Chapter 605: Thunderstorm Again!

Chapter 605: Thunderstorm Again!

“In fact, many people come here and open a shop not to make money, because very few who are capable of this actually lack money. What is really important is the human resources in Starnet!” said Lu Lingyun.

Bai Xiaofei’s eyes shone. He had never thought of this before.

“To both businesses and major power parties, talents are the most important resource. In Starnet, they can directly get in touch with talents of all aspects. Many students are selected before graduating; those groups outside have no chance at all. In our later development phase, we will definitely need these talents. You can’t stay in Starnet forever, so these two stores will be our important means for recruitment in the future,” Lu Lingyun elaborated, and a plan started to form in front of everyone.

“Then, you’ll have full charge over this, Big Brother Lu!” Bai Xiaofei decided with joy, once again feeling glad for his decision to drag Lu Lingyun and Feng Wuhen over to his side. Without them, Illusion Demon might forever exist only in his imagination.

“Don’t worry, this is not a problem at all.” Lu Lingyun patted his chest.

Bai Xiaofei heaved a long sigh. The future’s looking great!

“You guys should be able to stay for a while, right? Starnet is going through a period of change. After the training course is over, there will be many available talents. We’d better seize this opportunity.”

Bai Xiaofei really didn’t expect that the training course he had a big part in establishing would eventually become a precious resource.

“It is impossible for both of us to stay. We need one person to watch over the business, or else we may miss that big cake called the Globe Merchant Group. Since Old Lu is taking charge of the stores, I’ll have to go back in two days,” Feng Wuhen said with a hint of reluctance.

Compared to the merchant group side, the matter in Starnet would definitely be much easier. But he had no choice at all, they were too busy!

“Then it’s my treat tonight. Let’s have a get-together. If I remember correctly, you guys haven’t tasted the work of our Demon of Illusions Masterchef.” Bai Xiaofei grinned.

Fang Ye was instantly overjoyed, while Feng Wuhen and Lu Lingyun looked a little confused. What do you mean? Your Demon of Illusions also runs cooking classes?

“Big Brother Fei, do you want to call Wu Chi and them? We haven’t gathered in a while.” Coming from the Savage Class, Fang Ye thought about his group of brothers and sisters all the time.

“Why not? The more the merrier. It’s a rare chance that we get to gather. I’ll just tell Liushuang to prepare some more food,” said Bai Xiaofei as he grew excited. The pressure had been too heavy recently, everyone needed a chance to loosen up.

In the end, Bai Xiaofei and Fang Ye added in this and that and finalized on a party with the theme ‘discussing life’…

A delighted Fang Ye was the first to leave the office and set out to call the members of the Savage Class, while Lu Lingyun took the store deeds to do some field investigation.

“Mengqi, did you do the homework I assigned?” Feng Wuhen suddenly turned to Rui Mengqi.

“Ehh… About that…” Rui Mengqi prevaricated for half a day without coming up with an excuse.

Bai Xiaofei instantly understood what was going on and tried to help, “Mengqi, didn’t you say you wanted to join a training class? The class is starting soon. If you don’t go now, you won’t be able to claim a good seat.”

Hearing this, Rui Mengqi immediately caught the lifeline and nodded like crazy. Her proud peaks in her tight uniform trembled with her movements.

“That’s right, Teacher, I have to go. I will tell you about my homework tomorrow!” Sending Bai Xiaofei a grateful look, Rui Mengqi hurriedly ran out, leaving Bai Xiaofei and Feng Wuhen in the big office.

“Big Brother Feng, what is it that you need to say to me alone?” asked Bai Xiaofei after Rui Mengqi left. Just now, Feng Wuhen obviously wanted to get her to leave.

Feng Wuhen took a deep breath, and his expression became serious.

“Didn’t you ask me to inquire about the Thunderstorm Bandits?”

Bai Xiaofei’s eyes instantly widened and he excitedly stood up. “You have news on them?”

Looking at Bai Xiaofei, Feng Wuhen slowly nodded.

“This is actually thanks to the Globe Merchant Group. If they hadn’t had a problem, I wouldn’t be able to trace those wandering people. After the Globe Merchant Group collapsed, all of their enemies rose up, hunting, oppressing… The Thunderstorm Bandit is one of them. I got some news on them during a business meeting,” said Feng Wuhen.

Bai Xiaofei listened carefully, he didn’t want to miss a word.

“Many run-away executives died in their hands. After investigating their activity range, I spent quite a sum to hire a group of adventurers and went to find them, and finally, we met.”

Feng Wuhen paused a little. Bai Xiaofei’s clenched fists started to sweat.

“We almost got into a fight, only after I said your name did they put down their guard a little, but still refused to communicate with me in depth. From what they did reveal, they seemed to be looking for some pill. There was too little information for me to guess beyond that though. But their leader said that if I could see you, he wanted me to send you a message.”

Hearing this, Bai Xiaofei’s heart leaped to his throat.

“What is it?” Gazing at Feng Wuhen, Bai Xiaofei felt like he was suffocating.

“Someone is waiting for you!” said Feng Wuhen.

Bai Xiaofei was shocked for a long while. When his senses returned, he still didn’t understand what this sentence meant.

“Only that person told you to deliver a message? Is there one from a girl as well?” asked Bai Xiaofei nervously before briefly describing Nie Qing’s appearance.

Feng Wuhen shook his head. “I didn’t see such a girl in their group.”

Bai Xiaofei’s heart sank. Why was Nie Qing not with them? But this isn’t impossible. After all, she can’t help much in a fight.

“Alright, Big Brother Feng. Thank you,” Bai Xiaofei’s voice sank as his figure looked lonely.

“It’s nothing. I will continue to pay attention to them in the future. As long as I get their news, I will send it to you first thing,” Feng Wuhen gently comforted. Although he didn’t know why Bai Xiaofei looked like this, he knew it had to do with the girl he mentioned.

When it involved women, outsiders should not meddle too much.

Just like Bai Xiaofei now, he simply didn’t hear what Feng Wuhen had said. There was only one thing on his mind –

What exactly did Fang Lei mean?

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