Chapter 62 Lin Li’s Origins!

A short moment later, the Earth Dire Bear fled to the bank of the river, and the moment it had slowed down, Xu Chen walked out with Duan Yiyi and Zhu Nuo.



Two beams of light flew from Duan Yiyi’s and Zhu Nuo’s puppets and shot directly into Xu Chen’s body and weapon.

The Earth Dire Bear was still in a state of shock when the fiery red sword in Xu Chen’s hand pierced into its heart. Its dying slap was completely offset by the guard on Xu Chen’s body.

“It’s done. Let’s call it a day!” Xu Chen revealed a light smile, extremely satisfied with her work.

The reason Bai Xiaofei had placed the three of them here was precisely because of the synergy their puppets had with each other.

Xu Chen’s Crimsonflame Sword carried the effect of explosion and penetration, and the first puppet of Zhu Nuo, who was of the Healing Stream, was the Bell of Guardians. Her puppet could place a layer of protective guard on a specified person to offset an attack that didn’t exceed the limits of its endurance. Additionally, the first puppet of Duan Yiyi, who was of the Support Stream, was the Rod of Strengthening. It was capable of attaching the effect of sharpness, speed, or weight onto a specified target.

Simply speaking, when the three of them were together, Xu Chen could be used like a Wang Hang that wasn’t afraid of death, and her lethality was even greater than Wang Hang’s!

After they killed the two Earth Dire Bears, the boys played the role of laborers once more and carried the corpses of the Earth Dire Bears back to the campsite.

Meanwhile, Xue Ying had already made a fire and was waiting to have some bear paws…

“We’ll officially return to the academy tomorrow, and I believe that the latest Qin Lingyan will come looking for trouble will be the day after tomorrow. I hope all of you are prepared.” Xue Ying’s satisfaction was already shown on her face, and the tone in which she spoke to all of them had completely lost its previous sternness.

During the past month, Xue Ying had taught everything she could to the sixteen of them, and the effects of the training, which should have been done in three months but was instead compressed into a single month, hadn’t disappointed her.

“Don’t worry, Big Sister Xue. They’re only a few Master Rank opponents, and we won’t lose too badly.” Xing Nan laughed slyly. His friendly nature had been released, and this past month could be said to be rather delightful to him. The time he suffered torture was greatly reduced because he didn’t always have to be alone with Zhu Sisi.

“Brother Xing, what you said is wrong, I don’t think we’ll lose.” As he bit into the bear paw meat, Shu Kui expressed his objection. His muscles had grown stronger over the past month, and they looked as if they were carved from stone.

One of the outcomes of the month-long training was that all their constitutions had attained an abnormal level. Even if they didn’t utilize puppets, all of them were confident in completely crushing a Mastery Rank puppet master in a one-on-one battle.

Xue Ying’s initial vision had completely become reality!

Moreover, it wasn’t just their constitutions that had changed. Most of the members of the Savage Class had been at the Apprentice Rank before they had entered the Infinite Mountain Range, but now, all of them had attained the Mastery Rank!

Among all of them, the person who had improved the most in terms of origin energy was Mo Ka. Even though he was similarly at the Mastery Rank, the abundance of origin energy currently in his body wasn’t the least bit inferior to Wu Chi’s, who possessed the Heavenly Origin Physique!

After all, he had boiled water for an entire month!!!

“Exactly. You quitter, all you know is to lose. Just you wait, I’ll seal up your stinking mouth when we get back!” Zhu Sisi took a large stride and arrived at Xing Nan’s side. She then pulled his ears a few times. But, in the eyes of everyone else, this was more like an explosive attack on singles…

As the group joked about, Xu Chen suddenly asked an important question, “Are we going to let Lin Li join this time?” 

Everyone stopped talking for a moment then looked at either Bai Xiaofei or Xue Ying because only the two of them could make this decision.

The reason Xu Chen had asked this question was because of the distinctive nature of Lin Li’s puppet!

The Divine Phoenix Feather Dress...practically everyone on the continent knew this puppet’s name. Its true grade shouldn’t be the gold grade, and it shouldn’t have appeared in the possession of a Master Rank puppet master like Lin Li.

Its true owner was one of the continent’s three Legend Rank experts, the Angelic Maiden Lin Nishang!

It was also during the first time Lin Li had utilized her puppet that all of them had discovered the relationship between her and Lin Nishang: they were mother and daughter!

This allowed everyone to understand why Lin Li was so extraordinary.

Lin Nishang was known as the number one beauty on the continent, and there had been countless experts who had given up everything they had just to meet her once!

After Lin Li’s stumbling explanation, everyone had finally found out the origins of her puppet.

A copy!

The owners of inanimate puppets at the violetgold grade or above could consume a portion of their puppet’s core to create a copy that possessed a similar ability as it. But the damage to one’s puppet was very great when utilizing this technique, and there were very few people who would give benefit to another at their own expense.

But, as Lin Nishang’s daughter, her safety was naturally more important than a violetgold-grade puppet. If Lin Li utilized her puppet, however, she would surely be recognized. At that time, a mess of problems would arise.

Most importantly, if Lin Li concealed her puppet, she would become a strong trump card for the Savage Class during the New Student Competition!

“Don’t worry, they won’t spread the news if we win.” The person who spoke was Bai Xiaofei, and his voice was filled with confidence.

“How could that be possible? Wouldn’t a normal person look for a reason? Isn’t Lin Li quite a difficult reason for them to come by?” Xu Chen just happened to have thoughts that were opposite Bai Xiaofei’s. As far as she was concerned, Lin Li would absolutely stir the entire academy unless she didn’t make a move.

This was because she was the daughter of Lin Nishang!!!

“That would depend on how badly they are beaten. If we beat them to the point they feel fear from just mentioning it, do you think they would go around spreading it?” 

As they all looked at the familiar smile on Bai Xiaofei’s face, they couldn’t help but gulp down a mouthful of saliva. When Bai Xiaofei revealed this expression, it meant he was about to do something major that would shake the universe and cause the gods to weep. They mourned in silence for the seniors who were about to be their opponents…

Now no one can save all of you!

“Let’s discuss all this when we get back. Can’t we talk about something nice during our final meal together here!?” Xue Ying was tired of listening and spoke abruptly to interrupt their discussion. She had successfully finished her job and just wanted to properly enjoy her remaining two months of having no work to do.

In other words, Xue Ying wanted to enjoy herself…

“Right, didn’t Wu Chi say he would dance if we’re able to kill those two Earth Dire Bears? I still remember his words!!!” Desiring to stir up trouble, Mo Ka mentioned a bet that everyone had almost forgotten.

Wu Chi flushed red from embarrassment and for a time became the center of attention.

He shot a resentful gaze at Bai Xiaofei and wished for nothing more than to find a hole in the ground to hide in. He had been seduced by Bai Xiaofei’s Starnet Stones the day he had made the bet.

The nearby Huskie barked at Wu Chi with extreme sympathy because together they were a dog and a man who had fallen to the same misfortune…

“Yes, it’s time to prepare some water to wash our eyes!” Adding insult to injury had always been one of Bai Xiaofei’s favorites…


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