Chapter 59 Conquer, Not Conquered!

Wu Chi was still the deserving number one. Not only was this fellow good at fighting, he could also take a beating. Most importantly, as the possessor of the Heavenly Origin Physique, his origin energy was so tremendous it far exceeded their imagination. No matter if it was utilized in defense or attack, it was sharp.

After Wu Chi, the person ranked second was Xu Chen from among the females. As an Onslaught Stream puppet master, her natural talent in close-quarter combat was fairly formidable, and she belonged to the type that possessed a formidable comprehensive ability.

Following them, were a few groups with equivalent strengths. Among them was Wang Hang and Zhu Sisi, who represented swiftness as they were often able to rely on their speed to take actions that were of strategic importance. There was also Ming One, Ming Two, and Shi Kui, whose steadiness caused them to be very suitable to draw fire.

The Transformation Stream puppet master Qi Wei was also a candidate for swiftness, but her endurance was inferior to Wang Hang’s and Zhu Sisi’s, so she could only settle for a lower position. Duan Yiyi, Xing Nan, and Bai Xiaofei revealed comparatively formidable natural talent. Even though they were always getting bashed during the battle, their improvement every single time was exceedingly obvious.

As for the remaining people, they’d fallen to an inferior position. Even though they were bashed heavily every single time, when compared to the others, their improvement was slow.

But, according to what Xue Ying said, they would be fine after they got beaten for a period of time…

The fifteen of them dragged their bodies covered in injuries and relied on themselves to make and eat a full meal. They then returned to their tents to sleep for a while before Xue Ying, who seemed to never get tired, woke them.

The destination this time was the academy’s square!

Unlike the first two times, all of them were experienced, and the other people in the square were already slightly accustomed to the scene. Even though there were still people in the square who would stop and look at them sweating profusely, there were few people when compared to the first day.

After they completed the group assignment, Bai Xiaofei’s group of seven started their extra assignment, but Mo Ka couldn’t endure it any longer. 

“Mo Ka! Stop f*cking falling behind. How many more times do you want to get beaten?” Bai Xiaofei cursed at him, and then Mo Ka started dashing madly with all his might.

Duan Yiyi, Fang Ye, and Zhu Nuo similarly didn’t have a much better endurance, and they gritted their teeth and forcefully endured it because Xue Ying’s requirement this time wasn’t just in terms of the number of rounds but in speed as well!

“It’s the final round. Duan Yiyi, Fang Ye, Mo Ka, and Zhu Nuo, if all four of you are still unable to keep up, there’ll be two more rounds for all of you after this!!” Xue Ying’s voice was like a voice that urged them on, but the four of them were really out of strength.

“Bai Xiaofei, you three are not allowed to help!” Bai Xiaofei had just put up his hand and hadn’t even brought them forward two steps when Xue Ying had directly interrupted him.

“Don’t forget what all of you told me yesterday. If you want to follow me, catch up to me!” Gasping for breath, Bai Xiaofei sped up once more, and Fang Ye and Mo Ka tried their best to mobilize the last remaining origin energy within their bodies to power their legs for the final sprint.

But reality was brutal. When Bai Xiaofei’s group of three passed through the finish line, Fang Ye and the others still had half a round to complete.

“You’re not allowed to stop, continue for another two more rounds!” Xue Ying’s voice resounded out. Even though they were already exhausted, not a single one of them spoke out a complaint, and they gritted their teeth tightly and continued the assignment they should finish…

When the four of them stopped, the sun had already set, and during the process, for the sake of cheering the four of them all, everyone else who had completed the assignment had practically shouted to the point they tore open their throats.

“I swear that from today onward, I won’t f*cking fall behind ever again!!!” As he lay on the ground limp, Mo Ka roared loudly, and under his lead, Fang Ye roared madly as well.

“I’m the f*cking same!!!”

“Me too!!”

No one had expected that Duan Yiyi, who’d always been shy and didn’t dare speak loudly, would actually shout as well, and her fine voice was even more penetrative than Mo Ka’s and Fang Ye’s.

