Chapter 623: Fraud?! Thief?!

Chapter 623: Fraud?! Thief?!

The auction of the pill ended with Bai Xiaofei paying 100,000 Amethyst Coins. With that, the few capable competitors could only leave with pity. Although many looked at Bai Xiaofei with ill intent, they had no plan to really act on it.

Wealth and power were always balanced. Wealthy fools who ran wild without protection were extremely rare in this continent. As far as everyone was concerned, Bai Xiaofei must have expert bodyguards hidden somewhere around, and some even thought the Leng sisters to be such ‘expert bodyguards.’

Bai Xiaofei wasn’t bothered by this matter. After getting the pills, his group strolled around the area where adventurer teams set up stalls and bought some items before finally leaving.


Bai Xiaofei had just reached the door when a sunny young man in adventurer outfits suddenly grabbed him.

“Sorry, I’m just a little too excited.” Seeing Bai Xiaofei’s icy expression, the young man hurriedly apologized and withdrew his hand.

“I don’t know you,” said Bai Xiaofei as he scanned the youth, and then pasted the label ‘ordinary’ on him.

“Ah! Well, um, my name is Xiao Yao. I just saw you trading for martial artists stuff. If I’m not wrong, you should be in great need of similar equipment. I have something good here that will definitely satisfy you!” quickly stating his purpose, Xiao Yao pulled out a brown cloth and laid it on the ground with a slight shake. Moments later, a bunch of items appeared on the cloth in a flash of light.

This rag is actually a space prop?! Bai Xiaofei was surprised to see this. He once again sized up the excited Xiao Yao. I’ve actually misjudged this time. Seems like this guy is not simple!

“Not this… not this…” Xiao Yao paid no attention to Bai Xiaofei’s gaze as he kept rummaging through his pile of junk.

“Ah! Found it!” Finally, Xiao Yao joyfully pulled out a pair of knuckles from the pile. The knuckles were covered in mottled marks, obviously having existed for quite some years.

“This is…?” Bai Xiaofei slightly frowned. He couldn’t see anything special about these knuckles, but Xiao Yao’s thrilled expression was saying otherwise.

“Despite their look, believe me, their effect is far beyond your imagination!” Xiao Yao said and handed the knuckles to Bai Xiaofei. “Give it a try. You will be very pleased.”

A skeptical Bai Xiaofei put on the knuckles. After injecting his origin energy into them, he didn’t get any response at all.

“Origin energy is useless to these. Try punching.”

Hearing Xiao Yao’s reminder, Bai Xiaofei couldn’t help but feel that he had been played. You could have said it earlier!

Suppressing his complaints at Xiao Yao, Bai Xiaofei took the advice and punched out his right fist. What happened the next second shocked him!

Power! The knuckles enhanced the power of his punch! At least two times at that!

“How much for them?” Bai Xiaofei had no intention of returning these knuckles. They were definitely a precious treasure for martial artists.

“You should know the value of this stuff. The stronger the wearer, the greater the power they can exert. So far, I’ve had it tested at the Grand Martial Master Rank, and the multiplier rate is still double,” Xiao Yao paused, a glint flashing in his eyes. “One million Amethyst Coins, not a penny less!”

Stating a sky-high number, Xiao Yao’s eyes were serious. It was a look that said there was no room for bargaining.

“Deal!” Bai Xiaofei had never been so straightforward, he was even afraid that Xiao Yao would change his mind. Stowing the knuckles, he took out his Amethyst Card and handed it to Xiao Yao.

After the money was transferred, Xiao Yao couldn’t help showing a feverish expression. He slowly put away his junk pile and wrapped the cloth around his body.

“See you!”

Leaving after a quick goodbye, a smiling Xiao Yao hurriedly left the Adventurer Union. After making sure that he had left the sight of Bai Xiaofei’s group, his body emitted white light and then his whole appearance changed dramatically.

“That guy’s really a moneybag! I added a zero and the transaction still went through! I can’t stay here any longer, must hurry!” Xiao Yao determinedly ran toward the city gate with no intention of turning back.

Meanwhile, Bai Xiaofei took out the knuckles and inspected them carefully.

“I didn’t expect there’s such rare equipment in the world.”

“Let me try!” As Bai Xiaofei was adoring his newly bought knuckles, Leng Liuying snatched them and put them on. “Hahaha! You’re so done! I can abuse you well this time!”

She suddenly burst out laughing like an evil antagonist. In her daily ‘fights’ with Bai Xiaofei, she could only take the advantage with words and would usually lose when it got to using force, which was due to their gap in strength. Therefore, Leng Liuying instantly had the impulse for ‘revenge’ after wearing the knuckles.

“Eat this punch!”

Watching as her fist fast approached, Bai Xiaofei tensed his body. It wasn’t that he had no time to respond, but it was not necessary.

Even if her power was double, it would be at best the rank of a Martial Master, which couldn’t hurt Bai Xiaofei at all. Therefore, he’d rather let her enjoy it to her heart’s content before dealing a little blow to her confidence while he was at it.

However, the instant Leng Liuying’s punch landed on Bai Xiaofei’s chest, both of them were stupefied.

“My strength is really so meager?”

“You didn’t use your full force?”

The two exclaimed at almost the same time. At that moment, Bai Xiaofei suddenly had a bad feeling.

“Try again!” His eyes still wide in shock, Bai Xiaofei put forward a weird request.

Leng Liuli and Leng Liushuang couldn’t understand why, but Leng Liuying solemnly nodded and swung a heavy punch at Bai Xiaofei.

Without any surprise, there was no change to the force input at all.

“Take it off, let me see it!”

Bai Xiaofei instantly lost his calm. He took the knuckles and put them on again, but no matter how he tried, that power-doubling effect never appeared again…

Or to be exact, such effect had never existed on those knuckles in the first place!

“#%#$^& that bastard! We were tricked!!!!”

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