Chapter 3 Master’s Gift Package!

If time could be turned back, Bai Xiaofei would surely choose to escape, and even if he was unable to flee, he would try to struggle. At the very least, he wouldn’t cultivate this bullshit incomplete technique!

This cultivation technique is definitely not something a person can cultivate!

He could indeed sense the existence of origin energy after circulating his energy according to the scroll’s method, and the amount of origin energy he could sense was like that of a surging ocean!

But just like the ocean, this origin energy carried with it violent waves!

Since the moment he started circulating the cultivation technique, burning pain surged endlessly throughout his body, and worst of all, he was unable to stop the circulation no matter what he did!

So, he only had one choice: brace himself and endure!

But it was truly too painful!!!

Huskie, who stood nearby, also seemed to be in extreme pain, and without end, Huskie released miserable howls.

The geezer, seeing that Bai Xiaofei’s condition wasn’t good, still had a conscience. As he stood guard, he constantly reminded Bai Xiaofei, “Maintain consciousness! Endure through it, and you’ll be halfway there!”

But besides this, the geezer couldn’t offer any assistance…

Of course, even if the geezer didn’t say anything, Bai Xiaofei would still continue to persevere – after all, he didn’t want to die young!

Time flowed slowly, and even the geezer felt slightly tormented – not to mention Bai Xiaofei, who felt as if the seconds took years to pass.

Fortunately, Bai Xiaofei was rewarded for his persistence in the end.

It might have been because he had already gone numb to the pain, but in any case, the burning pain gradually faded, replaced by both the comfortable feelings of his meridians being repaired and of his origin energy flowing, the latter of which grew increasingly clear.

As the saying went, once a certain limit was reached, a change for the opposite was imminent. Bai Xiaofei hadn’t felt his origin energy for over ten years, so now that he had regained the feeling, his origin energy felt extraordinarily clear to him – clear to the point that it caused his heart astonishment.

This is…internal sight?!

Isn’t that something only Master Rank puppet masters could obtain?! Could it be that I’ve directly advanced into the Master Rank?!

Bai Xiaofei’s aura couldn’t help but rise and fall with the happiness in his heart.

“Calm your heart! You’re at the most critical moment; follow my guidance!” a voice resounded by his ears, filling him with sudden enlightenment; and with it, a strand of extremely gentle energy flowed along his shoulders, bored into his body, and took the role of leader.

The geezer’s assistance caused Bai Xiaofei to feel at ease, and Bai Xiaofei instantly led the surging origin energy in his body to circulate according to the geezer’s guidance.

After once again entering into an endless process that felt as long as a marathon, the origin energy within Bai Xiaofei’s body was drawn into his dantian, bit by bit. At first the origin energy was in a gaseous state, but once his dantian completely filled, the energy liquified then condensed into a golden ball, which endlessly revolved and enlarged within his dantian. Along with this transformation, Huskie, who had been howling miserably at the side, fell into a deep slumber.

The geezer withdrew his right hand and exhaled a long breath of air.

Even though there had been some hiccups along the way, Bai Xiaofei had succeeded in the end, and the outcome was exactly as the geezer had imagined.

But, the geezer had never expected that the origin energy in Bai Xiaofei’s body would actually be so abundant. It’s abundance showed that the fruit Bai Xiaofei consumed all those years ago was not something simple, and soon after, the proof of its unusualness arrived.

When his origin energy neared the end of its solidification, the process of it encountered another hiccup. The previously calm Bai Xiaofei suddenly cried out in pain, and he almost fell to the ground.

Within his internal vision, strands of pink-colored gaseous energy gushed from the places in his body where the origin energy had been previously stored. Bai Xiaofei instinctively thought the gaseous energy was leftover origin energy, so he continued to condense the strands into his dantian’s origin core according to the previous method...

Astonishment covered the nearby geezer’s face; such a situation wasn’t within his expectations!

