Chapter 645: Jackdaw Mercenary Group!

Chapter 645: Jackdaw Mercenary Group!

“Dear guest, If I’m not wrong, you are not from the Snow Kingdom.”

After booking the room, the Leng triplets, who was drained after a month’s journey, went to rest early as lethargy had washed over them after the warm meal. Meanwhile, an energetic Bai Xiaofei stayed below and continued to enjoy the savory Snow Milk Wine.

The wine was the third thing from the Kingdom of Snow that had conquered Bai Xiaofei, after the Leng triplets and Crystal Longings.

“Is it so obvious?” Putting down his wine bowl, Bai Xiaofei looked at the idle waiter with great interest. The people making their living at the bottom could always bring him surprises.

“You’re joking. Not to mention your accent, it’s easy to tell by your skin color,” answered the waiter politely before he brought Bai Xiaofei to take a look around the hall on the first floor of the inn. “Inland people like you have come a lot recently, but seeing how you have the accompaniment of three noble ladies, I suppose you’re not clueless about this place like them.”

Hearing this, Bai Xiaofei smiled knowingly.

Originally, Bai Xiaofei had been wondering why the waiter chose to start a conversation with him out of so many guests. Turned out it was thanks to the Leng triplets. Indeed, everything would be much smoother when you had connections with nobles of the court!

“Why? Something big happened in the Kingdom of Snow recently?” Bai Xiaofei asked, following the topic that the waiter was leading on to. As the saying goes, there is no smoke without fire. So many people had traveled all the way to the Snow Kingdom lately and Bai Xiaofei refused to believe that there was no specific reason for that at all.

And some things were better to know early than in hindsight.

“Is it not why you’ve come here, my lord?” The waiter was surprised by Bai Xiaofei’s reply.

“I don’t know what it is. I’ve come to the Snow Kingdom to find a senior.” Bai Xiaofei smiled and motioned for the waiter to sit with him. “If you are not busy, you can tell me about it. I’m very interested in anecdotes and bizarre tales.”

He placed several gold coins in front of the waiter. The latter’s eyes lit up. He collected the coins and sat down.

As expected of a noble! Too generous!

“You’d want to keep your ears perked for this one then, my lord.”

The waiter successfully aroused Bai Xiaofei’s interest.

“Not long ago, there was an avalanche in the Holy Snow Mountain in the east. Everyone thought it was just another natural disaster since this kind of thing is very common after all. However, many old hunters died there, while those who came back alive kept screaming about some snow monster. When the fuss spun out of control, the local official could no longer sit idly by and sent people to check the situation. And what they found? A huge deal!”

The waiter’s expression became exaggerated. His storytelling was no less thrilling than that of professionals. At least, he succeeded in pulling in Bai Xiaofei.

“A bunch of magical beasts that have never been seen before on the Holy Snow Mountain were discovered. Over half of the people who were sent died and the rest were beaten back without finding out anything. After this was reported to the higher-ups, the emperor sent his elite troops, who paid the price of nearly 50% casualties to bring back very important news.”

The waiter’s eyes opened wide as he said. Bai Xiaofei started to gasp. Something big’s happening again!

“What news?” he gulped.

“A huge cave had appeared at the top of the mountain after the avalanche. And all the magical beasts came out from there. When the elite troops entered it, they saw many rare herbs. Unfortunately, they failed to go deep in so it’s still unknown what’s inside.”

There was pity in the waiter’s voice.

“The emperor attempted to seal up this matter. Unfortunately, there’s no impenetrable wall in this world and it still got out in the end. The Adventurer Union, the Puppet Master Alliance, and the Martial Artist Alliance sent people to intervene. The emperor had no choice but to open the Holy Snow Mountain, but with restrictions for entering that cave.”

“The Holy Snow Mountain is open to all from the fifteenth to the twentieth of the month. Outside this time period, it will be under complete lockdown, and anyone who attempts to get in or out will be executed on the spot.”

“People flooded in. Some died inside, some made a fortune, but even so, no one has been able to go deep into the cave. Over time, it has attracted some big, powerful people. I’ve seen no less than six waves of big brass recently.”

The waiter looked very serious as he told the story. Bai Xiaofei’s eyes shone with excitement.

It seems this trip to the Kingdom of Snow is gonna be much more interesting than I’ve imagined!

“Thanks very much. It seems very useful to me.” Bai Xiaofei took out several more gold coins.

The waiter smiled ear to ear as he accepted the coins. After looking around carefully, he leaned toward Bai Xiaofei.

“Honored guest, you must be careful during your stay. Our inn has just welcomed a formidable big shot,” the waiter whispered.

Bai Xiaofei almost laughed out loud. Big shot? How ‘big’ can they be? Are they bigger than Exquisite Rank and Timeless Rank?

“Oh? Who is it?” While Bai Xiaofei mocked in his heart, it was just a strategic attempt to adjust his mindset. Tranquil didn’t even need a Grandmaster to push him into a desperate situation. Now, he didn’t even dare to look down upon an ordinary person.

“Have you heard of the Jackdaw Mercenary Group?” the waiter asked.

Bai Xiaofei froze a little at the name.

Jackdaw, one of the nine major mercenary groups, was ranked in the upper-middle in numbers and overall power. Their active area was a city near the far north, so it was no surprise that they would come here.

“They have people coming? What rank are they?” Bai Xiaofei asked softly, his brows creased.

“I don’t know. I only heard someone address one of them as deputy head, and yet that person doesn’t seem to be the biggest of the group!” the waiter carefully danced around his words.

Bai Xiaofei smiled wryly. Since the ‘deputy leader’ is not the biggest, how can there be any doubt about who is? There was only one person above the deputy leader – the leader!

“That’s okay. Go back to work. I’ll be careful.” Waving off the waiter, Bai Xiaofei’s eyes drifted upstairs.

Jackdaw Mercenary Group, huh? If I remember correctly, their leader is called Jackdaw!

His eyes flashing with a strange glint, Bai Xiaofei reached out and touched Huskie, who was crazily munching on some Ice Pears…

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