Chapter 61 Fierce Battle Against The Earth Dire Bears!

As Zhu Sisi and Qi Wei swiftly approached, the other Earth Dire Bear realized that its companion had fallen into danger, and it forcefully endured its pain, intending to stop the two.

The Ming brothers had just withdrawn, but they immediately turned around. Their shields instantly lay before the second Earth Dire Bear and forcefully obstructed it.

A battle between experts didn’t allow for the slightest error!

Relying on the safe environment created by Ming One and Ming Two, Zhu Sisi and Qi Wei successfully attained their objective, their heavy blows smashing into the Earth Dire Bear’s joints, causing its mountain-sized body to lose balance and fall to the ground on its back!

After obtaining success, Zhu Sisi and Qi Wei instantly withdrew, but it wasn’t the end because the Earth Dire Bear falling to the ground was only an opportunity. The main event was Wang Hang!

He was running madly towards Wu Chi, and the instant they met, Wang Hang stepped onto Wu Chi’s overlapping hands and was launched into the air by Wu Chi’s full-forced toss!

“Spiral Assassination!” Relying on the downward force of his descent, Wang Hang resolutely activated his strongest attack and aimed for the very spot on the Earth Dire Bear’s chest where Fang Ye and Xing Nan had blasted open its defenses!

Both the Earth Dire Bears noticed him, but the one on the ground didn’t have time to dodge. It could only cover its body with a yellow glow.

The Earth Dire Bear that was unable to break through Ming One and Ming Two’s obstruction let out a furious howl as a trace of resolution flashed within its eyes!

“It’s going to try to bring both of you down with it! Face your shields downward!!!” Bai Xiaofei roared, and Ming One and Ming One resolutely split their shields apart and placed them beneath their feet. The next second, earthen spikes tore through the ground and blasted them into the sky. The standing Earth Dire Bear seized this opportunity to give them each a slap, but fortunately, their reactions were swift enough, and they utilized their shields to protect themselves.

Despite this, the Earth Dire Bear’s strike of fury wasn’t a joke. The slaps blasted the pair to more than twenty meters away, and they rolled an entire seven or eight rounds after hitting the ground.

“We’re fine!”

“All of you continue!”

Ming One and Ming Two still made their status clear at the first possible moment despite the taste of blood filling their mouths. But they could only dream of participating for the remainder of the battle.

Currently, the Earth Dire Bear that had finally broken through the line of defense was dashing madly towards Wang Han as he was descending from midair, wanting to slap him flying like it did to the Ming brothers.

But, right at this moment, Fang Ye’s puppet once again launched an attack. The bullets of his heavy rifle puppet carried enormous kinetic energy as they forcefully stopped the bear in its tracks and forced it back.

The next second, Wang Hang, who was spinning at high speeds, struck the Earth Dire Bear that had fallen to the ground with extreme accuracy. The earthen yellow glow merely sustained itself for less than half a second before shattering.

An assassin was always the nightmare of those weak and heavily injured!

As a deafening, shrill cry resounded, the Earth Dire Bear that had almost been pierced through raised its bear paw and slapped Wang Hang flying before he could withdraw in time.

The strength of this strike, however, was far inferior to the strike the Ming brothers had suffered, and Wang Hang readjusted himself in midair before flawlessly doing a backflip and descending safely to the ground.

After a short moment, the Earth Dire Bear nearing the end of its life struggled to crawl up, and it roared at its companion. They then stared at Bai Xiaofei in unison.

Bai Xiaofei seemed to have expected this scene since the beginning, and not only did he not move aside, he made a light taunting gesture with his finger towards them.


Sometimes, possessing intelligence might not be a good thing. Barbaric Rank magical beasts relied on their instinct to react, but once a magical beast possessed intelligence, provoking them would lead to interesting reactions.

This was because you wouldn’t know if the person who made the provocation wanted you to come over or didn’t want you to come over! But, at this moment, the Earth Dire Bears firmed their resolution to kill Bai Xiaofei! So, Bai Xiaofei’s provocation at this moment had undoubtedly strengthened their thoughts even more!

As an earthen yellow glow covered their bodies, the two Earth Dire Bears charged swiftly towards Bai Xiaofei with heavy footsteps. Their terrifying speed was actually faster than when the members of Bai Xiaofei’s group had charged!

But the instant the two Earth Dire Bears started moving, both Xing Nan and Fang Ye launched their attacks, causing origin energy arrows and bullets to strike the same Earth Dire Bear one after the other. This time, they had hit the Earth Dire Bear that wasn’t injured.

“Both of you have come to the wrong place!” The moment the two Earth Dire Bears were about to bring Bai Xiaofei into their radius of attack, the enormous medicinal cauldron no one had paid attention to shook slightly in the air, causing large, numerous streams of river water to pour down. 

Lin Li stood beneath the medicinal cauldron and was putting forth the tremendous effort of lifting it. She was wearing luxurious clothes that seemed like those of an empress.

Gold-grade puppet, Divine Phoenix Feather Dress!

Its effect? Control!

The puppet was capable of controlling a single attribute of choice in its surroundings and transform it into an extension of one’s self. Its might was decided by distance and the amount of origin energy put forth!

With Lin Li’s current origin energy at the Master Rank, it was more than enough for her to move a medicinal cauldron filled to the brim with water.

The river water pouring down created a certain level of obstruction, but it wasn’t everything that Bai Xiaofei had prepared. The person that came onto the stage next was Chen Hui!

“Snowfreeze Pearl!” Ice energy stretched out, causing both the river water pouring from the medicinal cauldron and the water beneath the Earth Dire Bears’ legs to freeze into a layer of ice.

Currently, Chen Hui wasn’t the newbie who could only freeze an expanse of river water for five seconds. After the tempering of an entire month, he had advanced to the Proficient Rank, and so long as he didn’t undo it, this river water would forever remain as ice!

But Bai Xiaofei didn’t need it to be frozen for that long – merely an instant was long enough!

The friction of ice couldn’t be compared to the ground, causing the two charging Earth Dire Bears to fall onto the ground successively. They were like two mountains that had fallen before Bai Xiaofei.

“Shi Kui!” It was the final card up Bai Xiaofei’s sleeve. Shi Kui had hidden near Bai Xiaofei, and he immediately leapt out. Puppetsmiths were more or less like Alchemists, and their first puppets were similarly the fellow they used to make a living, a hammer!

But, unlike Alchemist cauldrons, hammers could be used as weapons!

Under the effect of origin energy, the hammer instantly enlarged before immediately smashing down on the heavily injured Earth Dire Bear’s head…

This time, the Earth Dire Bear was unable to stand up. It had already been relying on its last breath, and being able to persist until now was its limit.

When the other Earth Dire Bear finally stood up, Wu Chi, Wang Hang, and the others had already made an encirclement and were about to charge forward.

Carrying a trace of grief in its eyes, the last remaining Earth Dire Bear roared furiously, and the remaining energy within its entire body erupted, causing circles of earthen spikes to spread out with it as the center, directly forcing everyone back.

By the time everyone encircled the magical beast again, it had dashed towards the one and only opening.

The Earth Dire Bear could flee, but it was impossible for it to flee in one piece. Fang Ye and Xing Nan once again launched attacks and directly struck the Earth Dire Bear’s back and split open its flesh.

“It’s over.” As he looked in the direction the Earth Dire Bear had fled, Bai Xiaofei revealed a grin of victory.


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