Chapter 63 Do You Know How The Word Death Is Written?

After they spent their last night in the Infinite Mountain Range, Bai Xiaofei had a rare moment of waking up early the next morning, and the others had already woken much earlier because today was bound to be an extraordinary day for the Savage Class!

“I was terrified to death when we had arrived here, but I never expected I would be unwilling to leave now,” Mo Ka muttered. What he said just happened to be the common thought of everyone, but everyone was unwilling to leave for a different reason…

“What’s the problem? So long as you miss it and are unafraid of death, you can sneak out and come here to reminisce. But with your strength, I think you can forget it.” Qi Wei poured down a bucket of cold water. Over the past month, they had all become exceedingly familiar with each other, and with it, the nature of some people was exposed.

For example, Qi Wei was a mean busybody…

“Then let’s forget it.” Mo Ka smiled awkwardly and didn’t take Qi Wei’s words too seriously because if he had, he would have lost…

“Stop reminiscing.” Xue Ying interrupted everyone’s sighs of emotion and urged them on. “It’s time to go back. The leave I had applied for only covers until the second class today. At that time, I wouldn’t be able to take it if you all make the teacher wait for too long and he makes a complaint to the principal.” 

The new-student classes were usually full under normal circumstances, and the current circumstance of the Savage Class was an exception that rarely happened in the history of Starnet Academy.

“Let’s go, let’s go. There are still great things to do once we return.” Under the combined urging of Bai Xiaofei and Xue Ying, all of them finally finished their episode of “chicken soup for the soul” and dashed madly towards Starnet Academy.

It was different from last time: not a single one of them was slow!

Falling behind? That was nonexistent!

In less than thirty minutes, all of them could see the entrance to Starnet Academy. Even though they had returned every single day in the afternoon to train their bodies, the feeling this time was completely different.

“Can we be considered to have returned home!?” Xing Nan spoke with extreme excitement, and everyone’s faces were covered in excitement.

“Not yet. Only after we possess fame and prestige would this place be considered our home, a home where we will be free!” Bai Xiaofei’s heroic words weren’t said as a joke. Even though the natural talent of the Savage Class’s members was limited, he believed that so long as the sixteen of them were together, nothing would be a problem!

“Stop right there! What are all of you doing here!? Don’t you know the academy prohibits leaving without permission? All of you actually dared to come so openly through the front entrance? You have all disobeyed the academy’s rules!”

They had just approached the entrance when a senior guarding the entrance stopped Bai Xiaofei and the others. Because the people guarding the entrance weren’t fixed, Bai Xiaofei and the others were questioned almost every time.

But it was the first time such a crime had been directly announced the moment they had arrived!

“We’re returning from carrying out an assignment.” Bai Xiaofei withdrew a bag from his spatial ring and passed it over to the senior as he spoke. Within the bag were the claws left behind by the two Earth Dire Bears, and there was nothing more convincing than this.

“Earth…Earth Dire Bears?!” Luckily, the senior was capable of telling things apart and instantly recognized what it was. But of course, the senior was only able to instantly recognize the claws thanks to the assignment that had been on the Starnet Ranking for an entire month.

As he raised his head to look at Bai Xiaofei and the others, a strange expression appeared on the senior’s face.

It’s actually the Earth Dire Bears. No wonder my right eyelid was f*cking twitching today: I had actually caught such a lucky break today. They’re only a group of new students. Just watch how I deal with them!

The senior thought this in his heart as his expression went grim.

“How could a group of new students like you possibly complete the assignment related to the Earth Dire Bears? Tell me, where did you all get these claws!!!” As he spoke, the senior actually put away the bag in his own storage belt, and his stern expression carried the intention of questioning all of them.

When Wu Chi and the others saw the bag being stowed away, their first thoughts were to charge over and seize it back, but Bai Xiaofei stopped them.

“Senior, we did indeed catch a lucky break. But the assignment on the Starnet Ranking never said that we must kill the Earth Dire Bears. It only required the Earth Dire Bears’ claws, and we’ve brought them back. It’s that simple.” Bai Xiaofei smiled and didn’t argue about the truth related to killing the Earth Dire Bears, but after he finished speaking, Bai Xiaofei’s expression instantly sank. “But senior, you’ve taken our things now, so how should I comprehend this action?”

The change in his voice was like a signal that caused the members of the Savage Class to instantly focus on the senior. Only Xue Ying, who wasn’t wearing the cape of a teacher, was watching the show in a carefree manner.

“How you should comprehend it!? You actually have the face to ask such a question?! It’s only natural that the claws should be possessed by someone who should have them. There’s no need to think about it; you had surely stolen them. After all, stealing assignment related objects from another is a great taboo in Starnet Academy. All of you better follow me obediently to the Student Council! Otherwise, don’t blame me for showing no mercy!” As he accused them of another crime, the senior revealed his puppet, and the five people guarding the entrance with him entered a state of vigilance.

There would always be a leader among the people standing guard at the entrance, and it was usually the person who was the first to speak. The senior’s intentions were therefore the intentions of everyone. After all, everyone would later get a share of the spoils!

“Senior, can I ask you a question? I’ll surrender myself obediently if you’re able to answer it.” Bai Xiaofei placed his right hand behind his back as he spoke and secretly made a few signals with his hand.

“Hmph! Stinking kid, don’t you dream of playing tricks with me, Wang Mu! You’ll avoid a little bit of suffering if you’re obedient!” Wang Mu spoke his name with the hope it would be of some use. After all, he could be considered to be someone with fame and prestige among the first-year students in the Eye of Hawks.

“No, no. How could I dare play tricks? I just want to ask senior if…” Bai Xiaofei revealed a smile as he moved imperceptibly towards Wang Mu. He had aroused Wang Mu’s curiosity, causing Wang Mu to listen carefully to his gradually softening voice.

“Do you know how the word death is written?!” Bai Xiaofei abruptly roared, and his tightly clenched fist, covered in origin energy, swung and heavily struck Wang Mu’s chin.

Without the slightest suspense, Wang Mu was directly blasted up…

Bai Xiaofei’s attack had sounded the horns of attack, and the remaining fifteen of them instantly pounced forward like a group of wolves…

The pitiable seniors were still in a state of shock when iron fists more ruthless than Bai Xiaofei’s smashed into their bodies. Moreover, there wasn’t just one fist…

From the beginning to the end, less than five seconds had passed by the time the six seniors were unable to stand up from the ground. Such a method of battle was absolutely not present in Starnet Academy’s textbooks, and the six of them could be considered to be the first round of test subjects…

“What do we do next?” Xu Chen walked over to Bai Xiaofei’s side and asked. She didn’t seem to have any intention of being afraid.

Starnet Academy’s system of freedom was quite useless at this moment.

“We’ll naturally wait for them to wake up. They had seized a few thousand of my Starnet Stones and a pile of high-grade materials. How can we leave without getting them back?” Bai Xiaofei spoke as if there really was such a matter, and if Wang Mu was still awake, he would have definitely spewed a mouthful of blood from his mouth…

This was a f*cking case of a thief meeting the ancestor of bandits!!!


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