Chapter 658: First Meeting with Cang Lan!

Chapter 658: First Meeting with Cang Lan!

“Grandpa, although Ying Ying is often overactive, this time what she said is what we want to say!”

Receiving a direct gaze from Leng Liuli, Cang Lan couldn’t help a long sigh.

“You three are trying to make me move. Alright, I’ll go in. No big deal, I’ll just destroy this peach forest if it comes to it!” Helplessly standing up from the ground, Cang Lan drank a mouthful from his wine gourd.

The triplets were delighted.

“We’re going, too!” they said in unison, only to earn a mocking eye-roll from Cang Lan.

“Behave and stay here! Of course, do go ahead if you really want to die! We’ll see if I’ll still save your little boyfriend then!”

Cang Lan’s thunderous roar instantly shut the triplets up. Putting away the wine gourd, he simply used his power to fix the triplets where they stood.

“You wait here!” With that, he walked into the peach forest.

As soon as he stepped into the forest, Cang Lan’s brows creased. This was not the first time he entered it, but this time, it gave him a completely different feeling. If the peach blossom forest was a living entity, then now it felt like it was dead.

“What’s going on…?” Cang Lan proceeded towards the depths of the forest with his surprise. No matter what, the most urgent task was to find that boy.

The further Cang Lan went, the more he was sure of his conjecture. The illusion formation in the forest had failed. He found himself in a place he had never been to before.

The peach blossom forest without its illusion formation could no longer stop Cang Lan. Before long, he already reached the second layer. One step in and he was astonished.

Who could imagine that there was such a bleak space in the beautiful peach blossom forest? It was like buying a shiny red apple and enjoying two juicy bites right before seeing a dead worm inside…

Shuttling through the corpses remnants, Cang Lan’s frown deepened. If he knew there was such a place inside the forest, he would definitely have explored all the way here. He worried that the boy who had the hearts of the Leng sisters had become one of those remains.

Cang Lan still went all the way in. Even if Bai Xiaofei was really dead, he could at least bring the body back, or else he would have nothing to report to his three granddaughters.

Just as he started contemplating how he should appease the three girls later, however, the appearance of a figure stopped him.

“Damn it, if I knew it I could use it later, I wouldn’t have used my ultimate move. It’s all lost now!”

Bai Xiaofei was whining in agony while making a series of magical gestures with his hands. The whole second layer trembled and a little later, a black bead burst out from the formation and floated quietly in front of him. Black whiffs then emerged from the corpses all over the ground and gathered in the ball.

After all the black gas dissipated, Bai Xiaofei put away the bead. When he was turning to leave, he saw Cang Lan, who had been watching him.

Both of them froze. Oddly, both suddenly shared the same embarrassed feeling of being caught red-handed doing something bad…

“Bai Xiaofei?”

“Grandpa Cang Lan?”

Two people called each other’s names almost at the same time, and the next second, their embarrassment heightened.

“Ahem, about that…”

“The girls asked you to find me, didn’t they?”

Cang Lan was still thinking about how to get to the topic when Bai Xiaofei approached him in an ingratiating manner. The instant change of his expression shocked Cang Lan.

“Yes, they did…” said Cang Lan as he didn’t know what else to say.

Meanwhile, Bai Xiaofei quickly assumed his role. He had come all the way here for this thick leg! If he didn’t hug it now, he’d regret it until he rotted!

“Let’s hurry out. The girls must be impatient. I will tell you the details later,” Bai Xiaofei decided and made a ‘please’ gesture.

On the way back, he kept sizing up this legendary boss, who looked no different from a beggar, from behind while Cang Lan kept recalling that black bead that Bai Xiaofei had just gotten. Just like that, the two with different schemes continued until they exited the peach blossom forest.

“Xiaofei!!!” The moment they saw Bai Xiaofei, the triplets burst into tears. It was as if they had just experienced a separation by death.

Well, they indeed felt that way…

Cang Lan disabled his restraint on them. In just a blink, the three girls pounced toward Bai Xiaofei. The scene made Cang Lan, an old bachelor, very uncomfortable. Being ‘abused’ by love birds happened to all ages…

“Cough…” Unable to take it anymore, Cang Lan cleared his throat.

Realizing that there was still another person here, the three girls instantly got a hold of themselves. Their tears stopped and their eyes darted from Bai Xiaofei to Cang Lan evadingly as shyness replaced the worry on their faces.

“Grandpa…” Leng Liuli took the initiative to break the strange atmosphere.

“Let’s go to rest for now, it’s getting late. If you have anything to say, say it tomorrow.”

Cang Lan’s words instantly stuffed all the things the girls wanted to spill back into their stomachs. They bid farewell to Bai Xiaofei as they went to the thatched cottage with reluctant steps.

“Err… where do we sleep?” asked Bai Xiaofei after a moment of silence.

The realistic question stunned Cang Lan. Looking around, there was only a thatched cottage and no second place to sleep.

“It’s almost dawn anyway. Not like you’ll die from one night without sleep.” Cang Lan fixed his expression and eyed Bai Xiaofei meaningfully.

“Of course. If you don’t mind, Senior, this boy will accompany you.” Bai Xiaofei grinned as he instantly understood what Cang Lan was implying.

Background check, isn’t it? This lord is all prepared!

“Are you the apprentice of that boy?” asked Cang Lan coldly.

Bai Xiaofei’s heart tensed. Before coming here, he had inquired Lei Shan and Gu Xing about Cang Lan and learned that they didn’t quite see eye to eye…

“Yes.” Bai Xiaofei had to bite the bullet and answer truthfully. Since Cang Lan asked, it meant he already knew.

“Then you should know that I don’t have a good relationship with Revelation?”

Bai Xiaofei was shocked speechless by the question. What the hell? Do you have to be so direct?! How do I answer this?!

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