Chapter 654: Illusion vs Virtual Reality!

Chapter 654: Illusion vs Virtual Reality!

A skeletal dragon at least three times larger than the Bone Demon that Bai Xiaofei had once encountered slowly emerged from the black liquid, and its powerful aura far exceeded that of the King Rank.

“Human, you shall die!” A huge skeletal claw smashed down at Bai Xiaofei, obviously wanting to turn him into meat paste.

However, Bai Xiaofei showed no intention to dodge!

A thin light shield suddenly appeared over his head and collided with the claw. Unexpectedly, the seemingly fragile curtain did not break. Instead, the skeletal claw slightly eroded like melted ice.

“I know that you are just a product of illusions, and even though I can’t see through you, I will kill you, real or not! Illusions are fabricated by the mind. My current ability is also realized by imagination, so let us see whose imagination is stronger!”

Bai Xiaofei waved his hand and the light shield turned into a row of light arrows, which shot out before the skeletal dragon could attack again.

The dragon quickly conjured a black shield around its body. However, both its shield and its huge body were vulnerable to the light arrows.

For nothing else, just because the arrows were a manifestation of the Light of Obliteration!

After KOing the dragon in one hit, Bai Xiaofei took out two Starnet Stones and held them in his hand as the Endless State let him draw out their energy in just the blink of an eye. He knew that this battle had not ended yet, so he needed to get ready for a prolonged fight!

Sure enough, Bai Xiaofei had only just taken a few steps and a new enemy already emerged from the dark liquid. This time, it was a group of Grandmaster Rank puppet masters of the Ranged Stream.

“Gun puppets, fire!”

While the puppet masters were still accumulating energy in their puppets, a hundred heavyweight gun puppets had already appeared in the air above Bai Xiaofei fully loaded. At his command, lights flashed, and the opposition party was instantaneously turned into ashes!

Bai Xiaofei’s second insta-kill seemed to excite the formation. The drifting ashes turned into dancing flame elves one after another in mid-air, setting off a sea of fire that surged toward Bai Xiaofei.

“Absolute Zero!”

A cold breath spread out from Bai Xiaofei. Before the sea of fire could approach, it was completely extinguished, and even any liquids around were frozen. But right after, as if to prevent Bai Xiaofei from noticing, at least a hundred Steel Rhinoceroses appeared in the opposite direction and stampeded over with crushing momentum!

Steel Rhinoceros, huh? That’s an old friend!

With a smile, Bai Xiaofei snapped his fingers. Earth thorns silently drilled out from the ground and skewered the rushing Steel Rhinoceroses. The victims roared tragically like they were real existences.

“Stupid Master, look!”

Barely finding a little time to catch his breath, Bai Xiaofei was absorbing energy from more Starnet Stones when Huskie suddenly pointed at the Steel Rhinoceroses dangling in midair.

Looking in the direction of Huskie’s paw, Bai Xiaofei saw the black viscous liquid trickling down from the lifeless Steel Rhinoceroses. When black liquid drained, the Steel Rhinoceros also disappeared.

“So they aren’t rootless soldiers, I thought all this was completely made by illusions!” Catching onto this clue, Bai Xiaofei’s lips curled up. Although he didn’t have much time left on Spiritualization, it was another matter after figuring out the situation.

Inwardly calculating a little, Bai Xiaofei quickly came up with a solution. One Starnet Stone after another became drained without him storing any energy in his body, but before his chest, a small ball was constantly rotating. With its rotation, the temperature of the whole area seemed to rise.

“Brat, today is the day you die!”

Bai Xiaofei had a good plan, but the formation would not give him time to execute it. After the black liquid flowed back to both sides of the stone road, a hair-raising voice echoed.

Looking up, Bai Xiaofei saw a man he desperately desired to skin alive – Ling Tianxia!

“You really think I’m absolutely powerless against him?” Bai Xiaofei coldly snorted. At the same time, an illusory figure gradually condensed in front of him. The appearance of it was also no stranger – Lei Shan.

“Execution Bolt!”

A blinding thunderbolt smashed down, and the illusionary Ling Tianxia actually showed fear. Without even an attempt to resist, he scrambled away in an embarrassing manner.

“Very interesting. There’s actually a power limit on your illusions. Should I praise you for being practical or should I laugh at your ignorance?” Bai Xiaofei didn’t know who he was talking to. He just couldn’t help the urge to mock.

From the moment the rotting corpses appeared until now, he discovered that there was a ceiling to the total strength of all the illusions created by the formation. This ceiling, estimated at around the Exquisite Rank at four opened apertures, was the highest level that could be achieved for either the attack or defense of the illusions.

Having experienced the abilities of this formation, however, Bai Xiaofei was certain that the realness of its simulation was absolutely not inferior to the god-level formation in Starnet!

The only difference was that the formation in Starnet was self-contained, so as to create a space similar to a miniature world, while this one could imitate a certain element. In other words, in the absence of an intelligent mind to control it, its effect was quite low-level.

Therefore, this could be said to be a silver lining for Bai Xiaofei. If this ability to make illusions real was matched with a suitable mastermind instead of relying on just the formation base as it was now, even a hundred Bai Xiaofeis would be toyed with to death!

Luckily, the one being toyed now could only be the illusions created by this formation.

The bolt put an end to the fake Ling Tianxia. Without high enough power to support it, his special sonic ability was actually nothing to be afraid of.

On the next road, Bai Xiaofei met nearly all of his old enemies, but without exception, none of them could stop him.

“Time to end this.”

Standing at the end of the road, Bai Xiaofei looked at the huge monster roaring at him. Seemingly out of things to recreate, the monster was completely a sticky mass of condensed black liquid. The only scary thing was its size.

“The Lord said, let there be light!”

Faint words came out from Bai Xiaofei’s lips. The next second, the rotating ball he had been condensing shot out, bursting into dazzling light and engulfing everything…

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