Chapter 652: Caught Deep in the Illusion; Cang Lan!

Chapter 652: Caught Deep in the Illusion; Cang Lan!

With Huskie taking the lead, Bai Xiaofei didn’t repeat any paths. After an unknown period of trying different directions, he finally seemed to pass through the forest to its periphery.

Only ‘seemed to,’ because he could feel a change in the formation the moment he stepped out. The change was too obvious to miss, as it felt just like the back of his head was struck by a hammer, striking him into a whole new world… one that was bleak and haunting.

He looked around to find out that the vibrant peach blossoms had become history and so did the tranquility and peace. In their place were only bitter cold winds and endless piercing screams.

Less than three minutes in this place, Bai Xiaofei had already heard the tragic screams of hundreds of creatures, and he could tell that these screams came from their last moments before dying. In other words, this bizarre place had collected the memories of gruesome deaths from hundreds of creatures…

The positive thing was, however, unlike the outer layer, Bai Xiaofei wouldn’t be tricked into circling around the same place like just now. In this area, there was only one stone road leading to nowhere…

The stone road was less than 50 centimeters wide, barely enough for one person to walk. Both sides were brimming with a kind of churning black viscous liquid. Just one look at this liquid and Bai Xiaofei knew he must not touch it!

Standing at the beginning of the road, Bai Xiaofei fell into a long struggle. He had already used an Iceheart Pill, but it had proved to be absolutely useless. Moreover, he had spent too long in the illusion and his five senses had been completely assimilated. To put it bluntly, whatever this formation wanted him to feel, he would have to feel it.

Bai Xiaofei gulped.

“Why do I feel like I’ll kick the bucket here?”

The chill creeping down his back seemed to confirm that. Especially, when he finished speaking, Huskie also chimed in.

“That is indeed possible. Covered under that pitch-black thing is the stench of rotting corpses.”

Bai Xiaofei’s heart skipped a beat. Reality had verified that Huskie’s nose was not affected by the illusion. Therefore, how many creatures had died here?

And this brought Bai Xiaofei new confusion. In Cang Lan’s area where the triplets were so familiar, why would there be a killing formation? If it was really dangerous, the triplets should have told him something, right? He refused to believe that they would put him in danger.

Thinking to this point, a hint of confidence rose in Bai Xiaofei. There is nothing here that can endanger my life!

After emboldening himself, Bai Xiaofei tentatively set foot on the stone road.

No reaction…

Another step!

Still no reaction…

He relaxed and finally mustered the courage to jump on the road!

Mhm, still no reaction.

Heaving a long sigh of relief, Bai Xiaofei started walking forward as his hanging heart was set completely at ease. In that way, he walked nearly two hundred meters without encountering anything special. This was so amazing that he even wondered if the magic formation had lost effect.

This idea, however, did not last long. Blackie, who was sitting on his shoulder, suddenly shrieked in fear. Bai Xiaofei noticed immediately as their spirits were linked and turned to look behind.

What he saw had him jump in fright as his anxiety returned!

The two hundred meters of stone road he just walked on had vanished, leaving only rolling black liquid!

Cutting off my retreat route?! Forcing me to move forward?!

You bastard! This lord shall not yield!!

Bai Xiaofei summoned Purple Luan, opened his wings, and flew in the direction he had just come from. However, this flight was distinctly different from normal. He was only less than two meters off the ground when a huge force fell upon him, and its intensity increased with height!

Seeing that he was about to be pressed into the dark viscous liquid, Bai Xiaofei teleported back to the stone road. The moment he landed, the mountainous pressure also disappeared.

Bai Xiaofei knew that the pressure was not real and was only the effect of the formation, yet only knowing was useless. Bai Xiaofei had nearly no control over his five senses and therefore could not escape even though the pressure was fake.

The way back was over two hundred meters, and his teleportation couldn’t reach that far yet. In desperation, Bai Xiaofei turned around.

In that case, there is only one choice.

Taking a deep breath, he activated Spiritualization and fused with Purple Luan, and got into a sprinting stance.

This lord shall play with you today!


As Bai Xiaofei was struggling in the illusion, the scattered fragrance of top-class wine and food had managed to catch the ‘big fish.’ An old man dressed in rags skipped to the row of wine jars while sniffing contentedly.

“So sweet! So fragrant! Old Blossom Wine! Super refined Zen Wine! Thirty-year-old Bone-deep Numb! And this! This is… Monkey Wine?!!!” exclaimed the old man who then grabbed that jar and poured it into his mouth without delay.


After a satisfied cry, his eyes fell on the stone table, which made his tongue instinctively click.

“This taste should only exist in heaven!”

Carrying the jar, the old man got to the stone table in three jumps. With a wave of his hand, all the lids turned into fine powder and drifted away with the wind with none falling into the dishes!

“It’s this familiar taste! No… no! It smells even better! It’s even more fragrant than before!”

The old man laughed in joy. He grabbed the food with his bare hands and started eating like crazy as if he had been starved for a long time.

Eat, drink, eat, and drink. When the old man finally stopped, four of the wine jars were empty and there was nothing left on the table. However, the old man didn’t practice anything like Devouring the Heaven and Earth, so he now looked like an inflated balloon. With his stomach bulging high up, he lay on the ground humming in satisfaction.

“Hehehe! Who would have thought, huh? After so many years, you still get caught by us so easily.”

After the big fish bit the hook, the fishermen also made their appearance after a good nap. Leng Liuying squatted beside the old man and pulled a strand of his beard.

“Awuwu, not my beard, not my beard! You guys want to learn my God Controlling, right? I will teach you, I’ll teach you alright?!”

The old man immediately surrendered. As soon as he promised, Leng Liuying jumped in delight, while Leng Liuli and Leng Liuying looked pleasantly surprised.

It’s actually so easy?!

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