Chapter 627: Fog Once Again!

Chapter 627: Fog Once Again!

“From what I’ve investigated, there are quite a few suspicious things about that Tranquil emperor.” Xiao Yao began to seriously pour out everything he had. “First of all, he claims to have an incurable disease, but I saw him acting normal when he was alone. Those times were rare, but I was lucky to catch him doing that several times. Secondly, the emperor has always been known to have very high prestige in Tranquil. It’s too abnormal for the people to make a fuss at the city gates to make trouble. Finally, the two Teachers of the Nation didn’t come from another place. They were originally from Tranquil, only that they had traveled outside for a long time. As for why they were arrested though, I have no idea.”

Xiao Yao quietly looked at Bai Xiaofei after finishing. Meanwhile, a storm was sweeping through the latter’s heart.

What the hell is with this Tranquil?! Is everything I’ve seen so far fake?!

But, how is that even possible? It can’t be that the whole country teamed up to trick me?! I’m just a passer-by, okay? Is it necessary to go to such lengths to target me?

Wait, I came here unplanned. There should be no possibility of being targeted!

Bai Xiaofei racked his brain so hard that it felt like exploding, but he still couldn’t make heads or tails of it.

Xiao Yao’s information could be said to have pushed him back down the cliff he tried so hard to climb up. He thought he had everything figured out, but now he felt like an idiot.

However, despite the many inexplicable matters, at least An Bang Ting’s performance at the square didn’t look staged at all. If it was, then that fellow was too perverse!

“Hey, hey! Is my information useful to you or not?! Just give me an answer, I am still waiting!” Xiao Yao grew impatient after watching an unresponsive Bai Xiaofei for a long time.

Bai Xiaofei icily gazed at him.

“You’re not lying to me, right?”

In the face of Bai Xiaofei’s doubt, Xiao Yao exploded like a cat being pulled by its tail.

“I warn you, do not slander me! I am a man who values goodwill and honesty. Selling intel is one of my main businesses. I rely on this to make a living!” Xiao Yao rebuked seriously.

At his declaration, triplets could see Bai Xiaofei in him. A liar who preached credibility, the thickness of his skin could rival Bai Xiaofei’s…

“Alright, I believe you. You can go!” Bai Xiaofei finally spoke after staring at Xiao Yao for half a day.

Hearing this, Xiao Yao stared in disbelief. “You’re really letting me go?” He gulped while taking a few steps back.

Bai Xiaofei just stood there looking at him without saying or doing anything.

“I’m really leaving!” Xiao Yao took several more steps back, still gulping hard. “You can’t chase me after I leave!”

Dropping the last sentence with incomparable seriousness, he turned around and ran away without watching for Bai Xiaofei’s reaction.

However, he did not disappear completely from Bai Xiaofei’s world. Not long after he left, a small golden arrow flew to Bai Xiaofei with a piece of paper on it – ‘This golden arrow is evidence of our meeting. If there’s a chance, let’s compete again someday!’

Stowing the golden arrow, Bai Xiaofei smiled wryly. It seems this trip is going to be another eventful one!

“Let’s go, it seems that there are still many things waiting for us,” said Bai Xiaofei heavily with a long sigh, but the triplets could hear the excitement deep in it.

This thing is a pervert. The more complicated the situation, the more eager he is!

Under the veil of night, the four returned to Tranquil City. Standing before the city gates, Bai Xiaofei suddenly had an inexplicable feeling.

No matter what the hell you are, this lord shall see what you can do!

Sunrise the next day, Bai Xiaofei led his group to the palace entrance where An Yue waited for him as usual. Everything looked the same as before, but what was different this time was his mentality.

“Teacher, Imperial Father said he would like to see the fruits of our hard work today. He intends to let us four have a little spar!” An Yue said excitedly after greeting Bai Xiaofei. His enthusiasm fully revealed his thoughts.

Unlike his three brothers, An Yue’s abilities had improved every day under Bai Xiaofei’s supervision. While he was lower than An Ming in rank, he thought he would not lose in a real fight!

“What’s there to be excited about? Remember what I’ve said. If you really fight, you are only allowed to lose and not win,” Bai Xiaofei said indifferently. An Yue instantly stared in shock.

“Why?! Imperial Father wants to see our progress!” His face was full of incomprehension, and the negative emotions he held for his three brothers were directed at Bai Xiaofei.

“First of all, your father is no longer emperor. Whether you can be the next emperor doesn’t depend on his attitude.”

“Second, your brothers all desire the throne now, and I think their obsession is far greater than yours. If you are too outstanding, you will become their focus and be the first to get shot down. This will do you no good.”

“Third, I just got some very interesting news. I need to go over them and not waste my energy on such trivial things.”

Bai Xiaofei then looked at An Yue, but An Yue didn’t have any strange reaction. He even ignored the third point directly.

“Fine…” uttering a plaintive complaint, An Yue then dismissed the plan to prove his talents.

Besides An Bang Ting, the person An Yue trusted the most now was Bai Xiaofei despite sometimes being unable to understand him. As for Bai Xiaofei’s age, he selectively ignored it. During their contact so far, he had come to completely regard Bai Xiaofei as his teacher.

“Let’s go, let’s see what kind of show we’ll get to watch today!” Forcing himself to recover from the loss of getting nothing useful from An Yue, Bai Xiaofei followed An Yue to An Bang Ting’s palace.

Without any surprise, his group was the last to arrive. After all, the other three Grandmaster Ranks all lived in the palace.

“Brother Bai, long time no see!” An Bang Ting was as ardent as ever upon seeing Bai Xiaofei, but this time, he was without his dragon robes and looked much more approachable.

“Indeed, long time no see.” With a smile, Bai Xiaofei shot An Bang Ting a meaningful look.

Are you a genuine person or a wily old fox?

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