Chapter 618: An Bang Ting’s Remorse!

Chapter 618: An Bang Ting’s Remorse!

“Teachers of the Nation, civilians, doctors. What’s happened between these people and what role do you play in it?” Bai Xiaofei coldly got straight to business.

An Bang Ting gasped. He’d expected these questions, but he didn’t think Bai Xiaofei would be so direct.

“It’s a long story, Brother Bai. You’ll need some patience.” With a sigh, An Bang Ting began to talk, “Two months ago, I suddenly fell ill and became easily exhausted overnight. I panicked and summoned all the famous doctors in the imperial city to save myself. Unfortunately, no one knew what kind of illness it was. In a rage, I killed those quacks!”

An Bang Ting’s voice was icy as if he had returned to that time, but soon the coldness disappeared.

“Brother Bai, don’t rush to correct me. I already know that I was wrong, I was just too obsessed then.” An Bang Ting smiled and continued, “Driven by the fear that I could die any time, I released an imperial announcement in my prolonged struggle. That was when those two men showed up. They responded to the announcement, then stabilized my condition and claimed that they could refine a pill that could cure me completely. In desperation, I chose to believe them. Following their instructions, I arrested a large number of men, women, and children in the name of finding dissidents. Finally, their lives were lost in the refining of that Blood Pill…”

Hearing this, Bai Xiaofei’s heart skipped a beat. If so, A’Tao’s sister…

An Bang Ting naturally didn’t know what Bai Xiaofei was thinking. He kept on explaining the behavior that he deemed to be his crime.

“Just when I was convinced that they were refining my medicine, I found out that the pill they gave me was actually a chronic poison. The more of this poison consumed, the more vitality it burns while the user would look very healthy. It was also when I learned that I only had less than two months to live.”

An Bang Ting smiled bitterly.

“When I knew that I was going to die, suddenly my thoughts became clear. Sometimes life and death are not so important, what matters is what you can do when you are alive. I have done a lot of wrongs, I don’t want to keep on being wrong!” An Bang Ting looked at Bai Xiaofei. The bitter smile on his face became resolution.

“So you arrested those two men?” asked Bai Xiaofei softly. His face was indifferent, it was hard to tell what he was feeling.

“They must die. Compared to me, their crimes are much lighter, but I can’t redeem myself yet. I need to choose a suitable heir for this country, so I have to wait for another month. A month later, at the ceremony of the new king’s accession to the throne, I will make my crimes public and die in front of the people to quell their anger. I will do anything to make this country stable again.”

There was no passion, no screaming nor voice-cracking. An Bang Ting said those words in the most insipid way, but the deep feelings contained didn’t seem like a performance at all. If it was really a performance, then Bai Xiaofei admitted defeat to An Bang Ting’s acting skill.

Therefore, Bai Xiaofei believed An Bang Ting, because he trusted his own eyes. When An Bang Ting said he could do anything for the country, he couldn’t spot any sign of a lie.

It was absolutely genuine! Bai Xiaofei firmly believed this.

“You can wait a month, but have you considered the people who lost their loved ones? Your guards are still beating those who want to find their relatives. Don’t you think it’s a crime to keep hurting them?”

Although Bai Xiaofei already believed An Bang Ting, he did not intend to stop pursuing the matter. He had promised A’Tao to handle this, so he needed at least something to help the boy accept the fact that his sister had left forever.

At Bai Xiaofei’s question, An Bang Ting was obviously ashamed.

“I know it’s wrong, but what can I do? How can I tell them that I was fooled? What can I do to make up for those hundreds of lives? How can I settle this without worries when the throne is not passed down yet? I can’t watch Tranquil descend into chaos!” An Bang Ting was dejected, his face full of helplessness and pain.

“You may be wrong about something.” Bai Xiaofei didn’t get softhearted. He said with a cold expression, “What they want is not you to make up for it. For them, it might already be enough that the high and mighty emperor admits his mistakes.”

An Bang Ting was stunned.

“What do you mean?” he asked weakly as if seeing a ray of hope.


When Bai Xiaofei left An Bang Ting’s study, he looked like a burden had been lifted. It should be settled. The rest depends on what An Bang Ting does.

When he returned to An Yue’s palace, An Yue and A’Tao had fully adapted to the meditation technique. Seeing him, the triplets hurriedly came up.

“How was it?” asked Leng Liuli with anxiety in her voice. The other two also looked at Bai Xiaofei expectantly.

“Don’t worry, it’s all solved. The matter isn’t as complicated as we think.” Bai Xiaofei smiled and patted Leng Liuli on the shoulder, and then looked at A’Tao and An Yue.

“How are they?”

Seeing that Bai Xiaofei had emerged from his earlier depression and confusion, the triplets were set at ease.

“Their innate conditions are quite good. I can’t judge now since it hasn’t been long, but at least they are able to enter the state of meditation. It’s not a problem for An Yue to advance a realm in a month, but we are not sure about A’Tao,” Leng Liuli replied. She was not familiar with the cultivation of martial artists, especially the secret technique that Bai Xiaofei taught A’Tao.

“A’Tao’s progress will only be faster. Liushuang, I’ll have to trouble you for the next two days. After the training officially starts, both of them will need to take in a lot of nutrition, this will be your mission.” Bai Xiaofei looked at Leng Liushuang. The latter nodded.

“As long as there are suitable ingredients, this is not a problem.” Cooking was as simple as drinking water for her, let alone that this was to help Bai Xiaofei.

“This is the royal palace. I think ingredients shouldn’t be a problem here.” Bai Xiaofei smiled, feeling that he had finally regained control of the pace. As for the rest, let time take care of it!

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