Chapter 607: Leaving Starnet Again!

Chapter 607: Leaving Starnet Again!

The Tranquil Kingdom was a small country similar to Ancient Yue, but its capital, a city of the same name, was much more prosperous, which could be seen from the much taller city gate.

“Who goes there?! Stop! The city is closed for the day, come back tomorrow!” shouted a city guard upon spotting a group of four riders at a distance.

At night, the guards couldn’t see the faces of the four people and what kind of horses they were riding. Otherwise, they would never be so confident. Setting aside the four’s identity, just their Blackscale Horses alone could scare them witless…

“We are puppet masters on a journey, just passing by your city. We hope you can make it convenient,” a crisp male voice came from under a person’s hood. At the same time, the man slowly raised his right hand and condensed a dazzling light sword with his origin energy.

Seeing this, the guards on the wall trembled in fear.

“Open the gate quickly!”

With the sounds of moving mechanisms, the heavy gate slowly opened. A group of guards marched out and lined up respectfully on both sides of the road. The squad leader who had just spoken knelt on one knee in front of the man’s horse with a fearful expression.

“I didn’t know. I hope Master will forgive my offense!” Origin energy materializing was the signature ability of the Grandmaster Rank. This kind of character could kill him on the spot and no one would make a sound!

Besides, they were riding Blackscale Horses!

“You were only doing your job. Please stand up,” the man whispered, fearing that he would leave a trauma on this responsible squad leader.

“Thank you, Master!” The squad leader stood up and made way.

The four Blackscale Horses entered the city at a steady pace. Puppet masters were always the holders of privileges on this continent.

“Lil’ Bai, how are we sleeping tonight?” Urging her horse to Bai Xiaofei’s side, Leng Liuying provocatively asked, stirring his emotions.

That’s right, these four people were Bai Xiaofei and the Leng triplets. Tranquil City was already their third stop. Since leaving Starnet, he had been teased like this all the way.

Bai Xiaofei thought he’d have to ruin several pairs of iron shoes to find Cang Lan, but it was unexpectedly much simpler!

When the triplets had nonchalantly told him they knew where Cang Lan was, he picked them up one by one and spun them in a circle. It was the feeling when you had gathered six dragon balls and suddenly found the seventh one under your pillow.

It was also because of this information that Bai Xiaofei was unable to calmly stay in Starnet. All day long, all he thought about was finding Cang Lan and solving the problem with his Spiritualization Art. Finally, he couldn’t bear it anymore and went to Lei Shan to explain everything, and then left Starnet with the Leng sisters.

At first, a whole bunch of people said they wanted to follow Bai Xiaofei. Unfortunately though, it wasn’t a mission this time. Going to see Cang Lan, a senior with an unpredictable mood, it was best to bring as few people as possible. Therefore, Bai Xiaofei didn’t even bring an extra person.

Not to mention that Starnet was still in need of manpower. The major organizations making complaints before had put forward new requirements. They put more missions on the Starnet Ranking tasks and requested the students to give priority to the ones they announced. As a result, powerful people such as Hu Xian’er had been extremely busy, even some outstanding students in the training course had to finish their classes ahead of time.

Under such a circumstance, Bai Xiaofei couldn’t bring too many people.

“If you want to do it with me, I’m very willing,” Bai Xiaofei retorted without any signs of backing out, earning a cold snort from Leng Liuying.

“Nice try. If there aren’t enough rooms this time, you shall sleep in the woodshed. Don’t even think about repeating what happened last time!”

Leng Liuying was referring to three days ago when, due to the lack of rooms, the four were stuffed into one and the triplets had spent the night sleepless… While there had been no actual benefits, Bai Xiaofei was getting better and better at pushing the edge.

“You are so cruel. Liushuang won’t have the heart to make me sleep in the woodshed!” Bai Xiaofei was full of grievances and immediately attacked the weakest link.

“I have the heart.” Bai Xiaofei’s smugness hadn’t even reached his face when Leng Liushuang’s light answer vanquished it.

Full of worries, he took the girls to the biggest inn in the city. Fortunately, they had enough unoccupied rooms.

However, in order to guard against Bai Xiaofei, the triplets demanded that they sleep together and leave one whole room to him. They knew themselves very well. If separated, none of them could hang on through his coaxing and pestering.

With a long sigh, Bai Xiaofei could only accept his fate and watch the tightly covered trio run into their room. They didn’t want to dress like this, but there was no better option. One, the road was too dusty and two, their beauty could easily lead to chaos. In line with the idea that one less trouble was better than more, they simply dressed like they were in a desert.

“Boss, we were in Doyle City a few days ago and heard that Tranquil hadn’t been very peaceful lately. What happened?” Taking off his hood and ordering a pot of Zen Wine, a specialty of the Tranquil Kingdom, Bai Xiaofei initiated a chat with the innkeeper.

Inns, where people came and went, were definitely a holy place for circulating gossip. This inn was the largest one in the whole city, so the boss definitely knew a thing or two.

“Little Brother, this can’t be discussed.” The innkeeper hurriedly shook his head and made a ‘shush’ gesture.

Bai Xiaofei raised his brows. The innkeeper’s reaction actually piqued his interest.

“I just want to know the overall situation. I won’t go out there and blabber.” He placed a dozen gold coins in front of the innkeeper. The latter’s eyes lit up as he quickly and quietly put away the gold coins.

“It’s a long story.” With a smile, the boss changed into a chatterbox.

“It’s fine. I have a lot of time on my hand. Just fire away, Boss.” His interest getting higher and higher, Bai Xiaofei leaned on the bar, showing that he was all ears.

“It happened just a month ago. Two outsiders suddenly came to the city and had a meeting with the king. No one knew what they talked about, but the next day they became Teachers of the Nation1. Then, the garrison and the guards began to search houses like crazy. Word is that they were looking for an anti-party of something. Many people were arrested.”

The innkeeper then made a serious face and whispered in Bai Xiaofei’s ear.

“Especially outsiders like you, eight out of ten have been arrested, so if you want to move around the city, you must be careful!”

With that, the innkeeper resumed his smiling face as if he had never said anything.

Bai Xiaofei’s lips curved into a slight smile. Outsiders, anti-party, Teachers of the Nation…

Sounds interesting!

1. A title an emperor bestows on respected monks or religious teachers. The receivers then become members of the imperial court.

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