Chapter 620: An Bang Ting’s Determination!

Chapter 620: An Bang Ting’s Determination!

Looking at his two sweating profusely students, the smile on Bai Xiaofei’s face deepened. He thought they wouldn’t be able to stick to it but these two were unexpectedly stubborn, they didn’t give up even when they were too tired to move.

This earnest effort alone was enough to satisfy Bai Xiaofei.

“Alright, eat this, then have lunch. You two have one hour to eat before we go out.” Bai Xiaofei threw each a pill. It wasn’t anything special and only had the effect of relieving fatigue.

However, the barbecue prepared by Leng Liushuang was special!

It was all high-end meat brewed with top-class medicinal materials which resulted in a fragrant smell. When Bai Xiaofei gave the two guys the go-ahead, they threw all manners out the window and pounced like hungry wolves…

Whether it was An Yue or A’Tao, this was the best meal they had ever eaten in their lives. The pleasure of being fully satisfied was unmatched by any previous meal.

Unfortunately, they didn’t have much time to savor this feeling. Before Bai Xiaofei could even say anything, a young eunuch had already come running in and urged their group to go to the square as soon as possible.

Following the young eunuch to the square to see the sea of people there, Bai Xiaofei couldn’t help a sigh. The word ‘emperor’ had its own aura. Even if An Bang Ting didn’t say a word today, the people below would still consider it a great honor to see him…

Although there was only one night of preparation, a temporary wooden tower had been built in the square. The ability of a royal house was no exaggeration.

When Bai Xiaofei’s group arrived, An Bang Ting was already standing on the tower. An Yue’s other three brothers were also standing around while their three Grandmaster Rank teachers sat at one side and looked down at the people below.

“Go, stand with your brothers,” instructing An Yue to go to his position, Bai Xiaofei then made eye contact with An Bang Ting. Almost at that same time, they both revealed a shallow smile.

“Everyone has been waiting patiently.” An Bang Ting’s voice rang through every corner of the square thanks to the amplifier props.

The noisy square instantly quieted down.

“Recently, I have heard a lot of rumors saying that I’m ignorant, ignoring the sufferings of the people, doing nothing all day long, believing in slanders and killing innocent people…” An Bang Ting spoke as if he had learned this speech by heart, words that were being said by the people. None of them were good words, but he said them very calmly.

However, the people below panicked. If the emperor wanted to pursue this, how many of the people present would survive?

“Don’t panic, everyone. I just want to say that all of these statements are right.”

Except for Bai Xiaofei, everyone’s expression froze upon hearing this.

“A while ago, they were indeed the most truthful evaluation of me. Not only did I fail to do what an emperor should have done, but I even committed many sins.” With a pained smile, An Bang Ting slowly took off his crown.

The ministers on the stand hurriedly knelt down.

“Your Majesty, you can’t!”

“Your Majesty, please think twice!”


The ministers panicked. Never in their wildest imagination could they predict their emperor would say and do such things!

However, An Bang Ting continued as if he didn’t hear the ministers’ objections.

“Seriously ill without a cure, I slaughtered all the doctors in the city in a rage. I listened to evil people’s slanders and arrested 360 people, calling them dissidents, and their lives were taken in a cruel manner. After making this big mistake, the first thing I did wasn’t repent, but instead, I covered it up and upset my people. Those are my sins,” An Bang Ting stressed every word.

The people below were stunned. These had been only rumors before, but now they were personally confirmed by An Bang Ting. The impact was crushing.

“As the leader of a country, I have no face to continue to call myself an emperor after committing such sins. Today, I announce my abdication!”

The entire area burst into an uproar. The square that was dead silent just a second ago was erupting with all kinds of voices from the crowd. Some people even quarreled on the spot.

“Please don’t worry, there will be no chaos happening to Tranquil because of this.”

An Bang Ting pointed to the four princes standing at the side.

“Although I have done much wrong, it has nothing to do with my four children. They have become excellent puppet masters at a young age and I have found four outstanding teachers for them. After a month, one of them will inherit the throne and lead Tranquil to glory again!”

“During this month, all government affairs will be distributed to the four princes. After the new emperor ascends the throne, those two evil spawns shall be publicly beheaded, and I…”

An Bang Ting paused, looked around at everyone, and took a deep breath.

“I will also pay for my deeds with my death!”

Putting the crown on the tray held by the old eunuch-in-waiting, An Bang Ting knelt under the gaze of all!

The ministers who wanted to stop him instantly swallowed back their words. This one action had destroyed all possibility of going back. It was nearly impossible for a person who had knelt down in the eyes of the public to be accepted as the emperor of a country…

And this was exactly what An Bang Ting strived for. At the same time, it expressed his attitude in the most determined and direct manner.

Even Bai Xiaofei didn’t expect that he would do this. To some extent, he underestimated An Bang Ting’s determination.

Finally, An Bang Ting left with all of his burdens resolved. The crowd in the square gradually dispersed.

There were still many people who cursed An Bang Ting, but more chose to understand and forgive, among which were many relatives of the innocent 360 lost lives. As Bai Xiaofei had said, sometimes what people demanded was an attitude, and An Bang Ting’s attitude was extremely sincere!


Standing in front of Bai Xiaofei, An Yue was completely stupefied. It would take him a long time to process what had happened in just a few minutes. Unfortunately, he wasn’t given that time.

“I know you are not feeling good right now, but the facts are there. What you want to do now is not entertain foolish ideas, but to do well the last task that your father has given you! During this time, A’Tao will accompany you.”

Bai Xiaofei pushed A’Tao, whose eyes were red from crying, to An Yue. In a sense, the two were in the same boat now…

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