Chapter 58 Group Battle!

“The content of this morning’s training is very simple, but only half of you can become the lucky party.” Everyone instinctively gulped down a mouthful of saliva as soon as Xue Ying spoke because this was a reflex that came from the depths of their souls.


Not only did Xue Ying have a variety of methods, but all of them were torturous and tortured one to the point one wanted to cry but had no tears!

“What do you mean by half?” Mo Ka asked weakly, feeling that this was another morning that wouldn’t be very kind to him.

“The training method this morning is a group battle. Besides Lin Li, the remaining fifteen people will be divided into two groups, and you’ll go against each other. The rules are similar to when we were in the academy: you’re not allowed to utilize puppets but may utilize origin energy. The battles will be divided into three rounds, and the first group to be beaten to submission is the loser.” Xue Ying paused for a moment and revealed a devilish smile. “The losing group will run an extra two rounds this afternoon!”

As soon as she finished speaking, all of them stared at each other while the boats of friendship that were formed last night were instantly overturned. Every single one of them stared at the others as if they were the enemy.

“Start drawing lots.” As soon as she finished speaking, Xue Ying took out numerous paper strips, and all of them swarmed over and cleared them out in the blink of an eye.

After the grouping ended, some were happy while some were sad.

Bai Xiaofei, Mo Ka, Wu Chi, Zhu Sisi, Fang Ye, Zhu Nuo, and Duan Yiyi were in the first group, and the remaining eight were in the second group.

If it was based upon numbers and strength, Bai Xiaofei’s group was disadvantaged because besides Wu Chi, Zhu Sisi, and Zhu Nuo, the rest were inferior in ability, and numerous experts were gathered in the other group.

Not to mention Wang Hang and Xu Chen, two close-quarter combat experts, merely Ming One, Ming Two, and Shi Kui were too much for them.

Of course, there were ways to turn the situation around.

“Next, you’ll speak about some minor origin energy utilization technique in close-quarter combat, and your ability to use it proficiently will determine who will laugh and who will cry this afternoon. So, you must pay attention!” Xue Ying called Lin Li over as she spoke. Both of them fought as she explained, and she slowly repeated everything Lin Li had already grasped.

It was unknown how much each of them had remembered, but every single one of them had their own gains. After a short period of training by themselves, all of them felt they’d reached a new height.

It was precisely amid this sort of situation where everyone was comparatively confident that the battles began!

Both groups got ready for battle. Even though Bai Xiaofei had the weakest combat strength in his group, he still stood at the center position because it was convenient for him to see the entire battlefield. The person from the opposite group who stood facing him was the leader their opposition chose, Xu Chen!

Along with Xue Ying’s command, both groups instantly made a move. But the difference was that Xu Chen’s side was pursuing while Bai Xiaofei’s side was running!

However, what everyone didn’t notice was that as they ran, some of the members on Bai Xiaofei’s side intentionally converged together while the members of Xu Chen’s group pursued whoever they wanted to pursue!

Wu Chi and Zhu Sisi from Bai Xiaofei’s side ran until they were comparatively close then suddenly stopped. They turned around, directly greeting Shi Kui and Duan Yiyi behind them.

Like a hungry tiger pouncing its prey, Wu Chi immediately pressed Shi Kui down. As a Martial Artist, he was extremely skilled in utilizing origin energy, but the half-baked Shi Kui wasn’t able to persist for even half a second.

On the other hand, Duan Yiyi and Zhu Sisi beside them were locked in battle. No one had expected that in just the short moment from before, the little girl shy to the point of not speaking much would have actually grasped so many things!

However, even though she’d grasped them, Duan Yiyi was still ultimately restrained by Zhu Sisi because her reaction speed was inferior to Zhu Sisi’s.

The pair won a swift victory, but Mo Ka and Fang Ye, who were being chased, weren’t in a promising situation. Ming One and Ming Two didn’t exhaust much strength before capturing the two of them.

Suddenly and out of everyone’s expectations, Xue Ying suddenly roared, “Are all of you playing?! Are you going to fight like this if your mortal enemy is standing before you?! Why don’t the boys dare to make a move against the girls?! Could it be that if the person who wants to kill you is a girl, you should let her kill you?!”

Her roaring voice instantly caused everyone to stop. In the next second, Xue Ying charged directly towards Bai Xiaofei, and she didn’t say a single word before swinging her fist.

On the other hand, Bai Xiaofei’s reaction was exceedingly swift. He bent down slightly, barely dodging Xue Ying’s fist before sweeping a kick towards Xue Ying’s leg.

But Bai Xiaofei had overestimated his strength. Xue Ying’s right leg, covered in origin energy, moved to greet Bai Xiaofei’s kick, and a clear sound resounded. Bai Xiaofei immediately started rolling about in pain.

“Stop acting. I know how much strength I used, and it wouldn’t break.” As she spoke coldly, Bai Xiaofei instantly stood up sensibly, but his hobbling movement was faked.

“This is the type of scene I want. If none of you are able to recreate such an effect, everyone will have an additional ten rounds to run, and you can all run until you commit it to memory!”

The right methods were needed to get the job done. If she wanted their training to have some effect within a month, it would be impossible without being a bit ruthless.

After Xue Ying’s readjustment, both groups once more took their places, bowed to the other side at the same time, and started the battle.

“Sorry!” the two sides said then charged towards the people standing in front of them. Unlike the first time, those with stronger strengths looked for those with strengths weaker than their first target, and they intended to squash the “ripe persimmons” first before gathering their firepower against the strong.

But, after the battle erupted, all of them noticed something to their shock.

Those that they publicly acknowledge as weak weren’t so weak, whereas those they thought were very strong weren’t that strong. Their presumptions were skewed to the point that when the first round ended, everyone had injuries on their bodies!

But in the end Xu Chen’s side had strength in numbers, and they came up on top in the first round.

Moreover, after they experienced the probing of the first round, the targets each side targeted changed. Moreover, Bai Xiaofei’s side corrected their mistaken decision to fight head on, and Bai Xiaofei formulated a new set of tactics.

Once the second round started, Xu Chen’s group repeatedly suffered three or four losses among their members. In the end, they were struck by a wave of Bai Xiaofei’s counterattacks to the point of being beaten to the ground, and it was so much so that the second round ended almost an entire ten minutes quicker than the first round!

After a short period of rest, the third round of the battle erupted. This time, everyone’s eyes grew red with bloodlust, and it seemed as if the people standing in front of them were really their enemies. Vital point or not, they struck ruthlessly so long as they got the chance!

The third round lasted the longest. In the end, Wu Chi was struck down, announcing the loss of Bai Xiaofei’s group. But after the chaotic battle lasting the entire morning, all of them had a new understanding of the rankings of their classmates in terms of close-quarter fighting!


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