Chapter 615: Teacher Mode On!

Chapter 615: Teacher Mode On!

“I want to kill them all! I’ll kill all those scum!”

There was no delay in A’Tao’s answer, accompanied by a murderous intent that a child of his age shouldn’t have.

Seeing him like this, the Leng sisters froze a little. Is this really a child?!

“What if I say I don’t allow it?” said Bai Xiaofei with a snort. From his cold voice, he didn’t seem to be joking at all.

“Why?!” A’Tao roared. He was willing to accept Bai Xiaofei as his master for the sake of becoming strong. If Bai Xiaofei didn’t let him get his revenge, he definitely would never recognize him as his master.

“Because I am your teacher! And killing people is not what a child of your age should do!” Bai Xiaofei stood up and walked towards A’Tao. The pressure of a Grandmaster Rank came crashing down on him and he broke into a cold sweat.

Just as the nervous A’Tao didn’t know what to say to this, Bai Xiaofei’s aura suddenly dissipated, replaced by his big hand pressing on the boy’s shoulder.

“Your teacher will take this revenge in your stead, and I will teach you what you want to learn, but you must promise me that you will not kill anyone without my permission!”

Under Bai Xiaofei’s intent gaze, the stubbornness in A’Tao’s eyes vanished, and then a deep confusion emerged. He was unable to understand why Bai Xiaofei told him this, but he had a vague idea that it was very reasonable.

Moreover, he felt something familiar in Bai Xiaofei, the kind of feeling similar to when his father scolded him…

“Answer me, can you do it?” Bai Xiaofei asked again, his eyes growing colder and colder.

“A’Tao will listen to Master!”

The boy’s anger dissipated and his tears welled up again. Bai Xiaofei finally revealed a faint smile and hugged him.

“Don’t worry, your teacher will definitely do what I’ve promised.” He gently patted A’Tao’s back, his heart finally set at ease. At the same time, a figure appeared in his mind.

Although I didn’t have the luck to be your friend, I’ve taken in a disciple who’s just like you. If by any chance you are looking down from above, give him your blessings. Bless him not to become the next you! Bai Xiaofei looked out the door, where he seemed to see a smiling face in the clouds. It was a smile that he had never gotten to see in reality…

After taking A’Tao to the inn, Bai Xiaofei also said goodbye to sleeping alone. All night, the boy curled up in his arms, and what he said in his nightmares woke Bai Xiaofei up several times.

To be able to wake him up in the middle of his deep sleep, A’Tao could be said to be the first.

Early the next morning, Bai Xiaofei got up early after not much sleep. Thinking of what might happen today, he couldn’t help a smile. Show me what you lot have in store!

After breakfast, Bai Xiaofei took the triplets and A’Tao to the palace. An Bang Ting must have passed down orders as the royal guards on the way would salute respectfully at once and showed no intention of stopping them. It seemed his ‘free to enter and exit anywhere’ wasn’t just talk.

“Teacher!” Despite his princely identity, An Yue did not act it in front of Bai Xiaofei and actually waited at the entrance early, which made Bai Xiaofei feel a lot better.

The ‘teacher’ address was requested by Bai Xiaofei. Even though they weren’t master and disciple, since Bai Xiaofei had promised to guide him, they were naturally teacher and student.

No matter what An Bang Ting was really like, at least Bai Xiaofei hadn’t seen anything off about An Yue yet.

“Take me to your place, we don’t have to be outside today,” said Bai Xiaofei indifferently.

An Yue was a little puzzled but he didn’t ask anything. He simply led the way to his residence.

Along the way, Bai Xiaofei and the triplets didn’t feel anything special, but A’Tao couldn’t help but look around.

If he weren’t Bai Xiaofei’s disciple, he might never have had the chance to enter a place like the palace in his life. Besides his curiosity, A’Tao was also occupied by the thought of seeing his sister, who was a major reason supporting his will to live.

Soon, the group arrived at An Yue’s royal residence. Although it didn’t look as grand as the high-class palace, the degree of luxury was still beyond Bai Xiaofei’s imagination. After all, the best place he had lived in up to now was his single room in the Demon of Illusions…

“Teacher, what are we going to learn today?” An Yue was full of excitement as he could hold nothing else but Bai Xiaofei in his eyes at the moment. Not even the idea of asking about A’Tao had occurred to him.

“No rush, let me ask you a few questions first.” Bai Xiaofei was sitting on the main high seat in the living room. The triplets stood quietly on one side while A’Tao helped Bai Xiaofei to pour a cup of tea. An Yue was the only one standing below, looking like he was actually the outsider here.

“Yes, Teacher.” Cupping his hands, An Yue tried his best to control his enthusiasm.

“I ask you, what is the most precious resource of a nation?” asked Bai Xiaofei.

An Yue’s eyes lit up. This question was too simple as there was already a standard answer written in the textbooks. An Yue might look crude, but he studied books seriously.

“The people are the water, the emperor is the boat. If the boat goes along the water flow, it can go thousands of miles; if it goes the other way, it gets destroyed. The most important resource of a nation is its people’s support,” An Yue recited the standard answer word for word with a hint of pride.

“Very good, it seems that you’ve made some effort.” Bai Xiaofei smiled, but the smile solidified on his face the next second into an icy expression. “Then let me ask you, do you know that recently, the people often petition outside the city gate but are always stopped by the guards, and every time it has ended up badly for them?”

Hearing this, the pride on An Yue’s face vanished instantly. The panic that replaced it vividly displayed his state of mind at the moment, but he did not dare to lie to Bai Xiaofei.

“This student knows…”

Bai Xiaofei coldly snorted at this answer.

“You say that the people are important, then why do you turn a blind eye to their petitions that are happening right before you?!”

“Please don’t be angry, Teacher. It’s not that I don’t care about it, but that my Imperial Father told me they are rebels and not a part of the people carrying our boat, and we can’t indulge them to do whatever they want. Those are the punishments they deserve,” An Yue hurriedly explained, and not a word was a lie, which could be easily seen from his reaction.

“Then, if I say your father is lying to you, do you believe me or your father?” Bai Xiaofei threw out another question.

A deadly question!

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