Chapter 632: Those Who Don’t Seek Death wouldn’t Have to Die!

Chapter 632: Those Who Don’t Seek Death wouldn’t Have to Die!

“This is strange, why are there only two?!” the underling couldn’t help exclaiming after sneaking his way to the bed.

The boss turned back and shot him a glare. “Check if they are the right people that the buyer wants. One less is no big deal, we’d just take a little less money.”

The boss knew how extremely important being careful was. With the reputation of Starnet Academy, he would never have agreed to take this risk if it weren’t that the buyer offered a price so high that he couldn’t refuse. Therefore, he wouldn’t do such a thing as finding the third person who no one knew where.

“They’re identical!” said the underling in delight after checking two people lying unconscious in bed with the moonlight.

“Take them,” ordered the boss.

The underling and the other person skillfully lifted the two people on the bed. Less than a minute later, the three were outside the inn.

“Tell our brothers to withdraw!”

After getting the signal from the underling, a group of men in black quickly retreated from their positions. They didn’t gather with the boss right away but kept a certain distance while sneaking to a corner in Tranquil City.

Their proficiency was no joke. Carrying two deadweights didn’t affect their speed at all and they were even getting quicker upon approaching the destination. Soon, they arrived at an unremarkable and tattered house. After making sure no one had followed, the group snuck the house one by one.

They didn’t stop after entering but continued into a hidden tunnel in which they spent nearly half an hour. When they finally stopped, they were in a brightly lit underground room.

And connected to this room were five more tunnels!

Besides the amazing structure of this underground room, the identity of the person sitting properly and drinking tea in it was also quite interesting. Someone Bai Xiaofei was definitely familiar with –

Liu Rushi.

After catching that striking glimpse of the triplets, Liu Rushi couldn’t calm down at all after returning to his place. All he could think about was their flawless appearances.

Finally, taken over by his desire, Liu Rushi chose to risk it. Through An Ming’s connections, he found the biggest human trafficker group in Tranquil City and paid a huge sum of money to achieve everything that had happened tonight.

Liu Rushi took the chance that Bai Xiaofei wouldn’t have expected someone would act so soon. Now, it seemed that he won the bet!

“Why are there only two?!” Liu Rushi’s delight upon hearing the footsteps became discontent upon seeing that only two people were brought back.

“If you are dissatisfied, we can send these two back and then you can do it yourself.”

The boss had no intention to pamper Liu Rushi. While they were indeed buyer and seller, sometimes the seller side didn’t have to be the weaker one; for example, when the buyer was dead set for the ‘goods’ in hand.

Choked by the boss, Liu Rushi’s face instantly turned blue, but he couldn’t utter a word after half a day. He knew this guy was capable of doing what he said.

“Then it won’t be the agreed price. Deduct at least half!” Liu Rushi finally said.

The boss was straightforward to agree. “Xiao Du.”

His underling immediately understood and carried the two people to Liu Rushi.

As his long-awaited prize was placed in front of him, Liu Rushi’s heart thumped. However, when he looked closely, the joy on his face instantly turned into fright.

“Die, you trash!”

A cold snort sounded. Bai Xiaofei, who had dropped his camouflage, entered the Spiritualization state, his right hand turned into the purple luan’s golden claw and pierced Liu Rushi’s abdomen before the latter could react.

Bai Xiaofei could have killed him with one blow, but he didn’t want to let Liu Rushi die an easy death!

At the same time, A’Tao, who had also changed back to his own appearance, broke the neck of the underling while he was still in shock.

“Where are you running to?”

The boss was the quickest to react as he rushed towards the tunnel where they had come in from. Unfortunately, he couldn’t outrun Bai Xiaofei. After all, few people could be faster than him when he was fused with Purple Luan. At least no one at the same rank could.

From Bai Xiaofei deactivating his illusion and entering the Spiritualization state, to him slaughtering the whole group of traffickers except the boss and Liu Rushi, only a minute had passed, and this was already with him saying some useless words to sound cool.

“I’ve heard about ‘letting sexual urges take over the brains’ before, but I didn’t expect to be so lucky to meet such a person today, and also a Grandmaster Rank at that. What an eye-opener,” Bai Xiaofei mocked as his dagger slit Liu Rushi’s hand tendon. Hearing the latter’s painful howl, he laughed coldly.

“You chose a good place. No matter how loud you are, no one will hear,” Bai Xiaofei’s voice was soft, but it sounded like a devil’s whisper to Liu Rushi and the boss.

“You cannot kill me! I am an Honorable Guest Member of the Violetgold Merchant House! If you kill me, the Violethorn Empire will find you! Let me go, I promise I’ll scram…” Liu Rushi fired like a machine gun. Before he could finish, however, A’Tao shut him with a punch.

“Master didn’t let you speak.” A’Tao sounded even colder than Bai Xiaofei, and his look wasn’t one that a child should have.

However, Liu Rushi noticed something even more outrageous – A’Tao’s strength.

How is this the strength of a child?!

“I have no intention to hear what he wants to say. Don’t let him make any noise.” Bai Xiaofei shot over a glance.

His words made Liu Rushi stare wide in shock, while A’Tao immediately acted. He crushed the table nearby then shoved the pieces of wood into Liu Rushi’s mouth one by one. This process of shutting Liu Rushi was so long and painful-looking that the boss sitting next to him started to sweat profusely.

Bai Xiaofei really couldn’t imagine what would happen if he didn’t suffer from insomnia this evening, or if Blackie hadn’t reminded him in advance, or if he had failed to recognize the smell of the Soul Stealing Grass.

Thinking this, he just wanted to make Liu Rushi suffer ten thousand painful deaths!

“I’m in a very bad mood right now, so you’d better answer truthfully whatever I ask!” said Bai Xiaofei as he looked coldly at the boss, demanding an immediate response.

The boss instantly nodded like a chicken pecking rice…

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