Chapter 625: Bai Xiaofei vs Xiao Yao!

Chapter 625: Bai Xiaofei vs Xiao Yao!

Xiao Yao ran like crazy and escaped the danger zone again, but this time he didn’t stop. He dropped one smoke bomb after another along the way and made fake traces to appear as he was fleeing in other directions while erasing his own tracks.

As a professional trickster and thief, Xiao Yao was extremely skilled at running. His best record was when he once escaped from the hands of an Exquisite Rank puppet master of the Flying Stream, not to mention that his current opponent, Bai Xiaofei, was only a puny Grandmaster Rank.

Well, at least that was what Xiao Yao thought.

“Finally! I don’t believe that you can still find me in the city!” Looking at the high walls surrounding Doyle City, Xiao Yao smiled. Although the gate was closed, it could not trouble him.

Xiao Yao walked straight towards the wall. In a burst of red light, his body slowly melted into the wall and moments later, he was already inside the city. He could even bypass restriction spells and seals, let alone such an ordinary wall!

Right after entering the city, Xiao Yao ran to the bustling downtown area. Even though it was already evening, this place was still crowded with small vendors hawking their wares. It was even more lively than during the day.

Changing to another appearance along the way, Xiao Yao quickly chose an inn and rented a room. Then, the first thing he did was take a bath. After changing his clothes, he snuck out from the window and found a second inn, where he once again rented a room. Only then did he finally feel safe enough to rest.

Xiao Yao’s operation was remarkable no matter how one looked at it. Although he only caught a glimpse of Huskie, he had already taken into account the puppet’s keen nose. This agile thinking had helped him through many difficulties.

However, this time it didn’t seem so easy…

“Enough time yet?” Somewhere in Doyle City, Bai Xiaofei asked Leng Liuli.

“Enough!” Leng Liuli seriously nodded as she felt like she was getting to know Bai Xiaofei all over again. Some people could constantly amaze. More than once, she had thought that she had seen Bai Xiaofei’s limits, but he used reality to prove her otherwise.

“Then, we can sit back and enjoy the show!” With a smirk, Bai Xiaofei slowly headed to the inn where Xiao Yao was at. He didn’t spend any time looking for his target as if Xiao Yao had always been in his sight.

Bai Xiaofei went straight to the inn entrance, but instead of going in, he snapped his fingers.

The next second, the inn suddenly trembled, and Xiao Yao, who had just lain down, instantly bounced out of bed.

“The heck?! An earthquake?!” he exclaimed. At the same time, a light flashed at his feet and a pair of exquisite-looking boots appeared. In a blink, Xiao Yao was already outside the inn.

However, the moment he appeared, Bai Xiaofei shot over with a slap!

Instinctively raising his right hand, Xiao Yao blocked it. However, this did nothing to stop the force as he was sent spinning to the ground like a bullet. But Xiao Yao’s reaction was quite fast. As soon as he fell on the ground, his boots flashed and he vanished on the spot.

Immediately after, Bai Xiaofei looked straight in another direction.

“He can teleport so far?!” After a slight start, Bai Xiaofei flapped his wings and shot out like an arrow.

Meanwhile, Xiao Yao was rapidly shuttling through a dense crowd. Every step took him to a spot with the widest dead angle, guaranteeing that he would not be found from the air.

“Heh, where are you looking?”

While running, Xiao Yao was suddenly frightened by a voice from behind. Before he could look back, a fierce slap that caused the air to billow was already approaching his face.

“Earthwalk!” A red light flashed and Xiao Yao disappeared again. This time he dove into the ground…

It didn’t take long for him to emerge again. Although his ability was neat and useful, pitifully it couldn’t be maintained for a long time, or else it would quickly drain the user’s origin energy.

However, Xiao Yao, who had just worked the boots to the maximum distance, was certain that Bai Xiaofei wouldn’t be able to find him so soon this time…

“Tch, you can even burrow, huh? That was unexpected!”

Xiao Yao hadn’t even caught his breath when Bai Xiaofei had once again appeared next to him with another slap…

“F*ck! What is happening?! How can he always find me?!” Xiao Yao had lost count of how many times he had escaped from Bai Xiaofei’s hands, but he wasn’t one bit happy about it.

No matter how he fled or where he fled to, no matter how many people were around him and what kind of appearance he changed to, Bai Xiaofei always found him almost instantly. It was as if he had been locked on!

Vaguely, Xiao Yao had a bad feeling. It can’t be… I crossed a powerful expert?!

Pretending to be an ordinary pedestrian, Xiao Yao tried to calm down in order not to show any flaws. This time, he seemed to have really succeeded, because Bai Xiaofei didn’t appear as quickly as before.

His ability to pinpoint me is exhausted? I’m still better after all! Xiao Yao started to celebrate in his heart. Unfortunately, he couldn’t be happy for very long.

“Selling knuckles! Selling knuckles! This friend, I have a great pair, very suitable for you. And they are not expensive. How about 10 million Amethyst Coins?” A smiling Bai Xiaofei tightly grabbed Xiao Yao. “I advise you not to run again.”

Xiao Yao smiled bitterly. My bro, run? You have to leave me some energy for that first. How can I run?!

“I won’t, I won’t!” As if having accepted his fate, Xiao Yao sat down and stared straight at Bai Xiaofei.

“Really?” Bai Xiaofei reconfirmed with a soft smile.

“Really.” Xiao Yao sighed. “No matter how you handle me, I’ll take it. But I don’t understand one thing. How are you able to find me every time? I think I did everything flawlessly. Do you have the ability to lock on a person?”

Voicing his biggest doubt, Xiao Yao looked expectantly at Bai Xiaofei.

Bai Xiaofei did not answer him but waved his hand instead.

The next second, Xiao Yao was completely dumbstruck…

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