Chapter 602: Seeing Feng and Lu Again!

Chapter 602: Seeing Feng and Lu Again!

It wasn’t that Bai Xiaofei hadn’t thought about an ultimate goal, he just hadn’t figured out one so far.

Seeing through to his Illusion Demon becoming a top merchant group?

Investigate his father’s past and avenge him?

Fulfill all of the promises he had made and be together with the girls?

Those were all goals, but definitely not his ultimate goal. They were only phrasal goals.

However, something Bai Xiaofei was sure of was that he could not achieve any goals by himself, hence all the things he was doing right now; so that in times of need, he would not be alone!

As for anything beyond this, he hadn’t figured out because he was still young. He hadn’t even had his 18th birthday and still couldn’t be counted as an adult yet. Nonetheless, he firmly believed that he wouldn’t be directionless for long. One day, he would know what he wanted, and the arrival of that day would come soon enough!

“If I say that I can’t give you a definite answer now, will you think that I’m unreliable?” Instead of answering Heartseer, Bai Xiaofei returned a question.

“No, I’d actually think you are a person worthy of trust!”

Heartseer’s reply was unexpected, but Bai Xiaofei found it understandable after considering it carefully. Everyone started from scratch. While he was just a nobody at the moment, so was Heartseer – youngsters with only a vague vision for their future. Since everyone was a dream chaser, what was the use of talking about abstruse ambitions? When the time came, there would always be a way.

Heartseer only knew for certain that Bai Xiaofei was unwilling to be ordinary, and someone like that definitely could lead him to extraordinary as well!

“Then, let us find this goal together. That will be much more interesting!” Bai Xiaofei smiled and his eyes flashed with dazzling brilliance, the same brilliance of which also lit up Heartseer’s eyes.

“It’s a deal. I’m looking forward to that day!”

Heartseer left Bai Xiaofei’s office with a result satisfactory for both. The future was the future. What they needed to do now was to keep accumulating experiences so that they’d be ready to welcome it…

After all kinds of ups and downs, Starnet gradually got back on track. Everything progressed according to plan and everyone was busy enriching themselves.

Freshmen’s courses were being carried out step by step while the training course was constantly increasing in intensity. The students could clearly see their own progress, especially those in the training course who were putting in all of their best efforts.

As Lei Shan had told them: they shouldered the future of Starnet!

The combination of various reasons contributed to the rapid growth after every class. Later, this period of Starnet was recorded into the codex of the All-Knowing Pavilion under the title ‘Reform’!

“Big Brother Fei! Big Brother Fei! “

Just as Bai Xiaofei was taking Hu Xian’er, Lin Li, and the Leng triplets to ‘familiarize’ themselves with the new stores, Fang Ye hurriedly came running. It looked like he had been looking for Bai Xiaofei for a long time.

“I… finally found… found you,” arriving in front of Bai Xiaofei, Fang Ye struggled to say between pants.

“No need to hurry. Catch your breath first. What can make you so anxious? Your image is currently very important, you need to pay attention!” Bai Xiaofei seriously said.

The four girls behind him tried to hold back their laughter. The one who pays the least attention to image is you!

“Big Brother Fei! Big Brother Feng and Big Brother Lu are back!” after panting for half a day, Fang Ye finally recovered and announced in excitement. The brilliance in his eyes was as if he had seen a striking beauty. Wait, no… His eyes wouldn’t even be this bright when seeing a striking beauty. Having seen the girls all the time, he had developed a super strong immunity to beauty. After all, there were Hu Xian’er and Lin Li who were extremely beautiful in different ways.

Meanwhile, Bai Xiaofei was stunned upon hearing this news. He then looked at the girls. “I’m going over there. You guys keep going shopping!” and then ran off.

When Fang Ye returned to his senses, Bai Xiaofei had disappeared into the crowd.

“Big Brother Fei, I haven’t told you where they are!” Fang Ye shouted with a pained smile, but Bai Xiaofei definitely couldn’t hear him.

And you were saying ‘pay attention to image’? Look how urgent you are!

Soon enough, to Fang Ye’s expectations, Bai Xiaofei ran back to him like lightning.

“Where are they?”

Bai Xiaofei’s question had Fang Ye between laughter and tears. The girls turned away and pretended that they didn’t know Bai Xiaofei.

“In the Student Community office…”

Fang Ye hadn’t even finished his words when Bai Xiaofei already disappeared again, leaving him to sigh helplessly, feeling as if his ‘love’ had been entrusted to the wrong person.

“Sisters-in-law, I’m going to accompany Big Brother Fei.” After a simple greeting, Fang Ye set out after Bai Xiaofei. However, he didn’t have the latter’s speed, not to mention that in order to find Bai Xiaofei earlier, he had to make a tour around Starnet…

Meanwhile, in the Student Community office, Rui Mengqi was pouring tea for Feng Wuhen and Lu Lingyun. The two men’s expressions were extremely solemn, which made the atmosphere in the office quite depressing.

They had heard about what happened to the academy. Their former colleagues were killed in the hands of Ling Tianxia. With this blow, it was already not easy for them to sit still.

“Boss should come soon. Please don’t worry.” In front of Feng Wuhen, Rui Mengqi still knew to behave. At least she wouldn’t unintentionally trick him like she did to Bai Xiaofei.

Being a teacher for one day meant being a father for the rest of one’s life. Rui Mengqi instinctively suppressed her wild nature in front of Feng Wuhen.

“I know. How are you recently? I heard that you are already a Master Rank puppet master. I didn’t expect you to make such rapid progress.” There is a hint of approval in Feng Wuhen’s tone. In a sense, such a mentoring relationship may not occur to him the second time.

“Mhm, I worked hard because I didn’t want to hold everyone back.” Rui Mengqi was honest about her thoughts.

Such honesty in a relationship was hard to come by.

“Don’t say that. One day, you will become an excellent support. Have confidence in yourself.” Feng Wuhen smiled.

“Big Brother Feng! Big Brother Lu!”

Right at that moment, Bai Xiaofei suddenly pushed open the door and barged in. Feng Wuhen and Lu Lingyun bounced up from the sofa. When the three men looked at each other, an indescribable emotion spread.

They finally saw each other again!

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