Chapter 611: Just Decide it with a Fight!

Chapter 611: Just Decide it with a Fight!

Having gotten Bai Xiaofei’s promise, An Bang Ting excitedly stood up from his seat and shouted at the maids around.

“Come, bring my treasured Zen Wine! Today, I and Brother Bai shall not go home until we are drunk!”

As a huge wine jar was carried into the banquet, the strange atmosphere suddenly turned lively. Everyone raised their glasses in toasts and got to know each other.

Of the two other Grandmaster Ranks aside from Liu Rufeng, one was Zheng Gong, a rootless wanderer, and the other was Zhi Daoyuan, an Honorable Guest Member of the Babel Merchant House. Using An Bang Ting’s words, the four Grandmaster Ranks would be in a frenemy relationship in the coming month.

An Bang Ting said he had personally prepared a big gift to whoever was able to produce the final heir. While he didn’t reveal what exactly it was, he said that it would satisfy them.

“Brother Bai, are your three companions also talents of Starnet? Why don’t they take off their hoods? Are you afraid we have ill intent towards you?” Liu Rushi looked at the tightly covered Leng sisters at the next table, his eyes flashing with a venomous glint.

“They are my women. I don’t want them to attract too much attention.” Bai Xiaofei’s answer was so direct that Liu Rushi instantly looked embarrassed.

“Brother Bai, we are all married people. There’s no need to be so careful. You can’t make these sisters dress like this for the next whole month, right?” Zheng Gong chimed in. What Bai Xiaofei had just said piqued his interest in the Leng sisters. What kind of beautiful women had they not seen before? In his view, Bai Xiaofei was a bit too stingy.

“This is my own business,” Bai Xiaofei retorted. Anger had started to surface on his expression.

“Forget it, forget it. Don’t make Brother Bai unhappy. There is no need to quarrel about such a trivial matter,” Zhi Daoyuan intervened as a peacemaker, forcing this topic to end.

Meanwhile, An Bang Ting also realized the hostility in the atmosphere. He hurriedly yelled out, “Go summon the four princes!”

After the eunuch at the door cried out in response, An Bang Ting then looked at Bai Xiaofei and the others.

“Brother Bai, three Masters, my four sons are coming right away. I’m sure you will be satisfied with them.”

Giving An Bang Ting face, Bai Xiaofei silently returned to his table. The Leng triplets happily leaned closer to him.

If possible, they would rather dress like this all their lives and reserve their most beautiful side to Bai Xiaofei alone.

“The princes have arrived!” a eunuch’s high-pitched voice rang outside as everyone was enjoying the maids’ graceful dancing.

With a slight wave from An Bang Ting, the dancing maids retreated. Four youths who were obviously An Bang Ting’s sons from their facial features then entered the hall.

“Your children greet Imperial Father!” The four princes knelt to An Bang Ting, their manner respectful and filial.

“Rise. I’ve called you here to meet your future masters, who will be teaching you various knowledge in the next month, especially your half-hearted puppet master skills,” An Bang Ting slowly said, then coughed.

The four princes got up and saluted the four Grandmaster Ranks one by one. Upon seeing Bai Xiaofei, they were obviously slightly stunned because he looked too young!

However, they couldn’t be blamed. After all, the youngest of the four was 21 years old this year. Bai Xiaofei looked like a little brother to them.

“Do a simple introduction so that your masters have an impression on you,” An Bang Ting spoke again.

The four princes all took a deep breath.

“An Ming, 32 years old, Proficient Rank puppet master. My main puppet is a melee ice-attribute Tooth Dagger. I would like a Melee Stream teacher, and I also believe that I will be a good student,” First Prince An Ming took the lead with his confidence on his face. This confidence came from his identity as the eldest son and also the strongest among them.

“An Ye, 27 years old, Mastery Rank puppet master. Main master puppet is a Ranged Stream Hurricane Gun. I’m proficient in music and like to make friends.” An Ye was the third prince. Since the second prince died young, he was the oldest after the first prince.

“An Yue, 24 years old, Mastery Rank. My main puppet is a Defense Stream Diamond Armor. I’m not very good at talking, I hope for your pardon.” Sixth Prince An Yue looked crude at first glance. Except for Bai Xiaofei, the other three Grandmaster Rank all revealed a disdainful expression. There would be really no justice if this seemingly brainless person could inherit the throne.

“An Feng, 21 years old, Mastery Rank puppet master of the Illusion Stream. I hope to learn from you, Masters.” An Feng, the last to speak, cupped his hands slightly to everyone with a faint smile that made everyone who looked at him very comfortable. Although the ‘Illusion Stream’ part made the other three Grandmasters frown slightly, they could all see that An Feng was smart-looking.

And the throne was not something that could be gained with personal strength…

After the four princes introduced themselves, the Grandmaster Ranks had formed their own general judgments. They then also briefly introduced themselves and hinted at which prince they wanted to take. The most sought-after ones were the First Prince An Ming and the youngest An Feng.

Bai Xiaofei was an exception. He didn’t hint at anything and his self-introduction was very simple: ‘My name is Bai Xiaofei, a holder of the Starnet Brilliance!’

Yet such a simple introduction made the four princes lose their calm in an instant. Their doubts about Bai Xiaofei were immediately dispelled and replaced by the excitement of wanting to be his student, which in turn made the three other Grandmaster Ranks lose their calm.

“Since we are choosing our student, let’s comply with the ‘first come first served rule’ and not let the competition affect our harmony,” said Liu Rushi as he looked straight at Bai Xiaofei, who was savoring his wine. Obviously, this was aimed at him.

Zheng Gong and Zhi Daoyuan expressed similar views. As far as they were concerned, Bai Xiaofei had become their biggest competitor.

“Well, isn’t this simple?” With a slight smile, Bai Xiaofei put down his glass and looked up at the three Grandmaster Ranks who had reached a consensus. “Since we are all Grandmaster Rank, let’s just fight it out. Whoever wins will get to choose first.”

As soon as Bai Xiaofei finished speaking, the other three were shocked speechless. They didn’t expect him to be so direct!

“What’s wrong? You three gentlemen don’t dare?” Bai Xiaofei’s smile deepened and his eyes grew provocative.

Didn’t you want to see this lord’s women earlier? If I don’t teach you a lesson, my surname is not Bai!

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