Chapter 609: The Tree Wants Peace but the Wind won’t Stop!

Chapter 609: The Tree Wants Peace but the Wind won’t Stop!

Bai Xiaofei didn’t want any trouble, but sometimes things just didn’t play out as one hoped. When the four stepped out of the Puppet Master Alliance, there was a crowd of royal guards tightly blocking the entrance.

“Masters, His Majesty the Emperor wishes to meet with you.” The royal guard commander stepped forward. His commanding tone wasn’t anything like an invitation at all.

“What did you say just now? No one would dare to make trouble in the Puppet Master Alliance?” Bai Xiaofei actually turned to ridicule Leng Liuying.

“They didn’t go in, they’re just blocking us outside!” Leng Liuying flushed red in her final struggle of a retort.

Bai Xiaofei turned back to the commander. “I suppose Commander is the leader of the royal guards? We are but humble travelers passing by. Why would your emperor want to see us?” he said, neither servile nor overbearing, but anger was seeping out of his icy stare.

However, the commander didn’t reach his position for nothing. If a look could scare him away, the person standing there wouldn’t be him.

“I’m just a small general. How dare I guess His Majesty’s thoughts? I only follow orders. I hope you don’t make it hard on me, Master.” The commander cupped his hands. The royal guards around immediately got into a fighting stance.

Seeing this, Bai Xiaofei snorted. As far as this group of puny local troops was concerned, it would take him less than three minutes to take them all down. However, he knew it was meaningless to do so.

“Fine, then. But you should know this idiom, Commander.” Sneering, Bai Xiaofei took off his long turban, revealing the shiny Starnet Brilliance on his chest.

“If you have anything you want to say, Master, please say it. Your words will be delivered as fast as possible,” saying this, the commander’s mouth kept twitching. The guards at the city gate had only told him that a Grandmaster Rank puppet master had entered the city, but not anything about this person coming from Starnet. And how many people had a Starnet Brilliance in this continent?

“It’s easier to invite a devil than to send him away!” With another snort, Bai Xiaofei crossed his hands behind his back and walked out the entrance. Huskie and Blackie simultaneously roared at the commander.

“This way, please!” The commander bit the bullet and gestured as a chill ran down his spine. I’m afraid His Majesty has really made the wrong decision this time…

Following the commander, the four walked straight into the royal grounds unimpeded. Bai Xiaofei once again got to witness the grandeur of a royal house. No matter how small a country was, its imperial palace would never fall behind others. Perhaps this was the face of an emperor.

“His Majesty has set up a banquet. Please go in and rest first while I go and report. His Majesty will personally welcome you.”

The commander opened the door to the banquet hall for Bai Xiaofei’s group. Inside, eunuchs and maids were busy arranging exquisite dishes on the tables. Under the guidance of a maid, the four settled in the seats prepared for them.

“Lil Bastard, what do you think this emperor guy is up to?” Leng Liuying was always the least likely to curb her curiosity and the laziest to think.

“If I say I have no idea either, will you believe me?” Bai Xiaofei smiled bitterly. He was telling the truth. This invitation was so abrupt that there was no information to speculate. If Revelation was here, maybe he could have divined something, but Bai Xiaofei had no other choice but to wait.

“No matter what, we’d better be careful. After all, we are under another’s roof,” Leng Liuli advised in a low voice. As the big sister, she always prioritized the safety of her two sisters and had gradually developed a cautious character.

And being cautious was never the wrong thing to do.

“It’ll all work out. I don’t believe that this little Tranquil Kingdom can keep us four.” Bai Xiaofei stroked Huskie’s head. Through spiritual communication, the puppet snuck out when no one paid attention. Then, Bai Xiaofei injected origin energy into Blackie and after a little, the cat’s body twisted and vanished.

After finishing everything, Bai Xiaofei picked up the wine glass in front of him and savored it. Tranquil’s Zen Wine was soft with an underlying taste, which was well suited for this kind of atmosphere.

The triplets sat properly, but their eyes never stopped observing the surroundings.

Before long, a huge team came in accompanied by the high-pitched voice of a eunuch, and all the maids and eunuchs in the hall knelt down toward the grand doors, shouting, “Long live His Majesty!”

In the whole hall, only Bai Xiaofei’s group of four did not move.

“Audacious! How dare you not genuflect upon seeing His Majesty!” shouted an old eunuch at the four, but Bai Xiaofei acted as if he didn’t hear anything. Only after finishing his glass did he open his mouth.

“Tranquil is but a level-three state. I, as a Grandmaster Rank, don’t even have to greet the emperor of a level-two kingdom, but a slave here dares to yell at me? Who’s the audacious one?”

Bai Xiaofei coldly looked at the luxuriously dressed emperor. The latter looked to be in his prime and dignified, but his unchanged expression prevented Bai Xiaofei from guessing his inner thoughts.

“Your Majesty, I don’t need to help you teach your people, do I?”

Hearing this, the old eunuch instantly turned pale and he knelt down toward the emperor with a ‘plop.’

“Your Majesty, this old slave deserves to die for my offense! This old slave shall apologize to this Master!” Slapping his mouth repeatedly, the old eunuch cried and begged for mercy. However, the emperor acted as if he didn’t see it.

“Men, drag him away and behead him!” The emperor swung his sleeve and knocked the old eunuch to the ground.

Two guards rushed up and dragged the old eunuch away.

Having ordered a subordinate beheaded, the emperor didn’t show any sign of displeasure. Instead, he started to smile warmly as he walked to Bai Xiaofei’s table and took the seat opposite him.

“I have long been unhappy with that old guy. Thank you for giving me an opportunity to get rid of him today, Little Brother. A toast to us!”

Watching the emperor raising his glass, Bai Xiaofei gawked, feeling like his brain short-circuited. For a moment, he didn’t know how to respond.

This thing is the emperor?! What kind of plot is this?!

Subconsciously checking out the big group who had arrived with the emperor, Bai Xiaofei didn’t see any surprise from their faces. It seemed they were accustomed to their emperor’s behavior.

“What’s wrong, Lil’ Bro? You don’t want to make friends with me?” The emperor sounded lost, but he kept his glass raised.

Looking back at the emperor, Bai Xiaofei gulped hard.

“How could I not? It is Xiaofei’s pleasure to get to know Your Majesty.” Bai Xiaofei raised his glass in reply. The two people then drained their glasses.

You want to play, huh? Then this lord will accompany you to a good time!

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