Chapter 631: Soul Stealing Incense!

Chapter 631: Soul Stealing Incense!

“Do you think he was telling the truth?” asked Leng Liuli as she looked solemnly at Bai Xiaofei after he told the three sisters An Bang Ting’s story.

“At least I can’t find any flaws with it yet. I couldn’t see that he was lying at all.” Bai Xiaofei frowned. Despite finding no flaws, he still felt that something was wrong but he couldn’t quite put his finger on it.

“Where do you think the problem lies?” asked Leng Liuli.

Bai Xiaofei contemplated for a while.

“I don’t know, I just find it a little unexpected,” he finally replied. “He was too enthusiastic, as if he’d already anticipated that moment and deliberately made preparations. That kind of impeccable answer simply sounded too rehearsed.”

“I know! If something feels abnormal, there’s definitely a problem behind!” Leng Liuying chimed in.

For once, Bai Xiaofei expressed approval.

“In any case, we are already involved. Let’s just go with the flow. I think there won’t be a problem as long as we are careful.”

Bai Xiaofei was rarely this unsure. For the first time, the triplets realized how nervous they were when he was like this.

“Why don’t we… do something about it?” Leng Liuying weakly suggested. This meek manner could compare to Leng Liushuang.

“There’s nothing we can do. It is futile to do anything before we find a clear direction.” Bai Xiaofei sent Leng Liuying a pondering smile. “What’s wrong? My fearless Big Sis Liuying is actually afraid now?”

At his teasing, Leng Liuying instantly jumped up.

“No way! I don’t even know how to write the word fear! I’m just afraid that you annoying perv will be tricked!” Finishing with a cold snort, she fled the room, or else she’d lose the fight at this rate.

“The one-month deadline is soon. No matter what, let’s just leave as soon as possible.” Leng Liuli was much calmer and set a firm goal.

“Everything’s gonna be fine. You guys should also go rest.” Bai Xiaofei smiled

Watching the two sisters leaving, he became lost in thought. Sometimes, there are matters that’s easier said than done.

“Don’t worry, Master. No matter what happens, A’Tao will be by your side and protect you!” The silent A’Tao suddenly spoke.

Feeling a warmth wrapping his heart, Bai Xiaofei stroked the boy’s head. “Silly boy, I am your master, how can I make you protect me? How have you adapted recently?” he steered Ah Tao’s attention to another subject.

After buying the Violet Heartbarrier-Breaker Pill from the Adventurer Union, Bai Xiaofei hadn’t used it on himself as the triplets had thought but gave it to A’Tao. Even the knuckles from Xiao Yao had become the boy’s weapon. Towards this sudden disciple, Bai Xiaofei was really very attentive.

And A’Tao, who had been struggling to reach the Martial Warrior Rank before, had taken a leap after using the pill. He directly jumped into the Martial Master Rank, and recently his training had been in order to adapt to this leapfrogged progress.

Just as Bai Xiaofei had said, if A’Tao couldn’t adapt well, then the Violet Heartbarrier-Breaker Pill might become his burden instead.

“Overall there is no problem. Even if I fully mobilize my physical power, I can still manage. But I still can’t wield it at the micro degree yet. Once I add the boost from Swallowing the Heaven and Earth, it’ll spin out of control,” A’Tao reported. His head lowered as he finished his report.

“That’s already very good. It’s only been so long. According to my plan, it should have taken you longer to reach this level. At this rate, you should be completely stabilized when we leave Tranquil. And then you will be able to assist me.” With a smile, Bai Xiaofei set a new goal for A’Tao.

After A’Tao learned that his sister had died, Bai Xiaofei became his only support. Bai Xiaofei’s existence and words were the driving force for his efforts. Therefore, when he heard that he could finally be of use to his master, A’Tao was thrilled.

“Master, you rest assured! A’Tao will not let you down!” Jumping in joy, A’Tao then ran out. “Master, you rest. I’ll run a lap around the city!”

With that, the boy disappeared out the doorway, not giving Bai Xiaofei a chance to say anything.

Shaking his head with a wry smile, Bai Xiaofei lay down on the bed with a load on his heart. Ah, tonight may be another sleepless one…


“How is it?”

“All done!”

Deep into the night, two figures dressed in dark clothes squatted outside the inn wall where Bai Xiaofei’s group was staying. Meanwhile, four lookouts around them were nervously watching the surroundings.

“Is that waiter handled?” the first speaker asked.

“Boss, aren’t you assured about my work? I threw the body into the river. There’ll be absolutely no evidence!” answered the other with a grin.

Hearing this, the so-called boss heaved a long sigh of relief.

“Our targets are students of Starnet. Tell our brothers that if they are seen, the witness must be killed no matter who they are!” the boss instructed.

His underling agreed then said, “Boss, you are too careful. Your specially made Soul Stealing Incense has been lit for almost two hours. Not to mention humans, even magical beasts would be dead asleep. No one will see us.”

The underling’s flattery earned a knuckle to his forehead.

“You don’t know fart! I’ve been able to survive for so many years, not due to the Soul Stealing Incense, but cautiousness!”

After giving the underling a lesson, the boss tightened the protective mask on his face.


Dropping this order, the boss himself reached the third floor of the inn in several jumps. At the same time, the underling made a secret signal and had two of the four guards follow him into the inn as well.

After the four snuck inside, a faint scent penetrated their nostrils, but thanks to their preparations, they were not affected.

With the exception of their footsteps so faint that they were negligible, the whole inn was as quiet as a tomb. There wasn’t even a snore.

The four quickly found the targeted room. One stayed at the door to keep watch while the remaining three people easily disabled the lock and went in.

In this room were the Leng sisters!

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