Chapter 64 - Since You Offended Me, I'll Destroy Your Everything!

For the sake of saving time, Bai Xiaofei had signaled Wu Chi and the others to utilize some “tricks” to wake up all six of the seniors standing guard at the entrance.

The first reaction all six of them had upon waking up was to resist, but after they received a wave of “humanitarian” beating, all of them sensibly realized that in the current situation, Bai Xiaofei was the blade, and they were the meat…

“Can we communicate normally now?” Bai Xiaofei squatted by Wang Mu’s side, revealing the smile of an unscrupulous merchant.

“Kid, you’ll pay for what you did today!” Even now, Wang Mu still firmly believed that Bai Xiaofei and the others had relied on a surprise attack to restrain him and the others and that so long as he was given sufficient time to prepare, he would be able to teach Bai Xiaofei a proper lesson.

“Looks like we can’t!” Bai Xiaofei had just finished speaking when the three people surrounding the five seniors began bashing the five seniors. The seniors’ howls of pain rose and fell without end…

“Can we communicate normally now?” Bai Xiaofei asked, holding the same expression as before. Wang Mu didn’t speak this time but just looked at Bai Xiaofei with resentment and indignation.

“Alas, senior, why do you have such backbone!?” As soon as Bai Xiaofei finished speaking, shrill cries resounded once more, and Wang Mu was still the only one who wasn’t bashed.

“Go ahead!” Wang Mu spoke before Bai Xiaofei could repeat the question.

Wang Mu actually didn’t care much if the five seniors were beaten up or not, but if he disregarded them, his reputation would start to stink and this was something he did fear.

“You took one of my bags, which contained the claws of Earth Dire Bears, five thousand Starnet Stones, thirty high-grade medicinal materials, and 500,000 Amethyst Coins. Can you consider returning it to me now?” As Bai Xiaofei spoke of a large pile of things in one go, his expression remained unchanged as if he was speaking the truth.

“Stinking kid, when did I—” Wang Mu hadn't finished speaking when shrill cries resounded out from nearby. The faces of the five seniors were no different from pig heads at this moment…

“Look, all of you were willing to cause trouble for him, but he seems unwilling to buy back your freedom! After all, it isn’t him who’s being beaten.” Bai Xiaofei didn’t do anything to Wang Mu, but his words were even more painful than getting bashed.

“That’s nonsense!!!” Wang Mu tried his best to deny it, but in exchange the other five seniors were beaten up again...

“Whether it’s nonsense or not isn’t up to me, and it depends on what they say after they leave.” Bai Xiaofei sneered as he looked at Wang Mu and stretched out his right hand. “Can you return my things to me?” 

Wang Mu hesitated when faced with Bai Xiaofei’s question because so long as he opened his mouth, he could only say one thing. Otherwise, the five seniors would be beaten up again.

But if he were to agree, he wouldn’t be able to produce five thousand Starnet Stones, let alone high-grade medicinal materials. But he did have a great deal of Amethyst Coins. After all, he was a famous figure on the Popularity Ranking, and the funds given to him from home wasn’t a small amount.

“Hesitating isn’t a good habit!” Bai Xiaofei’s words were the command to make a move. Enjoying what was happening, Wu Chi and the others raised their fists and legs and bashed the five seniors to the point the seniors cried out for their parents.

“I’ll give it to you! I’ll give it to you!!” Wang Mu spat the words as he gritted his teeth. Staring at Bai Xiaofei, his eyes seemed as if flames would leap out of them at any moment.

“Right, wouldn’t those five ‘friends’ of yours have suffered fewer beatings if you had said this earlier?” Bai Xiaofei intentionally placed emphasis on the word “friends”, causing Wang Mu’s face to burn in pain. It was even more painful than being beaten up…

“But I don’t have that many Starnet Stones and high-grade medicinal materials. Can I exchange them into Amethyst Coins?” As he forcefully suppressed the flames of rage in his heart, Wang Mu tried his best to control his tone because he had already decided to pay Bai Xiaofei, and it wasn’t worth it to make Bai Xiaofei continue doing something that might harm his reputation.

“Of course, but it has to be 1.5 times the market price.” When faced with Bai Xiaofei’s subsequent demand, Wang Mu could only quietly swallow his losses.

In the end, under Bai Xiaofei’s “Bai Algorithm”, Wang Mu gave Bai Xiaofei a total of 1.6 million Amethyst Coins. But because Bai Xiaofei didn’t have an Amethyst Card, all of it was passed to the Savage Class’s “Minister of Finance”, Fang Ye…

“It was nice doing business with you. I’ll give you a huge present before I leave.” Bai Xiaofei patted Wang Mu’s white and tender face before revealing a devilish smile.

“Girls, move aside, and boys, come greet our guest!” Bai Xiaofei moved aside as he spoke, and he brought all the girls along to the classroom first while Wu Chi and the other “men” crowded around Wang Mu.

The beatings he was due were completely repaid in less than five minutes. No one, however, hit his face during the entire process, but Wang Mu’s clothes were completely stripped off…

After they dealt with everything, Wu Chi and the others left the scene of the crime, and how the matter would develop later wasn’t something within their scope of considerations.

After all, Bai Xiaofei didn’t think that the five of them would help Wang Mu!

“Principal, are we not going to interfere with their actions?!” Within the principal’s office in the academy, Feng Guangshi stood respectfully behind Lei Shan, and a screen similar to a pool of water stood before them. The scenes on the screen were precisely everything that the members of the Savage Class had just done.

“Those few people played the role of bandits first, so how do you expect me to interfere after Bai Xiaofei counterattacked? Differential treatment? Starnet Academy doesn’t have such rules.” Lei Shan grunted coldly, his face clearly revealing displeasure. But when he thought of Bai Xiaofei, this displeasure quickly turned into a smile.

“But haven’t their actions gone a bit too far? If we don’t allow them to be taught a lesson now, what would we do if they cause even greater trouble in the future? Moreover, that Wang Mu is a young master from a noble clan in Cloudveil Empire. His clan can’t be underestimated!” Fei Guangshi knew Lei Shan was unhappy, but he still summoned up the courage to speak his concerns.

“Hmph! You mean our Starnet Academy is afraid of a noble clan from Cloudveil Empire?” Lei Shan’s previous rage hadn’t been obvious, but now his negative feelings towards Fei Guangshi were.

“No, not at all. I didn’t mean it that way!!!” Fei Guangshi hurriedly denied it, and his bald head started to think of words to redeem himself, but Lei Shan didn’t have any intention of waiting for him.

“Enough. Leave and stop annoying me.” After Lei Shan gave the order, Fei Guangshi instantly withdrew sensibly. But he’d just walked to the door when Lei Shan’s voice sounded out again.

“You don’t have to care about what Bai Xiaofei did, and don’t let me find out later that you did something you shouldn’t have.”

A trace of cold sweat flowed down from Fei Guangshi’s forehead, and he replied with acknowledgment before vanishing from Lei Shan’s sight.

“Someone offended you, so you destroyed that someone’s everything. Kid, if you’re able to stay like this until you leave the academy, then I, Lei Shan, will give you a great fortune!”

Just like that, from a place Bai Xiaofei was unaware of, a pie had fallen from the sky…


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