Chapter 617: Confronting An Bang Ting!

Chapter 617: Confronting An Bang Ting!

After teaching An Yue and A’Tao the meditation technique, Bai Xiaofei left the triplets to watch over them while he headed for the prison that An Yue had mentioned.

Originally, he thought he’d need to do something to enter such a place, but unexpectedly, the prison was also included in the freely-come-and-go right that An Bang Ting had granted him! Moreover, An Bang Ting seemed to have anticipated that he would go there. He had just stepped into the outer periphery of the prison area when someone had already come up to lead him in.

“Greetings, Master. Although our prison isn’t the most secure on the continent, there hasn’t been an escape in 20 years. As long as there is a path, the numerous bright and dark mechanisms on them will assuredly detain even Master Rank puppet masters!” The ingratiating warden introduced everything about the prison, afraid to miss any details. An Bang Ting’s order to him had only two words: utmost courtesy.

Therefore, Bai Xiaofei was already the god of wealth and the ladder to the sky in the warden’s eyes.

“I heard that the two Teachers of the Nation who replied to the imperial announcement a while ago are also locked up here?” asked Bai Xiaofei without any qualms. He wanted to see what kind of reaction his directness could get from the warden.

Unfortunately, he was disappointed.

“Of course! Those two are repeat offenders! But they are also very tight-lipped, they haven’t confessed who is behind them until now…” the warden suddenly stopped halfway through his words with a hint of panic on his face. “Master, I cannot say more. If you really want to know, please go to my superiors…”

The warden had already taken the initiative to explain before Bai Xiaofei could ask why. Indeed, Bai Xiaofei found it hard to trouble him after this.

“I see. Take me to see them.” Bai Xiaofei frowned a little. Even now, he was still skeptical about the arrest of two Teachers of the Nation.

However, his doubt was quickly dispelled…

He got to see the two people in question, and their state made him believe completely that they were held there as prisoners. There wasn’t an unbruised spot on their bodies and their breathing was so faint that it seemed like it could stop any moment. If it weren’t for the energy fluctuations they emitted, Bai Xiaofei wouldn’t even believe that the two blood gourds in front of him used to be two Master Rank puppet masters.

“We’ve used all torture methods there are, but for some reason, they refuse to say anything,” said the warden.

Bai Xiaofei sighed. He initially planned to talk to these two ‘Teachers of the Nations,’ but as far as the situation was concerned, let alone communicate, it was already a miracle that they could still breathe.

In the end, Bai Xiaofei went on a tour around the whole prison with the warden as his guide, and then left the place with pity.

He was basically at a dead end. All the mysteries had come together to form a huge knot, and the method to untie this knot was just around the corner, only that this method made him hesitate.

Do I really have to go to An Bang Ting?!

If I don’t, I’ll forever be clueless; if I do, I’m likely to fall into a new quagmire.

After a long struggle, Bai Xiaofei made his decision. Compared with falling into a new predicament, stopping here felt even worse and was the last thing that he could accept!

No matter what role you play, An Bang Ting, this lord shall see you again!

After making up his mind, Bai Xiaofei went all the way to An Bang Ting’s study. Similarly, he got there unimpeded as if he was walking around his own backyard. Of course, getting lost aside…

In the end, Bai Xiaofei found An Bang Ting’s quarters after losing count of how many people he had asked. From a distance, he could already smell a faint scent of sandalwood.

“Greetings, Masters. His Majesty has been waiting for you,” the new eunuch-in-wait invited Bai Xiaofei respectfully for fear that he would follow in the footsteps of the last one.

Meanwhile, Bai Xiaofei’s focus was on the ‘has been waiting for you’ part. Is this An Bang Ting so sure that I will find him?!

For some unknown reason, Bai Xiaofei felt irritated. He hated this feeling of passiveness, of moving around from another’s indirect manipulation.

But no matter what, he must see An Bang Ting. Following the eunuch, Bai Xiao entered An Bang Ting’s study where the latter was dancing his brush, fully demonstrating the aura of an emperor.

“You all step down,” said An Bang Ting softly.

All the guards, eunuchs, and maids in the study withdrew, leaving only two people in the large study.

“You know, you are the first person who I’ve faced that has made me not know where to start.” With an embarrassed wry smile, Bai Xiaofei was the first to break the silence, but what he used was the most passive sentence.

“So to speak, I should be genuinely proud? After all, the person standing in front of me is a genius who is qualified to hold a Starnet Brilliance.” An Bang Ting laughed joyfully, then displayed the paper he had just written to Bai Xiaofei. “Brother Bai, check my handwriting out?”

Bai Xiaofei looked at the paper, and the big letters “follow the heart” on it were unspeakably unrestrained and free. The style completely matched the meaning of the phrase.

“Great handwriting! Although I’m not well-versed in this stuff, I’m still shaken when I look at this. I think this is the best evaluation from someone like me,” Bai Xiaofei commented truthfully, then looked at An Bang Ting. “Big Bro, since you called me Brother Bai, I’ve never lied to you. Now I want to ask you a few questions. You won’t lie to me either, right, Big Bro?”

His eyes fixed on An Bang Ting, Bai Xiaofei didn’t want to miss the smallest change. Every reaction from An Bang Ting was important to him at this time.

“Just fire away, Brother Bai. Since I dare to wait for you here, I naturally have no intention to hide anything from you,” An Bang Ting frankly replied, seeming very prepared.

Bai Xiaofei frowned. An Bang Ting’s reply did not make him feel relaxed but instead added more weight to the pressure. He absolutely refused to believe that An Bang Ting would be honest about everything. Therefore, his nonchalance could only be explained as he was 100% confident in his preparation!

It was still unknown who would win!

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