Chapter 659: Vegetable Farmer and Pig

Chapter 659: Vegetable Farmer and Pig1

“I know.”

We’re being direct, aren’t we? Then let’s see who is more direct! I’ll see how you recover!

Bai Xiaofei’s bold reply really stupefied Cang Lan.

However, there was a reason he dared to do so, and it was the Leng sisters being his support. Although only having been in contact with Cang Lan for a short time, he had already discovered that this old man had no way against his three baby granddaughters. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been forced into the impassable peach blossom forest!

Meanwhile, Bai Xiaofei still didn’t know that if it weren’t for the miraculous Huskie, he would have been able to come out of the peach blossom forest long ago. He currently put his new master’s will on temporary hold.

He didn’t know what level was rank-eight, but he could be sure that this Wu Shaokun was not a simple person, at least not what he, a meager Grandmaster Rank, could deal with.

“Good that you know. Pack up and prepare to go back tomorrow. I won’t teach you God Control,” Cang Lan said without mercy, and he looked like he had no intention to give way.

“In that case, we will leave tomorrow. Since we finally have a rare trip to the Snow Kingdom, we can’t waste any time. Must have enough fun,” Bai Xiaofei replied even more straightforwardly.

His reaction was outside of Cang Lan’s expectations.

“Hmph, so you are a loser who retreats from difficulties. It’s a pity for my three granddaughters’ sacrifice!” Cang Lan coldly snorted, his voice full of contempt.

“It’s nothing to say that I retreat from difficulties, but I don’t admit to being a loser.” Bai Xiaofei smiled, neither overbearing nor servile. Although he didn’t mean to be, however, it sounded very provocative to Cang Lan!

Or to be exact, from the moment the triplets were all clingy on Bai Xiaofei in front of Cang Lan, this ‘provocation’ had already sparked, drawing out not anger but jealousy, the kind that came from a vegetable farmer.

To put it bluntly, someone didn’t like seeing his cabbage being taken away by the pig, so he tried his best to embarrass the pig…

“Oh, am I wrong? If you are not a loser, why would those three have to give up the opportunity to learn God Control to help you? What is a man who can only hide behind a woman if not a loser?”

Cang Lan’s tone became more and more excessive, to the point that Bai Xiaofei exploded.

“Senior, do you know what ‘everything is nice in one’s own garden’ means?” Bai Xiaofei sneered, what he said startled Cang Lan. “I admit that your God Control Technique must be very powerful if it allows you to become one of the three great legends. However, if it isn’t for my special situation that needs it to control my physical abnormality, I’d really have no interest in your pseudo-god technique.”

Bai Xiaofei especially stressed the word ‘pseudo,’ poking Cang Lan where it hurt him most.

“You brat, I’ll take this as your reckless provocation at me!” Cang Lan walked toward Bai Xiaofei. An energy pressure emitted from his body and increased with each step he took.

“Smelly old man, hasn’t your so-called ‘provocation’ already started long ago?!”

Bai Xiaofei refused to back off. At the same time, his aura also rose, and Huskie in his arms poked out his head and glared at Cang Lan.

“Smelly boy, you are seeking death!”

After letting his aura soared to the Grandmaster Rank, Cang Lan stopped, as if wanting to be fair and use the power of the same rank as Bai Xiaofei to teach him a lesson.

“Smelly old man, if you are going to fight with me at this rank, then you should be prepared to lose some face!” Bai Xiaofei’s lips curved up when he realized Cang Lan’s intention.

“Try me!”

“Try then try!”

Cang Lan then raised three fingers.

“I’ll give you three moves!”

“Now that’s the bearing of a great senior. I won’t be polite then!”

Bai Xiaofei immediately used Spiritualization. In a flash of black light, Huskie fused into his body and he assumed his werewolf-like form.

The instant the transformation finished, Bai Xiaofei was already in front of Cang Lan in a dash and his wolf paw thrust at the latter’s chest.

Cang Lan showed deep disdain toward Bai Xiaofei’s simple attack as it was only useful on people of lower ranks than the user. Cang Lan was too lazy to even use origin energy. Just as the strike was about to hit, he slightly moved his body, making the attack miss by a hair’s breadth.

However, from the old man’s blind angle, Bai Xiaofei was wearing a faint smile. The next second, he vanished from sight right before Cang Lan’s eyes.

Cang Lan strained his eyes and scanned the surrounding. At that moment, Bai Xiaofei’s claws were less than one centimeter away from his vest.

Cang Lan’s right hand suddenly swung. But just right when it was about to hit Bai Xiaofei, his heart tightened again in surprise.

It’s fake!!

At that very moment, Bai Xiaofei’s hand had pressed upon his head! The real attack was launched from above!

Cang Lan took this blow full-force, but it did not hurt him at all because a scarecrow had replaced him that instant the attack connected. Bai Xiaofei destroyed the scarecrow while Cang Lan appeared more than ten meters away.


Bai Xiaofei looked regretful as his supposedly sure-hit attack was avoided so easily. Meanwhile, Cang Lan was secretly astonished.

Just now, it wasn’t a puppet, but a consumable prop he brought out from The Ruins. The effect was to replace him right before he suffered fatal damage!

In other words, if there had been no scarecrow, Cang Lan would have died!

Of course, even without this scarecrow, Bai Xiaofei would not finish his attack. After all, Cang Lan’s identity was special. He didn’t want to turn into enemies with the Leng triplets.

Cang Lan naturally didn’t know Bai Xiaofei’s intention. His only thought right now was that Bai Xiaofei was quite a cruel character! Cang Lan grew serious as he withdrew his contempt toward him.

“I take back what I just said, you are not a loser, but there’s something I want to remind you!” said Cang Lan coldly as he raised his right hand. The three red glows rose around his palm. “You’ve made me serious!!”

1. Refers to the saying ‘All the good cabbage get hogged by the pigs.’ It’s when you deem a person not a good match for another person, especially when it’s someone you cherish/raise.

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