Chapter 638: Spectacular Debut!

Chapter 638: Spectacular Debut!

As Bai Xiaofei provoked Zheng Gong on the high platform, An Yue below had gotten into a combat stance facing the thirty guards.

1 vs 30! The audience already felt a boiling passion rushing through their blood. If An Yue really took down all 30 guards, he would a hundred percent be number one!

Under the complete focus of everyone in the area, the fight started. Unlike everyone’s imagination, An Yue neither waited for the guards to come for him nor flash a second puppet like An Ye. He simply rushed straight at the guard captain!

To take down a cavalry, shoot down their horse. To destroy an army, capture their commander. No matter how many people one fought, it was never wrong to handle their leader first.

An Yue carved everything Bai Xiaofei had taught him into his heart, and now was the time for real practice. In just two breaths, he approached the captain with an instant burst of speed that startled all of the guards.

Is he really a puppet master and not a martial artist?!

Despite their surprise, however, the guards still reacted quickly. The captain took a defensive posture. At the same time, several guards nearby rushed up.

Seeing this, An Yue revealed a faint smile. It’s exactly like what Teacher said!

He suddenly tripped right in front of the captain with his head tipping toward the latter’s body. Facing this sudden turn, the captain, despite his extensive experience, couldn’t help but be flustered.

Meanwhile, An Yue, who had slipped toward the captain’s feet, suddenly pressed his hands on the ground before shooting upward straight with his feet together as they aimed straight to the captain’s head.

The captain’s eyes widened at the incoming crisis. He bent backward at the knees in an iron bridge posture. An Yue’s seemingly sure-hit missed and he flew over the captain.

“Heavy Mountain!” An Yue didn’t even falter. He instantly launched his puppet skill in midair. Heavy Mountain was a very common defensive skill that enhanced the user’s weight and defense, but now An Yue used it to attack!

The sudden weight gain on An Yue’s body armor was like a big hand pressing on him, dropping him down mid-flight. And below was the captain who was still bending backward…

With a muffled “bang,” An Yue’s fist heavily struck the captain’s body. The weight enhanced by the energy of the peak-grade Proficient Rank puppet master was definitely not something that a Martial Artist Rank could withstand. In just one blow, An Yue successfully achieved his goal of taking down the leader!


“Beautifully done!”


Cheers and chants instantly resounded for An Yue’s series of well-executed attacks, but he wasn’t affected. After handling the captain, he welcomed the two fast approaching guards…

Meanwhile, on the high platform, Zheng Gong and Zhi Daoyuan stared in a stupor.

Such fine melee ability was cultivated in one just month?! Moreover, he seems to have reached the peak of the Proficient Rank! Is such huge progress in just one month possible?!

Thoughts of unwillingness to believe filling their minds, their eyes couldn’t help but drift to Bai Xiaofei, who was eating and drinking to his heart’s content. The two instinctively gulped. Is this Starnet’s ability?!

On the other hand, An Bang Ting was smiling ear to ear. The more powerful An Yue was, the happier he would be. This was a father’s pride.

“What is this?! He should attack the one on the left first, then do a kick to the ribs!”

“The ribs! Ribs!”

“That’s right, yeah! Now that’s the right way!”

Bai Xiaofei shouted as he munched without any scruples for his image. An Yue was suppressing thirty guards but that still didn’t seem to satisfy him.

In fact, despite going against thirty, An Yue had to face no more than six people at the same time. Once this number was exceeded, the guards would entangle themselves, while An Yue’s full-body armor gave him a wide tolerance for mistakes.

On top of that, the captain being insta-defeated flustered the guards. As long as An Yue pulled through their initial counterattack, his situation would become extraordinarily relaxed.

This was not a life-and-death duel. No one would fight with their life. An Yue’s performance shook the guards, while the latter already had to take his identity into account. Under the influence of various psychological factors, it was only a matter of time before An Yue took them all down.

Sure enough, when the light on An Yue’s armor faded, there was only one guard still standing on the field.

However, An Yue looked almost exhausted while his opponent was in a great state.

“No going easy! A hefty reward for defeating the Sixth Prince!” Shockingly, An Bang Ting suddenly stood up and added pressure to the already unbalanced scale.

The last guard clenched his teeth and fists, his eyes staring tightly at An Yue. After measuring the gap between An Yue’s panting, he charged forth!

Yet, An Yue showed no panic. His lips even curled up.

‘Remember, before the last enemy falls, you must reserve a portion of your energy, but do not let it show. As your spare capacity should only be enough for a counterattack, if you can’t end the battle in one blow, you’re defeated!’

Bai Xiaofei’s words echoed in An Yue’s mind again. When the guard approached, his dim armor suddenly glowed brighter!


All the remaining energy surged out in a final armor disintegration. The scattered parts shot at the guard. At the same time, an ‘exhausted’ An Yue suddenly shot forward, performing an elbow to the guard’s chest followed by a right hook to his chin.

Flying back in a big arc, the last guard fell heavily to the ground with a thud. Standing alone on the stage was An Yue!

The audience instantly sprang to their feet with thunderous applause. Everyone looked as if they were on fire.

“Sixth Prince!”

“Sixth Prince!”

“Sixth Prince!”

Some pre-arranged pawns by Bai Xiaofei chanted, and An Yue’s title echoed in the whole square. This public recognition built a perfect first impression for him.

Previously, very few knew what the Sixth Prince was like, but after today, everyone would hear of the brave warrior prince, who by himself, defeated thirty people!

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