Chapter 608: The Puppet Master Alliance!

Chapter 608: The Puppet Master Alliance!

The intensive travel had nearly drained Bai Xiaofei’s group. When they woke up, it was already close to noon.

Enjoying a not-so-delicious lunch, Bai Xiaofei relayed the triplets the information he got from the innkeeper last night.

“Our purpose is finding Grandfather. It takes at least two months from here to the Kingdom of Snow at our current speed, so it’s better we don’t delay.” Leng Liuli stated a reason Bai Xiaofei couldn’t refuse. The latter sighed.

Indeed, there was an urgent problem here!

“Alright then, let’s refill our supplies. We’ll leave after getting the evaluation from the Puppet Master Alliance.”

The evaluation of the Puppet Master Alliance was a kind of ID that verified one’s identity as a puppet master. After earning this evaluation, one would get an exclusive ID badge, with which traveling around would be much more convenient than having to prove oneself every time like Bai Xiaofei.

In addition, certified puppet masters got to enjoy benefits offered by the Puppet Master Alliance, such as a fixed monthly allowance. The most important thing was that the Puppet Master Alliance would not force any puppet master to do anything, and all published missions were voluntary.

For this reason, 90% of the puppet masters on the continent were registered with the Puppet Master Alliance.

The Puppet Master Alliance had a branch in basically every big city. However, small countries like the Tranquil Kingdom had only its capital that met their standard.

After lunch, the four put on their desert turbans and asked around for the location of the Puppet Master Alliance branch in Tranquil City.

Although Tranquil was only a small city, the Puppet Master Alliance did not lower the standard for its branch building at all. The magnificent main entrance and the gold-plated characters above it fully displayed the honor of the puppet master identity.

“Why do I feel like my understanding of puppet masters is refreshed every time I go out? Are puppet masters really so rare?” Bai Xiaofei smiled wryly and then looked at himself from the bottom up as if re-evaluating his price.

“Of course. Take this Tranquil City for example: there are at least 500,000 citizens here, but it’s already optimistic to say that over 200 are puppet masters, and this already includes Apprentice and Mastery Ranks. Counting from the Proficient Rank up, at most around 20,” Leng Liuying said with a hint of pride. After all, she was a Master Rank.

“If so, aren’t I at a precious-beast level?” Bai Xiaofei blinked as he once again raised his self-evaluation.

“You?! You mean a precious-beast level scum?” Leng Liuying rolled her eyes as she expressed her deep disdain.

“What’s wrong with being scum? I wouldn’t get to have beauties in both arms if I wasn’t.” Bai Xiaofei took Leng Liuli and Leng Liushuang in his left and right arms and raised an eyebrow.

“You…!” Pointing at Bai Xiaofei and repeating it for half a day, Leng Liuying never managed to find any words to refute. In her rage, she stomped into the Puppet Master Alliance by herself.

Bai Xiaofei hurriedly followed with the other two sisters. They were new here, and it would be bad if someone troubled Leng Liuying.

However, he thought too much. In Tranquil, few people really dared to make a fuss in the Puppet Master Alliance.

After entering the building, Bai Xiaofei discovered that the entrance was still far from living up to the word ‘magnificent.’

“They’re damn f*cking rich!” Bai Xiaofei exclaimed from the bottom of his heart before catching up with Leng Liuying. “Leave it to me. It is inconvenient for you guys.”

This time, Leng Liuying didn’t argue with him. They only wanted a certificate for the road, there was no need for all four of them to appear in public.

“Good afternoon, sir, are you here to announce a mission?” a pretty staff greeted. Because Bai Xiaofei didn’t show an ID, she regarded him as a normal person.

“I’m here to get a certification,” Bai Xiaofei said.

The staff’s attitude instantly improved at least three levels, from the initial politeness to fear and humility.

“I’m very sorry, I hope I didn’t offend you. For certification, please follow me.” The staff made a ‘please’ gesture and started leading the way.

Soon, they arrived at a deserted area, where they were the only living creatures except for a girl who was fast asleep.

“Xiaoqing! Get up, there’s work!” the staff hurriedly said. Xiaoqing behind the counter instantly sprang up and fixed her clothes

“Welcome, Master! Do you want to upgrade your certification?” Xiaoqing nervously asked, fearing that Bai Xiaofei would pursue her impropriety. Her job was basically gone if he did so.

“No, it’s my first time getting a certification.” Bai Xiaofei smiled.

Hearing his calm voice, Xiaoqing relaxed. Lucky he’s not angry. On another note, he sounds very young!

Xiaoqing naturally didn’t voice what was going on in her head, and her hand didn’t falter. A form and a special-looking orb were presented.

“This is the basic information form. After you fill it out, you can do the rank test. You only need to inject 20% of your origin energy into it.” Xiaoqing’s voice was very soft.

After Bai Xiaofei filled out the form, he placed his hand on the orb.

A yellow light representing origin energy glowed and activated the orb. A moment later, the orb glowed purple.

The moment they saw this light, Xiaoqing and the staff stared blankly. Grand… Grandmaster Rank puppet master?!!!

“What’s wrong? Is there any problem?” seeing the two in a daze, Bai Xiaofei softly asked.

“No, no, no, no problem, it’s my bad. We haven’t had a high-rank puppet master result in a long time… I…” Xiaoqing hurriedly apologized after returning to her senses. She didn’t know what she was saying towards the end as her hands holding the form trembled in excitement.

“If there’s no problem, please give me the certification. We are in a hurry,” Bai Xiaofei interrupted Xiaoqing in her panic and reminded her of her job.

“Please wait a moment, Master, I’ll enter your information!” Xiaoqing ran to one side and entered Bai Xiaofei’s information into a special machine. A little while later, she came running back with a badge and an Amethyst Card.

“This is a badge representing the Grandmaster Rank. This is a special Amethyst Card bound to your identity. In the future, your monthly allowance and mission income will be directly credited to this card. Only your origin energy can activate this badge and this special Amethyst Card,” Xiaoqing seriously explained.

Taking mental notes, Bai Xiaofei accepted the two objects and then left. He hadn’t lied about being in a hurry!

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