Chapter 612: Duel; Choosing Disciples!

Chapter 612: Duel; Choosing Disciples!

“Tch, I didn’t think our Starnet is so well-known that a student who’s not even 18 years old like me can scare off seniors several times his age.” Bai Xiaofei burst out laughing. His provocation escalated directly to naked insult, making the three Grandmaster Ranks huff in fury.

“You brat! This old man gave Starnet some face and yet you are so unappreciative. Since you’re asking to be beaten, don’t blame me for being ruthless!” Liu Rushi suddenly charged forward. A pair of blood-red rings appeared on his hands from a surge of origin energy, and the temperature of the whole hall soared.

An angry Grandmaster Rank puppet master was no joke!

“What’s all the useless talk for? I’m sitting right here. If you can make me move, consider me defeated!” With a snort, Bai Xiaofei delivered another critical verbal blow.

Furious, Liu Rushi leaped in the air. Fire flared from the rings and drew dazzling arcs in his path. However, an ice wall full riddled with ice spikes instantly appeared, not only blocking him from Bai Xiaofei but also threatened to pierce him with the ever-expanding spikes.

“Petty tricks!”

His lips curling in a disdainful sneer, Liu Rushi threw the ring in his right hand at the ice wall. But to his shock, the fiery ring spun straight through the ice wall as if it didn’t exist at all.


Liu Rushi was caught off guard by this realization, but what arose in his heart after was confidence. An Illusion Stream puppet master wants to fight me alone? A death wish!

With this thought, Liu Rushi ignored the ice wall. He swung the ring on his left hand and sent a fire blade flying at Bai Xiaofei. At that moment, the other ring had flown back to his right hand. He crossed the two rings and blasted out another attack at Bai Xiaofei.

Liu Rushi felt that victory was in his grasp, but then a dramatic scene appeared.

The illusory ice wall suddenly became real. Liu Rushi rammed straight into it with a loud rumble and fell from the air. While he wasn’t seriously injured, the embarrassment caused by his miserable appearance was enough to kill him…

Meanwhile, the flame attack earlier had reached Bai Xiaofei, but unfortunately, it became his own weapon. The fire blade that was enough to kill a Master Rank was grabbed by Bai Xiaofei’s hand and dissipated, but he acted as he had just done nothing.

Devouring Heaven and Earth’s Endless State: ignores all energy attacks that don’t exceed the limit of absorption!

“Do you want to continue?” asked Bai Xiaofei softly.

At the same time, earth thorns shot out from all directions and surrounded Liu Rushi. This time, he didn’t dare to move because he didn’t know whether they were real or an illusion.

“My skills are inferior, this old man accepts defeat!” Clenching his jaw, the earlier domineering Liu Rushi chickened out. Everyone could see that Bai Xiaofei hadn’t used his full strength, since he hadn’t even revealed his puppet…

“What about you two? Are you still interested in a duel?” With a sneer, Bai Xiaofei withdrew the earth thorns before looking at Zheng Gong and Zhi Daoyuan, who were planning to just stand aside and watch the show.

It was a good play, but how it played out was a little different from what they had expected.

“No, no need! Starnet Academy deserves its reputation to be able to develop such a young talent. I’m ashamed, ashamed…” Zheng Gong hurriedly expressed his stand. Zhi Daoyuan also shook his head.

“Good! Good! Good! Outstanding! A hero from young, indeed! Brother Bai has greatly widened my knowledge today!” After the three Grandmaster Ranks acknowledged their inferiority, An Bang Ting couldn’t hold back anymore and sprang up from his seat as if he was seeing his savior. Walking to Bai Xiaofei, he pointed at his four sons. “I wonder which one of my four sons will be lucky to receive your personal guidance?”

Looking in that direction, Bai Xiaofei saw four pairs of thrilled eyes. The power he had just displayed had completely conquered them.

Especially An Feng! He felt that Bai Xiaofei was also a puppet master of the Illusion Stream, so according to normal people’s thinking, he would choose a compatible student.

Unfortunately, there was no such thing as ‘normal’ with Bai Xiaofei…

“I choose An Yue,” said Bai Xiaofei.

The whole banquet hall fell into a brief silence, which was broken by an excited roar from An Yue. The other three princes stood there blankly staring into empty space.

The three Grandmaster Ranks were also shocked.

Is this boy out of his mind?!

If you want to choose this thing, why didn’t you just say it earlier?! It’s not like we’d compete with you!

“Where are your manners? Just say your answer, are you willing to receive Brother Bai’s teachings?” An Bang Ting said coldly.

An Yue immediately calmed down and nodded like a chicken pecking rice.

“I am willing!”

“Then pay respects to your teacher!” An Bang Ting yelled again.

As if rudely awakened, An Yue wanted to kneel down toward Bai Xiaofei, but the latter stood up and stopped him.

“No need for a teacher ceremony. I’m only going to provide some guidance for a month. I haven’t gotten the qualification to take in disciples yet, not to mention that An Yue is still the prince of a country.”

An Yue was slightly disappointed, but An Bang Ting was very open-minded.

“As long as Brother Bai is happy, do it however you will! I entrust this disappointing son of mine to you!” An Bang Ting laughed. Bai Xiaofei agreed.

After Bai Xiaofei chose An Yue, the remaining three Grandmaster Ranks were in harmony. Respectively, Liu Rushi and Zheng Gong chose the first prince and the third prince, whose abilities were similar to their own. The clever little prince An Feng became Zhi Daoyuan’s student.

After the teacher-student relationships were finalized, the banquet reached the next climax. The four students introduced everything they could reveal to their teachers while An Bang Ting laughed from ear to ear during the whole process.

Throughout the party, Bai Xiaofei was the only one contemplating something else.

Why do I keep having this feeling that something is amiss? Am I really just thinking too much?

Quietly questioning himself again and again, Bai Xiaofei subconsciously looked at An Yue sitting next to him. Let’s hope you won’t ‘disappoint’ me!

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