“Me too!!” Zhu Nuo refused to be outdone, and after they finished shouting, an unprecedented relaxed feeling gushed into their hearts at the same time.

A pair of seniors wearing first-year uniforms just happened to pass by, and the male student cursed bluntly because he seemed to want to display his power and prestige. “F*ck, are all of you mad? What the f*ck are all of you shouting here at night for?”

“Hey, that ignorant fool over there, who are you talking about?” Bai Xiaofei stood up at the first possible moment and immediately walked over to greet the senior, who was half a head taller than him.

“Junior, are you talking to me?” Walking over, the senior instantly raised his icy cold voice because he refused to be outdone. He had also already decided to teach this new student a lesson.

The senior sister by the senior’s side didn’t stop him, and she grinned as she watched the show her boyfriend was about to perform.

But both of them were going to be disappointed this time.

“Exactly. I’m talking about you, you piece of trash whose head is full of shit and can only talk shit!” Bai Xiaofei walked over to face the senior before letting loose a string of curses, directly cursing the senior to the point of stunning the senior.

“You’re f*cking courting—” He hadn’t spoken the word “death” by the time Bai Xiaofei’s right leg, which was coiled in origin energy, heavily kicked the area between the senior’s legs. Without any suspense, the senior immediately knelt on the ground in pain.

“Didn’t your teacher teach you to beat the person down before expressing your thoughts?” Bai Xiaofei held the senior’s chin and raised it up so the senior could look at him. Bai Xiaofei’s ferocious expression caused him to seem as if he would eat someone up.

“Let go of my husband!” The woman who had intended to watch the show shouted loudly and stabbed at Bai Xiaofei with a sword-shaped puppet she held in her hand.

But before she could even approach Bai Xiaofei, a figure appeared before her a step earlier and immediately grabbed the origin energy convergence point in her right hand, which held the puppet. Lin Li exerted some strength, causing the senior sister’s puppet to instantly fall from her hand. The next second, a clear and resounding slap directly swung her down to the ground.

“Get…away from him!” 

For the first time everyone saw an expression of rage appear on Lin Li’s face, and that slap from before was the most resounding slap they had ever heard. It had caused half of the senior sister’s face to swell up.

“Remember, we’re the new students from the Savage Class. If you’re unhappy, you can bring people over at any time. No matter how many you bring, we refuse nobody!”

Just like this, a Proficient Rank Illusion Stream puppet master forcefully beat a Master Rank senior from the Sword of Assault to the point of not daring to talk back!

Meanwhile, all of them couldn’t help but recall the words Xue Ying had told them on the first day.

No matter how strong you are, if you don’t have the chance to utilize that strength, you’re just an ordinary person!

Now Bai Xiaofei had used facts to prove it!

After this small incident, the members of the Savage Class once more stepped on the road to return to their outdoor campsite. This time, all of them were in high spirits!

“Big Brother Fei, I think we ought to think of a resounding slogan that’s worthy of our class and that we can shout every time we do something. What do you think?” Mo Ka, who was like a dead dog just a minute ago, was suddenly filled with spirit once again.

“Hey, that’s not bad!” As the representative of the girls, Xu Chen was the first to second this idea, and the eyes of the boys glowed as well.

“Don’t ask me...we have to ask our Big Sister Xue!” Bai Xiaofei didn’t dare neglect Xue Ying because the slightest carelessness might cause him to be played to death by her!

“I don’t have any objections. Just don’t make it sound too unpleasant.”

A long time after Xue Ying stopped speaking, a pensive look appeared on Bai Xiaofei’s face. He stopped the second before they strode through the academy’s entrance.

“I’ve got it.” Bai Xiaofei paused for a moment, and when everyone’s gazes converged on him, he glanced back at them before speaking once more.

“Conquer, not conquered!”

Thus the slogan that would resound throughout Starnet Academy came into existence.


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