Chapter 600: Fat Meat, Chu Qingtian’s Vision!

Chapter 600: Fat Meat, Chu Qingtian’s Vision!

“Don’t tell me it has never come to your mind before?”

Noticing the change in Bai Xiaofei’s expression, Chu Qingtian was in disbelief. From his impression, Bai Xiaofei should have long been eyeing this big chunk of meat called Starnet. He even thought that Bai Xiaofei’s plan to sell the stores was to pave the way for his merchant group.

But now, it seemed that was not the case!

“If you mean letting the people from my merchant group settle in Starnet, then yeah, I really overlooked this,” replied Bai Xiaofei honestly with a cunning expression that was indiscernible, then rubbed his hands expectantly. “However, I suppose you’ve thought about it for me, haven’t you?”

“Sure, but whether you can get it depends on what you are willing to pay.” Raising his eyebrows, Chu Qingtian acted like he was going to squeeze Bai Xiaofei good. In fact, however, he had another motive.

It was inevitable that Bai Xiaofei would graduate in four years. With his character, he certainly wouldn’t stay in this tiny place of Starnet. Therefore, Chu Qingtian needed a way to make Bai Xiaofei start something he couldn’t give up on in Starnet, and opening a shop was an excellent choice!

“Vice Chu, you know how poor I am. If you’re gonna make it hard on me with a high price, then I can only regrettably pass on this opportunity.” Bai Xiaofei sighed and shook his head. He was not stupid. Although he didn’t know Chu Qingtian’s specific thoughts, he wouldn’t be a fool and name the price himself.

“I knew it, I can’t get any benefits out of you. I can give you one store, but at least 30% of the profits must go to the academy.” Chu Qingtian reared his huge appetite. Bai Xiaofei naturally wouldn’t go along with him.

“Two stores, 10%, no negotiation. If you don’t agree, I will give up on this meat. It’s not like there aren’t any business opportunities outside. Starnet is only an unexpected windfall at best,“ Bai Xiaofei firmly said, not even giving Chu Qingtian room to bargain.

Chu Qingtian stood there, so angry that his face kept switching between red and green. After half a day, he clenched his teeth. Compared to Bai Xiaofei’s potential value, two shops were nothing!

“Fine! But you must promise to only sell legal products!“ Chu Qingtian stated his bottom line, for which he earned a bashful smile from Bai Xiaofei.

“What are you talking about? I only do upright business, how can I sell improper products?” he said and gave Chu Qingtian a bear hug. “The Hundred Flavor House has settled in. Let’s go there. My treat!”

Chu Qingtian was going to push Bai Xiaofei away, but he hesitated the instant he heard ‘Hundred Flavor House.’ He could refuse anything, but only good food was…

“I’m warning you, don’t try to bribe me!” Chu Qingtuan seriously scolded, but his defense had begun to crumble.

“What do you mean bribery? Is there any need for bribery between the two of us? This is normal bonding!”

With Bai Xiaofei’s temptation, the two ‘bonded’ for an afternoon, and then the 10% dividends turned into 5%… When Chu Qingtian came to his senses, he slapped himself. Certain people’s treats must really be avoided at all costs!

Bai Xiaofei couldn’t care less how much Chu Qingtian regretted. All he cared about was how to arrange his two stores.

“Long time no see. It’s time you guys made a trip back.” Rolling the letter and putting it into a tube, Bai Xiaofei stroked the messenger eagle previously left by Feng Wuhen with a hint of longing. “Please, thank you. Be careful on the road!”

With a high, loud cry, the eagle flew into the sky like an arrow carrying Bai Xiaofei’s expectations.

After sending the eagle, Bai Xiaofei sat down. The rare leisure time made him panic a little. During this period, he had been keeping himself busy so that he wouldn’t have time to recall that painful event. However, it was impossible to be busy all the time, just like now…

His storage ring flashed, and three objects appeared in front of him: a torn piece of white cloth, a black token, and a long wooden box.

The piece of cloth and the token were given to him by Hu Xian’er when he woke up from his coma, but their real owner was Xue Ying.

He didn’t know how he had defeated Dark Wolf that day, but he knew that his physical condition had been extremely bad. Yet, when he woke up, not only was he not injured but he had even advanced. His technique level rose from yellow to the beginner of earth grade and his strength from Master Rank to Grandmaster Rank.

What happened back then was self-evident.

The two objects that Hu Xian’er gave him confirmed his guess. The torn cloth was imprinted with a deep red stain, while the token was engraved with the word ‘Shadow’ on one side and the word ‘Blood’ on the other.

Looking at them, his heart stung again.

He thought that as long as he was strong enough, he could get over Xue Ying. But fate played a trick and placed such a layer on their relationship. What should they do if they ever met next time?

Were they really never going to see each other again?

Bai Xiaofei asked himself this question, and his answer was ‘no.’

He even wanted to see Xue Ying as soon as possible, and then help her break free from Shadow Death even if it meant resorting to whatever method possible so that she could live a normal life which she had always wished for.

However, he couldn’t do this yet. His strength was insufficient!

His Spiritualization Art went awry and he couldn’t maintain fusion with Blackie and Huskie for long. Under such circumstances, he had nothing to compete with Shadow Death, and challenging them was no different from seeking death.

Thinking this, Bai Xiaofei slowly opened the wooden box. Inside quietly lay Mind Sunder, the illusionary saber that Feng Wuhen and the others had repeatedly forbidden him from touching. Bai Xiaofei felt as if the black scabbard was summoning him.

Now that he was at the Grandmaster Rank, maybe he could give it a try?

Staring fixedly at Mind Sunder, Bai Xiaofei fell into a long struggle.

Just then, there was suddenly a knock on the door, and a familiar voice rang out from outside.

“May I come in?”

“The door isn’t locked,” Bai Xiaofei answered.

A grinning Heatseer opened the door and came in. However, before either of them could say anything, his smile suddenly vanished and was replaced by tension.

“Why is your room filled with such a strong sense of foreboding?!”

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