the Endless State on, this kind of consumption would drain him dry if he didn’t use any Starnet Stones or origin stones. Therefore, his only hope was that Cang Lan’s so-called ‘far away’ was really not that far away!

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