Chapter 663: Control God Technique, Formidable!

Chapter 663: Control God Technique, Formidable!

After eating the most humbling meal in his life, Bai Xiaofei’s bitter gaze never left Cang Lan.

His beloved women were ‘robbed,’ and he got played just to have a meal. Yet the opponent was impossible to beat, not to mention that it was someone he needed a favor from. Bai Xiaofei felt that he had reached a point so low that he never thought he would fall to in his life!

Taking a mental note of this grievance, Bai Xiaofei tried to make his expression look as normal as possible because Cang Lan was about to instruct him on how to cultivate the God Control Technique!

You smelly old man! As soon as this lord learns your technique, it’ll be payback time!

“Those who know me all know that I have created God Control, but none of them know what it’s about. In fact, as far as I’m concerned, it’s not so much of a cultivation technique but more like a secret art at its core.”

Cang Lan raised his left hand, and a mass of airflow rotated in his palm. It was a manifestation of pure, colorless energy!

“Unlike other techniques, God Control can neither improve the speed of accumulating energy nor bring about any direct gain in power, and it will even consume your origin energy and not only so, is extremely demanding on the bearing capacity of your meridians. The only purpose of this technique is to purify origin energy, which in turn provides you high-quality energy that enhances your control over puppets!”

Cang Lan then summoned a basic white puppet from nowhere, then the second, the third… When he finally stopped, sixteen white puppets were floating around him.

Seeing this, Bai Xiaofei and the triplets gulped in unison. White puppets could be controlled without any connections, but an average person could control two or three at most. Even Exquisite Ranks could not go beyond this limit, but Cang Lan toppled this common sense!

Even more frightening was what he said next.

“I’m only using the strength of the Proficient Rank at the moment. If I increase it to the Master Rank, I can control as many white puppets as I want. And as long as you learn God Control, it is not difficult for you either.” Cang Lan paused before opening a whole new world to the four juniors, “You may say that it is meaningless to use white puppets, but that will be a big mistake to think so. For your current ranks, this ability is no inferior to your strongest attack!”

Cang Lan then waved his hand lightly. The sixteen white puppets flew into the air at the same time and exploded!

Puppet detonation!

Seeing this, the four were immediately struck by a realization. Under normal circumstances, detonating one’s puppet was a very last resort, because puppets were usually linked to the spirit of the puppet master, meaning the puppet’s explosion would be reflected back on its master and cause them indelible damage. And since the destruction of the puppet would not remove its spiritual mark, the puppet master would forever lose one puppet slot.

However, God Control completely eliminated this drawback!

As Cang Lan said, his only real puppet was God Control, and it controlled other unowned puppets. Therefore, detonating puppets for Cang Lan was something that depended solely on his mood, as he’d just lose some energy at most. This last-resort move for others was only a simple conventional means to him!

At this thought, Bai Xiaofei was dripping with cold sweat.

If Cang Lan had used this move last night, he would have been blown to ashes. The lowest level of the puppets yesterday was red!

After this late-coming fear for what could have happened, Bai Xiaofei grew excited.

If he learned God Control, his strength would no longer be limited by Spiritualization. As long as there were enough white puppets, his fighting capacity could be maintained at a fairly stable degree! Moreover, white puppets were quite cheap. With the money he currently had, it was not a problem for him to blow up hundreds of them a day!

Swallowing hard, Bai Xiaofei’s eyes glowed as he looked at Cang Lan. No matter what, I must learn this God Control Technique!

Having made up his mind, Bai Xiaofei continued to listen with rapt attention. If Lei Min knew this, she would definitely fly over and give him a good beating. Back in Starnet, Bai Xiaofei made it look like going to classes was no different than killing him…

“Before officially teaching you, I need to know your meridians’ capacity. If that’s not enough, you must first strengthen your meridians.” Cang Lan took out four sets of special equipment from his storage ring. They looked like full-body armor, but filled with pipes. “Put it on, and then pour some energy into it. I will make a judgment based on its reaction. Stop once you feel that your meridians can’t stand it anymore.”

Throwing the ‘armor’ to the four, Cang Lan simply explained what to do. The eager four hurriedly did as instructed.

The moment he put on the equipment, Bai Xiaofei immediately felt the difference as his flow of energy slowed. However, this effect was not too obvious.

He slowly poured his origin energy into the equipment and the pipes lit up one by one. Indeed, Bai Xiaofei felt something weighing on his meridians, but it was far less than the overwhelming degree that Cang Lan had mentioned.

Using internal sight to keep check on his meridians, Bai Xiaofei gradually accelerated the energy circulating. After a few moments, the whole set of pipes lit up, but he still didn’t feel close to the limit, so he went on to increase his energy output. The pipes gradually changed color, and when all the pipes turned into deep purple, Bai Xiaofei stopped.

He had not reached his limit, he just couldn’t inject more energy into the equipment…

Meanwhile, Cang Lan was completely shocked.

The triplets had soon stopped after reaching their limits. Leng Liuying’s pipes turned pale yellow, while the other two stopped at blue.

“Gramps, I can’t put in more energy. Is there something wrong with me?” Bai Xiaofei nervously asked.

His words kicked up a storm in Cang Lan’s heart.

How is this possible?!! His set is a high-level one! He actually made it to the very limit?!

“You… still have spare capacity?” Cang Lan gulped in disbelief.

“Yes, according to this intensity, I feel that I can last for ten more minutes,” Bai Xiaofei estimated. His uneasiness had soon dispersed when he saw Cang Lan’s surprised expression. That kind of surprise was definitely not from looking at trash.

Hahaha! This lord is a genius indeed!!!

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