Chapter 622: Violet Heartbarrier-Breaker Pill!

Chapter 622: Violet Heartbarrier-Breaker Pill!

“Two bottles of grade-five Iceheart Pills, excellent for Energy Stream puppet masters. Of course, if you are unlucky enough to cross an Illusion Stream opponent, this baby can save your life too!” the auctioneer, or goatee-man as Bai Xiofei thought of him, introduced the next item.

The adventurers in the audience burst out laughing. Unlucky? It’s super lucky to encounter an Illusion Stream! This kind of opponent is almost extinct, alright…

“Starting price, 600 gold coins!” said the goatee-man, but after a long time, as he had expected, there was still no response.

Energy Stream puppet masters were already rare, and Illusion Stream puppet masters were even rarer, so it was normal for the Iceheart Pill to be shunned. Otherwise, such a pill wouldn’t be reduced to the price of 600 gold coins per bottle…

“1200 for both bottles, I’ll take them!”

Just when the goatee-man became desperate, Bai Xiaofei raised his hand again, making this his third purchase in a row. This time, the goatee-man reacted even faster in delivering to him the pills. As he put the Iceheart Pills away, the goatee-man was smiling from ear to ear.

Bai Xiaofei was also very pleased. Iceheart Pills weren’t this cheap in Starnet. Grade-five alone was already among the upper ranks, not to mention that the particularity of the Iceheart Pill resulted in its small quantity, making it very rare in Starnet.

Therefore, this was a deal that both sides deemed very profitable…

“Hold your breath, for we now welcome the highlight of today’s auction!” The happy goatee-man suddenly acted all mysterious.

At these words, the audience held their breath and stared at the goatee-man with clenched fists. Word of the highlight had been released before the auction and many people were attending just for it. It was also because of this highly anticipated item that they had given up on bidding for the pills they wanted before. No one wanted to miss their main goal for just being short of one or two gold coins.

This was also a unique feature of the Adventurer Union’s auction. In a deadlock, one could add gold coins to your bid, one by one. History recorded more than one case where bidders successfully exploited this feature to pressure or irritate their opponents out of bidding wars…

“Dragon Hymn Pills! Said to be refined with the blood of the giant dragon. Upon consumption, your origin energy, strength, speed, and perception will increase by 1.5 times for 30 minutes, without any side effects! Ladies and gentlemen, I think you know better than me what this means!”

The goatee-man held up the three porcelain bottles in his hand, and the eyes of the adventurers below glowed red with desire.

“It has been our extreme luck to have three Dragon Hymn Pills distributed to our branch. Although this pill is less effective for the Grandmaster Rank and above, I think the highest-ranked here among us is Master Rank, so it should not be a problem! Alright, no more nonsense, the starting price is 500 Amethyst Coins for one pill!”

As soon as the goatee-man finished, a collective gasp from many was heard, but more people were feeling confident. The price directly increased by leaps and bounds for grade-six pills as expected, but their effect was worth this price. If used properly, a Dragon Hymn Pill could likely save the life of a small team!





Bids came flying fast one after another, but the price increase was not very high. For adventurers, costs counted in Amethyst Coins already affected their core savings.

“You’re not going for it? This pill is useful to us too.” Leng Liuli looked dubiously at Bai Xiaofei, who hadn’t once called a price. It was not like him to miss out on good stuff.

“It is useful, but while it’s at best just an aid for us, it’s a life-saver for these people. If I bid, none of them can beat me, but there also may be one less excellent adventurer team on this continent,” said Bai Xiaofei with a smile.

At that moment, the Leng triplets found him a little unfamiliar._ Is this the real Bai Xiaofei?_

The three Dragon Hymn Pills finally found their new masters, and the three winning teams immediately left the Adventurer Union in a hurry. Every adventurer understood the reality that bearing a treasure was a sin in itself, and killing and robbing wasn’t at all uncommon in their line of work. It was never wrong to be careful. Moreover, they didn’t have the wealth or power to compete for the next item anyway.

“Although the Dragon Hymn Pills are good things, they are not our grand finale today.” After making another fortune, the goatee-man’s tone suddenly changed again. He even sounded a little sad. “Were I to have that much money, I would have kept this pill for myself.”

A delicate wooden box appeared in his hand. Although the box was closed, a thick medicinal fragrance was gushing out from it.

Smelling this fragrance, Bai Xiaofei’s eyes lit up. Grade seven and eight pills were no strangers to him and he had even used many. Although he couldn’t see the pill inside, he could tell from its fragrance that it was at least the peak of grade-seven!

“Grade-seven’s peak Violet Heartbarrier-Breaker Pill! Martial artists below Grand Martial Master will 100% advance upon using it! Even for Grand Martial Masters, there is a very high possibility to break through to the Grandmaster Rank!”

As soon as the goatee-man finished speaking, the martial artists in the audience started to swallow. However, swallowing their saliva was also what many people here stopped at. They couldn’t afford a pill of this level at all…

“100,000 Amethyst Coins!” Bai Xiaofei had raised his hand before the goatee-man could announce the starting bid. Unlike his previous attitude, his enthusiasm this time exceeded the rest and he threw out a price that blocked everyone else’s chances.

If it was somewhere else, there might be people who could compete with him, but in this small Tranquil Country, a hundred thousand Amethyst Coins already made everyone present gasp.

A hundred thousand Amethyst Coins!

How many missions do we have to do to reach that amount?!

I may not be able to earn so much even if I work hard my entire life…

The goatee-man was stunned for a long time when he heard this number. He had guessed that Bai Xiaofei would participate, but he didn’t expect this attitude. He simply didn’t give others a chance!

“Time to drop the gavel,” Bai Xiaofei reminded the goatee-man. No matter what, he would definitely get this Violet Heartbarrier-Breaker Pill!

“100,000 Amethyst Coins going once… Going twice!” The goatee gulped. He looked forward to a miracle, but unfortunately, there was no one else there who could create such miracles.


At the sound of the gavel beating down, Bai Xiaofei’s lips curved up.

This had been a worthwhile trip!

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