Chapter 621: Adventurer Union!

Chapter 621: Adventurer Union!

Time passed quickly after there was no longer anything to worry about. Since An Bang Ting’s abdication and the four princes jointly shouldered national affairs, everything became simple… for Bai Xiaofei. Meanwhile, An Yue and A’Tao were tired to death.

Normal training was conducted during the day, and at night, An Yue handled the affairs assigned to him under Bai Xiaofei’s guidance. The two had only about five hours a day to rest, but fortunately, they had Leng Liushuang’s energizing meals to keep them from collapsing.

The hard work wasn’t in vain as An Yue and A’Tao both made obvious progress. In just over half a month, An Yue broke through from the Mastery Rank to become a Proficient Rank puppet master, while A’Tao leaped from an ordinary person to a qualified martial artist! Devouring the Heaven and Earth was simply a cheat for beginner cultivation, especially with enough food to provide the energy required.

The two’s progress was inseparable from the effort they put in. Meanwhile, the remaining three princes didn’t train as hard. Bai Xiaofei had seen them and their masters going in and out of certain places more than once.

Of course, they didn’t do this purely for the sake of playing around. The four princes stood on the same starting line after An Bang Ting was abdicated, and at a time like this, the support of the court ministers was very important. The other three princes spent most of their time on this and had forgotten about training. For them, the temptation of the throne was far greater than being a powerful expert.

To this, Bai Xiaofei made no comment. The only thing he cared about was getting An Yue to the peak of the Proficient Rank before the one-month deadline!

After various past experiences, Bai Xiaofei knew full well the importance of strength better than anyone else. There was only one throne, and he couldn’t guarantee that he could make An Yue the new emperor, but with enough strength, An Yue would be able to live a safe life after he left. This was the ultimate goal.

Bai Xiaofei, however, didn’t take a laissez-faire attitude either. An Yue didn’t have any free time, but he did. Therefore, despite not being as active as the other three parties, Bai Xiaofei didn’t sit around doing nothing.

Using more than half a month, Bai Xiaofei captured someone – the newly promoted Royal Guard commander!

In addition to this person, Bai Xiaofei had contacted every person of high prestige in the Royal Guards. Because he got their previous leader fired and once beat up their members, this went particularly smooth.

There was no group that was involved in violence who didn’t respect power, and Bai Xiaofei represented the absolute top combat power in Tranquil!

“What are we doing here?” Following Bai Xiaofei, Leng Liuying frowned slightly.

Although he had been idle recently, he still hadn’t spent much time with the triplets. And now when he finally took them out for once, the destination was, disappointingly, the Adventurer Union…

“I heard they’ve just gained a number of high-grade pills and today is the day of their auction. We don’t have many pills left, and this can’t compare to Starnet where we can get supplements at any time, so I thought that we’d better not miss this rare opportunity,” Bai Xiaofei explained with a smile, but this didn’t satisfy Leng Liuying.

“When can you accompany us wholeheartedly for a period of time? When we graduate, you won’t be able to even see us even if you want to!” Leng Liuying snorted as she stared straight at him.

“Alright my little ancestor. I’ll give you guys three whole days after the matter with Tranquil is completely handled, how about that?” Bai Xiaofei smiled wryly as he chickened out.

As displeased as she was, Leng Liuying didn’t press him again.

“Come, come! I present to you: grade-four Bone Healing Pills, three bottles with five pills in each. I don’t have to tell you what the effect is, right?! The bottles are auctioned separately. The starting price is 100 gold coins per bottle!”




Bai Xiaofei’s group was greeted with a series of loud shouts as soon as they entered the Adventurer Union hall.

The Adventurer Union was the most casual among all the continental organizations. Everyone registered there was a free spirit, and the consequence of this excessive freedom was that their members acted as they pleased, so the Adventurer Union was also known as the liveliest of places.

At the same time, because they had no fixed source of income, the Adventurer Union was also the most rudimentary, so much so that their auctions could only be held casually in the hall.

As for the Bone Healing Pill that was just announced, it was a pill that greatly shortened the recovery of bone injuries, definitely one of the best choices for adventurers who work hard all year round. Injuries were inevitable for them and faster recovery of such injuries meant faster involvement in new adventures.


Bai Xiaofei was interested in the Bone Healing Pill as well. But while it was an irreplaceable regular medicine, 600 gold coins for one bottle was a bit too high. Therefore, everyone went quiet after Bai Xiaofei shouted his offer.

“600 gold coins, going once! 600 gold coins, going twice! Sold!”

For fear that Bai Xiaofei would go back on his word, the auctioneer with a goatee quickly dropped the gavel, and then a staff member immediately delivered the porcelain bottle to Bai Xiaofei.

Bai Xiaofei took out 12 Amethyst Coins and handed them to the staff.

“I will also pay this price for a second bottle. If no one is willing to pay higher, give them to me together. As for the third bottle, I won’t compete.”

The staff’s eyes shone at Bai Xiaofei’s words. They rushed back to the auctioneer and whispered a few words. The auctioneer also grew visibly excited.

“This friend has offered 600 gold coins for the second bottle as well but has given up bidding for the third one. Is anyone offering a higher price?”

Many people exclaimed out loud, but no one bidded. They looked towards the buyer in question, wanting to see what the wealthy pocket who had interrupted the rhythm of the auction looked like. Upon seeing the target, many were stunned.

Although the Leng sisters were tightly covered up, their beautiful figures weren’t hidden and it was easy to tell they weren’t common people at all. Meanwhile, Bai Xiaofei looked too young, so young that most people thought he must be the young master of a big clan.

Thinking this, no one could give rise to ill ideas. They couldn’t afford to mess with people of such high status.

“Congratulations to this friend, the second bottle of Bone Healing Pills also goes to you!”

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