Bai Xiaofei’s body grew hotter, and in the blink of an eye, his exposed skin turned completely red as if it had been cooked.

The geezer was in complete panic, and he hastily placed his hand onto Bai Xiaofei’s shoulder. But before the geezer could even circulate his own origin energy, the pink energy within Bai Xiaofei’s body came looking for him.

The geezer reflexively removed his hand, but nevertheless, a trace of pink energy still entered his body. It was precisely this strand of energy that allowed the geezer to understand exactly what was wrong with Bai Xiaofei.

How could this be possible!? This cultivation technique is definitely not a violent one, so why does Bai Xiaofei possess such a strong aphrodisiac effect!?

Merely a trace of the energy caused the geezer to exhaust a great deal of effort to suppress it, so Bai Xiaofei’s current condition was obviously worse!

“Shit, shit! Where do I find a woman in this deserted wilderness?!!! If I knew this would happen, I wouldn’t have—ptooey! Ptooey! Ptooey!” The geezer slapped himself, and a flash of inspiration rose within his mind. But then, a trace of hesitation soon surfaced on his face.“What am I thinking, how can I let my disciple suffer such injustice? F*ck it! So what if I die? Who asked this to be a sin that I committed!”

The geezer instantly made up his mind and once more roused his Heavenly Secret Disk. He forcefully endured the fierce backlash, and as the disk began to revolve, he suddenly spat out a mouthful of blood.

Three seconds later, the Heavenly Secret Disk gradually stopped emitting sound as it ceased to revolve. A trace of pleasant surprise arose in the geezer’s eyes.

“What a kid! Your luck is truly good!” He walked to Bai Xiaofei’s side, his expression grave. “Kid, hold on. Master will help you resolve your problem right away!”

While his voice still resounded through the air, a giant golden arrow flew out from his ring. He lightly leapt onto it, and then it vanished in midair, accompanied by the ear-piercing sound of the sky being torn apart.

But the pitiable Bai Xiaofei had not heard the words of his “cute” master because his consciousness was on the verge of collapsing. And before it collapsed, there was only one final thought on his mind:

Old fellow, you f*cking tricked me to death!!!!

Not long after Bai Xiaofei completely lost consciousness, the geezer, standing on the arrow, returned with a young woman in his hands. He had grabbed her from who knows where. He didn’t waste a single word and threw her to Bai Xiaofei’s side. Simultaneously, a special light barrier descended from the sky and isolated the pair from the outside world.

What happened next went without saying. Bai Xiaofei, with only his instinct remaining, pounced over, and the pink energy within his body instantly devoured the young woman as soon as she came into contact with him. The young woman, who had originally intended to resist, became an existence who was just like Bai Xiaofei.


Time ran at full speed, and night suddenly arrived.

To Bai Xiaofei, night had indeed arrived suddenly, but to the geezer, who hadn’t dared to stray too far, the afternoon had simply been long, boundless torture.

The geezer had originally thought the young woman he had grabbed would be unable to endure it, but never had he imagined that her attractive voice would continue to resound throughout the afternoon, never once stopping. Her voice had even grown more exuberant as time had passed…

So, when the pair quieted down, the geezer suddenly had a feeling of release.

Meanwhile, within the light barrier, Bai Xiaofei was experiencing a trial of life and death!

He lay naked on the floor without the slightest reaction like a dead animal, and the young woman was curled up by his side.

Her entire body was a work of art, but after the previous “battle”, she had revealed her true appearance, which would have shocked the geezer to death...

Simply speaking, the young woman wasn’t human!

Furry ears and a fluffy, light-violet tail indicated her true form.

A fox type Magical Beast!

But this wasn’t the main point. The main point was that there were great waves surging within the young woman’s heart!

After her consciousness recovered from being seized by the pink energy, her first reaction was to kill the fellow who had destroyed her chastity and to then commit suicide.

Her sharp nails suddenly grew longer, yet she hesitated for a second before striking.

It was this hesitation that saved Bai Xiaofei’s life…


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