Chapter 647: Blood-Eye Fox!

Chapter 647: Blood-Eye Fox!

After transforming into the squad leader, Bai Xiaofei waited until the person guarding the stairs entrance changed shifts before he acted.

“Squad Leader!”

The new guard didn’t know whether the squad leader had gone out. He was only an ordinary member and therefore was not qualified to inquire about the squad leader’s whereabouts. So when Bai Xiaofei came up, he did not doubt anything.

“Have the Leader and Deputy Leader gone out?” asked Bai Xiaofei seriously.

“No, it seems that everyone has gone to sleep,” the guard hurriedly answered for fear that he’d delay the squad leader’s business.

“Sleep? Help me confirm. I have something to discuss with him. If he’s already sleeping, don’t wake him up, I will personally go to him.” Bai Xiaofei acted like he was afraid to disturb Jackdaw as he tried to sound hesitant.

“Yes, right away!” The guard hurriedly ran inside and listened carefully at a room door for a long time before hurrying back.

He never noticed that when he was checking, Bai Xiaofei’s hand flashed with the light of origin energy, and Blackie, who was hidden behind him, slowly melted into the surroundings…

“I heard snoring. He should already be asleep,” the guard respectfully reported.

Bai Xiaofei made a troubled expression. “Forget it, continue with your job. I’ll go and see for myself,” he said and walked towards the room where the guard had just checked on. Indeed, rhythmically heavy snoring could be heard from outside.

Ahh, the mighty Jackdaw Mercenary Group leader unexpectedly is also…

Bai Xiaofei mentally wiped away his non-existent sweat, then quickly donned a nervous expression before knocking on the door.

“Who?!” As soon as the knocking sounded, the snoring stopped abruptly and a loud male voice echoed.

“Leader, it’s me,” cried Bai Xiaofei. Since he had skin contact with the squad leader, Huskie was able to copy his voice.

“Old Zhou? Come in.” The loud voice instantly softened. After a rustling sound of someone putting on clothes, the dark room lit up.

Bai Xiaofei opened the door and stepped inside, his eyes sweeping around the room.

“What’s with your sneaky eyes?!” Jackdaw coldly asked with a frown at Bai Xiaofei’s strange performance.

Bai Xiaofei hurriedly turned his head and finally got to officially meet with this legendary figure. Bright skin without any beard, but there were fine marks of time on his face, and his well-proportioned body was comfortable to look at.

“Leader, the guard reported he saw a black shadow sneaking in.” Bai Xiaofei said pitifully with a face of ‘you wronged me’ while his eyes never stopped shifting around.

“Bullsh*t, do you think I’m dead? How can I not know if someone…”


Jackdaw hadn’t finished when Bai Xiaofei suddenly exclaimed. He ran to Jackdaw and pulled him toward the bed. Before they approached, a black figure suddenly jumped out, accompanied by a frightened meow as it jumped at Jackdaw’s puppet – the Frost Crow King – on the shelf, scaring the latter into flying up, before shuttling through the two men out the door.

“A cat…” Bai Xiaofei gulped.

Jackdaw looked at him in embarrassment, not knowing what to say.

“See, I told you I’d know if someone came in. Cats walk around without making any sound,” pulling a weak excuse after a long silence, Jackdaw then looked at the frightened Frost Crow King. “I told you to keep watch, you dozed off!”

Having pushed the blame onto his puppet, Jackdaw awkwardly coughed and turned to look at Bai Xiaofei.

“Well… Erm… Since everything’s all right, you should go to rest as well, Old Zhou. We have a meeting with the Snow Emperor tomorrow. Don’t forget to double-check our tributes. Can never be sloppy with that,” Jackdaw solemnly instructed.

“Got it. Rest assured, Leader, no one can sneak in it except that black cat that walks around without making any sound!” Bai Xiaofei teased, putting an embarrassed expression on Jackdaw’s face.

“Get out of here. Bury what happened tonight deep in your stomach, or you will be the captain of the newbies!” Jackdaw ‘viciously’ threatened. Bai Xiaofei hurriedly withdrew himself.

Exiting the room, he sent a spiritual signal, and Blackie, who had just run out, appeared and jumped onto his shoulder.

“Go check the stuff stored in that room and see how many people are staying in the room next to it, then light this.” Bai Xiaofei handed a thumb-thick black stick to Blackie. The cat once again melted into the surroundings. In less than two minutes, some information was transmitted to Bai Xiaofei’s mind.

With a faint smile, Bai Xiao walked to a room and slowly opened the door.

The instant he entered, his ears were greeted with a series of loud noises, followed by a beast’s vigilant cry. He took out an energy lamp and looked at the place where the cry came from, and there he saw an iron cage that was carved with various symbols in which a pure-white fox was glaring at him. Behind the creature were three small foxes half its size tightly curled up, their trembling bodies showing how scared they were.

“Blood-Eye Fox?!” Bai Xiaofei yelped in shock.

Blood-Eye Fox was a magical beast born at the Enlightened Rank with the potential to reach the King Rank and was extremely good at illusions. Bai Xiaofei had learned about this beast in the textbooks of the Demon of Illusions, where there was an entire special introduction dedicated to it, as the Blood-Eye Fox was the top pick for all Illusion Stream puppet masters.

However, the illusion ability of Blood-Eye Foxes was extremely special and difficult to immunize even for higher ranks, so it was extremely difficult to capture them. Moreover, those of the King Rank would self-detonate as soon as they felt they were unable to escape.

The adult Blood-Eye Fox before Bai Xiaofei had obviously reached the peak level of the Enlightened Rank. Give it a little time, and breaking through to the King Rank would be a matter of course.

Bai Xiaofei had been wondering why Jackdaw didn’t store the precious tributes in his storage props. It turned out to be living creatures!

Oh, foxes! You are lucky to meet me!

Bai Xiaofei mumbled incoherently as Hu Xian’er’s face popped up in his mind. His entire life, he might never be able to sit idly by and watch foxes being captured without doing anything…

“I know you can understand me. If you want to take your children and leave safely, keep quiet from now on,” Bai Xiaofei whispered and squatted down.

The fox instantly quieted down and looked at Bai Xiaofei in confusion. Not because of what he said, but his smell…

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