Chapter 597: Trouble Finally Arrives!

Chapter 597: Trouble Finally Arrives!

With the alumni and graduates returning home, the news about the bicentennial celebration of Starnet swept through the whole continent like a storm. Along with this was the joint denunciation of the Globe Merchant Group from several major organizations!

Starnet was bound to become the eye of the storm, but thanks to Bai Xiaofei’s measures, the Globe Merchant Group was forcibly tied to the ship as well and had to bear the wrath of this storm together with Starnet.

However, what puzzled everyone was that the Globe Merchant Group chose to keep silent when faced with this heavy impact. The release of the news against them to the spreading of it was more than enough to shake their foundations, yet, the only reaction from the Globe Merchant Group was to shut their doors!

All of their branches around the continent closed, and all the staff collectively disappeared into thin air overnight. The headquarters of the Globe Merchant Group in the Violethorn Empire was completely sealed and no one responded to any attempts at communication.

This chain of reactions made everyone even more convinced that there was something off about the Globe Merchant Group, but believe it or not, no one wanted to be the first to take any real action against them. Everyone knew what they were capable of. Even if things went south, they could still drag several opponents down with them.

Therefore, because of this apprehension, everyone set the turtled Globe Merchant Group aside and turned their gaze to Starnet!

In an instant, the people of the major organizations started to flock towards Starnet again. All they wanted was a statement that could convince them. But simple as it sounded, it was impossible for so many forces to be calmed with a mere statement. Therefore, Lei Shan immediately convened all personnel, then heeded Bai Xiaofei’s suggestion and formed a temporary negotiation team!

All teachers and students who had a connection to any large organizations were members of this team, while the rest started preparing for the reception work under Fang Ye’s lead…

“Dear honored guests from afar, no matter what purpose you have come with, Starnet welcomes you. At the same time, however, we hope that you will show corresponding respect. This is Starnet Academy, not a noisy market!”

Standing on the makeshift platform, Fang Ye yelled at the chaotic crowd outside. The megaphone helped him successfully talk over the noise, but failed to help him convince everyone.

“You think you’re still the old Starnet?! If you don’t explain what happened to our seniors and elders today, your Starnet is history!”

“That’s right! Let us in!”

“This lord wants to see Lei Shan!”


The entrance area was in chaos again. The dense crowd began to push against the meat wall of students, but fortunately it was just physical as no one used puppets or origin energy, otherwise, it would not just be as simple as trying to get in.

They still had some fear for the Starnet name.

But even if that was the case, it was only a matter of time before the wall of students would be broken through. Standing on a high platform, Fang Ye was so irritated that his teeth itched.

If it weren’t for his inadequate strength, he would have fired his gun already, and then shouted at top of his lungs to fight it out with those who refused to listen. Unfortunately, there were many people below that he couldn’t beat…

Just as Fang Ye was thinking this, the surrounding temperature suddenly soared. At the same time, a blinding firelight replaced the sun. Looking over, everyone saw two huge floating fireballs, under which stood two beautiful figures raising a hand and feign-lifting the fireballs. Step by step, they walked toward the academy entrance.

“Flame Demon!”


Hu Xian’er’s and Yan Suzi’s crystal clear voices rang out. They waved their hands, and the two huge fireballs flew straight towards the crowd below.

The crowd instantly panicked, either activating their defensive barriers or running away. Some even gathered their energy and blasted at the incoming fireballs. However, every single attack that struck the fireballs were absorbed without any impact. The fireballs gradually merged, and their originally stable energy suddenly erupted!

A blinding light temporarily took away everyone’s sight. At that moment, most thought that they were surely going to die. Even Fang Ye was dumbfounded; Bai Xiaofei had said that they must not attack for real!

At least a few hundred people would die once this hit!

However, they soon realized that they were wrong because the explosion didn’t do any harm apart from scaring them. All the explosion energy was vented into the air under the control of Hu Xian’er and Yan Suzi. They had never had any intention to hurt those people. But the skill they demonstrated made a far greater impact on the crowd than directly killing them!

That explosion was at least pseudo-Astronomical Level!

These two can perfectly control the impact of pseudo-Astronomical Level skill?!

Who on earth are they?!

This is Starnet’s power?!

The crowd that had just been clamoring, gulped and retreated a few steps back with their heads down. Meanwhile, Hu Xian’er and Yan Suzi walked up and stood before them.

“Principal Lei Shan has sent us to welcome you, friends from afar. I hope our fireworks entertained you. We are second-year students. If you need anything, you can always talk to anyone in a hospital outfit like the ones we are wearing,” said Hu Xian’er with a slight smile.

Everyone was amazed by her heaven-defying beauty, but besides that, her words made them break out in a cold sweat.

Their second-year students are already able to achieve this level. Just how strong are the third and fourth-years?!

“Also, we hope that you will cooperate with our reception. As long as you don’t cause trouble, you are all honored guests of Starnet.” Hu Xian’er stated their ultimate goal after her opening speech sunk in. At the same time, she slowly withdrew to one side and cast Fang Ye a wink.

“Those who want to sign up for the entrance exam, please take the far right channel. Those who want to ask about the details of the grand celebration, please take the remaining three channels on the left. After entering, please follow our guide students, they will take you to your accommodations!”

Fang Ye had always been orderly. The only regretful thing was that he lacked the strength to support his order.

Fortunately, Hu Xian’er and Yan Suzi made up for it. After their mighty display, Fang Ye’s words were implemented quickly. Those who had been shouting nonstop before were now obediently standing in line.

“Big Sister-in-law, I’m ashamed to have troubled you…” After making all the arrangements, Fang Ye hurriedly jumped down.

Hu Xian’er blushed at the ‘big sister-in-law’ address.

“It’s nothing. The troubles here are really nothing compared with the people inside, they are the ones doing the hard work.”

Heaving a long sigh, Hu Xian’er gazed at the depths of the Starnet Academy…

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