Chapter 599: Businesses Re-entry!

Chapter 599: Businesses Re-entry!

The appeasement work lasted for nearly a month. When the majority of Starnet personnel finally had some free time and the vast majority of the ‘debtors’ left the academy with the results they wanted, the small portion that was still unsatisfied had no choice but to settle as well. It was unrealistic to want to influence the foundation of Starnet with just the force of a few.

During that month, the recruitment of new students had also reached an optimistic degree. In order to make up for the previous loss, Starnet lowered the admission requirements, and the setback from the grand celebration didn’t affect the people’s enthusiasm to sign up.

Starnet was still Starnet. As long as it didn’t collapse, it was still the continent’s irreplaceable top academy!

“The recruitment has been basically finished, and the new student training is underway. However, we have never recruited at this time of year before. Perhaps we should make adjustments to the training plan?”

In a teacher meeting room were seated all personnel from the rank of the faculty head and above. After Luo Xi simply presented the situation, the rest started to contemplate. In fact, everyone had vague ideas of their own. Under normal circumstances, they’d let these ideas collide until finally achieving a suitable solution.

Now, however, they didn’t need that. Or to be exact, everyone here had developed a habit –– of looking at Bai Xiaofei.

He was the only person here who wasn’t above the rank of the faculty head. However, he had become the brains of the operation!

Since the end of the grand celebration, no major decision had been made without Bai Xiaofei’s participation, and at least 90% of the decisions were made according to his ideas. The remaining 10% were only some minor changes.

Therefore, once there was a meeting, everyone would subconsciously focus on him, because he had offered nothing but good ideas.

Feeling the attention on him, Bai Xiaofei suddenly felt a little embarrassed and thought if he was the type of person that they called ‘always taking others’ jobs into one’s own hand.’

Smiling wryly in his heart, Bai Xiaofei shallowly exhaled and started to slowly present his ideas. Alright, since this is what you want from me!

“First of all, the training course hasn’t finished, so the training team cannot be dissolved yet. As for the new student training, it can be extended appropriately, and there is no need to rush them into faculties. We should concentrate on the training course first. Once the old students complete the training course, we’ll have it a lot easier.”

Bai Xiaofei’s ideas always had everyone unable to keep up with his pace. As soon as he finished speaking, the group of deans revealed embarrassed expressions. They had been in this position of armyless leaders for so long that their faculties currently had too many things waiting to be done.

“Junior Bai, according to the current progress, the training course will take at least three months to finish, which is nearly half of the new students’ first year. It will affect their academic progress,” Fu Tong, the head of the Sword of Assault, voiced the thoughts of all of the deans.

“The new students can attend the theory classes. We can split them into several big classes to organize lectures and earn some time. After the lecture schedule returns to normal, it’s not difficult to speed up the process and catch up.” Bai Xiaofei had long expected this question, so his answer was ready.

“But we really haven’t done anything like this before!” Kuang Zao complained, his pitiful manner completely different from his previous aggressive attitude. He had yielded to Bai Xiaofei now, but that didn’t mean he’d have no complaints where they were due.

“Haven’t done it before doesn’t mean we can’t try it. This is an extraordinary period and we can only adopt extraordinary methods. If we follow the old path, Starnet’s recovery speed will be much slower. None of us can guarantee that there won’t be a next Ling Tianxia during this tough time,” Bai Xiaofei earnestly persuaded.

Everyone’s heart tightened at the name ‘Ling Tianxia.’

“Then let’s settle on this smelly boy’s plan. You all go and make preparations. Add two more classes per day to the training course. We’ll strive to complete it as soon as possible,” Lei Shan decisively concluded.

No one objected anymore. A good collective carried out the order once the leader made up their mind, regardless of whether the decision was right or wrong!

After Luo Xi’s problem was resolved, Chu Qingtian reported the situation of the business district, “We have finished contacting the businesses. They all agreed to our offer, and some merchant groups have already settled in. The same goes for the lots that we put up for sale. An auction for them is going to be organized soon.”

Chu Qingtian looked at Bai Xiaofei after he finished his report. On this matter, Bai Xiaofei was the only one who could put forward suggestions. To be more exact, Chu Qingtian wouldn’t listen even if the others had anything to say about it.

“Add an extra condition to all the businesses: they have to support the reconstruction work of Starnet. Those who don’t agree, pass them. Take the wool from the sheep. We don’t have the ability to compensate the other merchant groups on our own.”

Hearing Bai Xiaofei’s proposal, Chu Qingtian’s eyes lit up. In terms of milking others, he wasn’t as cruel as Bai Xiaofei.

But this was a good ‘cruel’!

“I’m adding it!” Chu Qingtian agreed with the smile of a sly businessman. If it weren’t for the vice principal’s outfit on him, he’d look no different from a small vendor who was hit by a pot of gold.

“Does anyone else have any other problems?” Lei Shan’s faint voice rang out as he looked around at everyone.

“Principal, about the Infinite Mountain Range, should we…” said Su Na, the new dean of the Fist of the Beast, who was a neutral-looking female puppet master with neat short hair. When Di Jiang was still in position, she had always been suppressed for disliking him. After Di Jiang died, she was directly promoted.

“You guys don’t have to worry about the Infinite Mountain Range, I will handle it. We’ll just write this down for the time being and demand justice back one day!” Lei Shan heavily slapped the table. “Blood for blood!”

Those three powerful words exuded boundless murderous intent. In a trance, Bai Xiaofei could see the day when Kuang Ta met his death. At the same time, a bold plan formed in Bai Xiaofei’s mind. Kuang Ta, you won’t be moving for long!

After Su Na’s issue, no one asked more questions, which signaled the end of the meeting. After everyone dispersed, Chu Qingtian stopped Bai Xiaofei.

“If I remember correctly, you wanted to set up a merchant group?”

Stunned, Bai Xiaofei looked at Chu Qingtian strangely. Why is he asking about this?

His brains spun and when he saw an odd expression on Chu Qingtian’s face, he instantly realized something. A wave of regret washed over him.

Damn it, how did I forget to take a bite out of this big piece of meat?!

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