Chapter 601: Heartseer, a Genius?!

Chapter 601: Heartseer, a Genius?!

“Maybe it’s because of this thing.” With a wry smile, Bai Xiaofei pushed the wooden box towards Heartseer.

Heartseer walked over with a serious face. After scrutinizing the saber for half a day, his frown relaxed a little.

“The ominous aura indeed has to do with it, but not entirely. Were you going to do something with it?” Heartseer shook his head and looked at Bai Xiaofei.

The question stunned Bai Xiaofei. He indeed considered linking with Mind Sunder… It seems it’s still not the time yet!

If this was in the past, Bai Xiaofei would never care about an ominous aura or whatever, but after the fight with Ling Tianxia, Revelation’s divination completely changed his perception.

Sometimes it wasn’t about one’s belief, because it just existed in reality!

“Nothing, I was just hesitating,” Bai Xiaofei said and closed the box, then put it away along with the piece of cloth and the token.

The moment the wooden box disappeared, so did Heartseer’s frown.

“Although I don’t know what you were going to do, I can tell you from the perspective of a diviner that I am not very optimistic. I’m not good at analyzing auras, but the ominous aura just now was so obvious that it nearly materialized,” Heart solemnly explained for fear that Bai Xiaofei would do something stupid.

“I know. Don’t worry, I am very afraid to die. By the way, you didn’t come here just to tell me this, right?“ Bai Xiaofei awkwardly smiled and hurriedly changed the subject.

“It’s the Illusionary Sandboard. I’m stuck. No matter how I arranged my troops in the siege war of the 10th level, it’s not enough…” Heartseer said with a long sigh. He looked like he was hating himself for being useless.

“Oh, the 10th… What?! You got to the tenth level?!” Bai Xiaofei sprang up from his seat in fright. He only got to the 15th level thanks to the Spiritualization Art and it was already an achievement that had never appeared on the Command Ranking, but how long had Heartseer come into contact with the Illusionary Sandboard?

And he is already at the 10th level?!

Could this be that this fellow is a genius?!

“What’s the matter? The previous levels are quite simple… “ Heartseer was confused. Yet if anyone else heard what he said, their reaction would be unimaginable.

‘The previous levels are quite simple’… The guy had no clue how many people were stuck in those ‘previous levels.’

“Cough, nothing, nothing. I remember the 10th level. You can’t pass by numbers alone. Either you are strong enough, or you have a general who is, or you won’t be able to hold off the magical beast guarding the city.” Bai Xiaofei fixed his expression and spoke from his own experience.

Hearing this, Heartseer sighed.

“If so, I don’t have any chance to pass the 10th level,” Heartseer actually told the truth. He was a diviner with little combat power, and the points needed to exchange for a strong enough general was so high that if he exchanged for one, his troops would be insufficient.

Therefore, he could no longer climb the levels…

“It’s fine, it’s all good, don’t be discouraged. After the 10th level, the Illusionary Sandboard tests not your commanding ability, but your comprehensive quality. It’s already good enough that you passed the first nine levels. In a real war, you’d have a good assistant.” Gulping, Bai Xiaofei hurriedly comforted Heartseer while already thinking how he could tie the guy firmly to his warship.

If he let go of such a talent, he’d really cry.

“You’re right!” Sorrow came and went quickly. How fast Heartseer’s mood changed could rival Bai Xiaofei.

“By the way, what are you planning to do in the future?” Bai Xiaofei probed after Heartseer had recovered.

“In the future? You mean…?” Heartseer was surprised. He didn’t quite catch Bai Xiaofei’s implication.

“You’re not gonna stay in the Revelation Pavilion for the rest of your life, are you?” Bai Xiaofei seriously asked while staring at Heartseer.

“Of course not. The Revelation Pavilion is just a place to enrich myself. One day, I will set foot on the continent and prove my worth!” Heartseer raised his head with a heroic spirit. Although he was only a no-name now, he firmly believed from the bottom of his heart that his name would be carved in the history of this continent one day!

“So, do you have a goal? I mean, do you have any place in mind after leaving the Revelation Pavilion?” asked an excited Bai Xiaofei.

Heartseer froze a little. At this point, if he still didn’t know what Bai Xiaofei was getting at, then he really didn’t deserve to be preyed on by Bai Xiaofei.

“Not yet, but if you ever need me one day, Senior Grand Master, I will definitely follow you!”

This answer hit Bai Xiaofei where it pleased the most, and he was not a modest person who pushed away benefits. No matter what, he took it seriously!

“It’s a deal! There is no need for ‘one day,’ I definitely need you. When you feel that you have learned what you need, take this to the Illusion Demon Merchant Group, and someone will make arrangements for you!” Without delay, Bai Xiaofei took out a silver-and-gold token, the same one that he had given Feng Wuhen’s group. Only he could distribute this type of tokens, and only after he infused his energy in them that they would function as an identification.

Without any hesitation, Heartseer accepted the token. Just like that, a headache of a command genius casually joined Bai Xiaofei’s ship!

Fate was really strange sometimes…

“Since you are now my man, there are some things you need to know.” With a profound smile, Bai Xiaofei aroused Heartseer’s interest.

In the next hour, Bai Xiaofei told Heartseer everything he had planned with Feng Wuhen and Lu Lingyun. This straightforwardness warmed Heartseer’s heart. If Bai Xiaofei didn’t regard him as one of his own, he would never reveal something so private, for all of the business plans were in their infancy and Bai Xiaofei would lose the whole game if struck by the outside world!

However, after Bai Xiaofei finished speaking, Heartseer had new doubts.

“Senior Grand Master, I don’t understand something.” Heartseer looked serious.

“Say it.” Bai Xiaofei also grew serious. He could feel that Heartseer’s question was going to be quite fatal.

“I can see you are doing your best to improve your strength, but what is your ultimate goal? Is it just simply to set up a merchant group?”

Hearing this, Bai Xiaofei’s expression was dead solemn. It was a fatal problem!

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