Chapter 595: Visiting Gu Xing!

Chapter 595: Visiting Gu Xing!

After the graduates left, the alumni also departed from Starnet. However, one person stayed – Heartseer.

Having completed his mission, he did not leave according to his original plan but took the initiative to stay by Bai Xiaofei’s side. He called this ‘experiencing life’ while in fact, he wanted to work for Bai Xiaofei after seeing the potential benefits.

Bai Xiaofei didn’t mind someone like this following him. Heartseer could prove useful sometimes, for example, when he needed to locate someone. Poor Heartseer didn’t know he’d be milked by Bai Xiaofei for this only little value of his…

“Senior Grand Master, where are we going today?”

Due to the new training course, all the students except Bai Xiaofei had to attend, even Hu Xian’er. Therefore, the only one who could wander around with him in this large academy was Heartseer.

“How much do you remember of what I told you yesterday?” Bai Xiaofei didn’t answer the question and instead aloofly threw one back.

“I remember it all!” Heartseer replied without hesitation. He was quite confident in himself.

“That’s good. Then you won’t be too miserable in a while.”

Passing through a row of buildings that Heartseer was unfamiliar with, the two walked all the way to the once-buzzing Gods Amongst Men. Now, there wasn’t even a fly in this usually crowded Illusionary Sandboard.

“Just go in, and remember to be polite to the elder inside, it’ll benefit you.”

Pushing an uneasy Heartseer into the Illusionary Sandboard, Bai Xiaofei then sat down cross-legged.

He initially planned to go in first, but since Heartseer was with him, he was afraid that Heartseer wouldn’t be able to wait outside patiently unless he got to check the place out. So, Bai Xiaofei had to wrong himself and wait a little.

After all, his purpose this time was not to challenge the levels but to figure out his own problem.

In the war in the Infinite Mountain Range, his body had acted up several times and caused him to miss many good opportunities during fights, and had even almost gotten him killed. In the end, he even was forced out of the Spiritualization state. He naturally wouldn’t ignore this problem.

Gu Xing had guaranteed that as long as the Endless State was active, there would be no abnormality with the Spiritualization Art, but now it seemed that was not the case. Therefore, he must find out what had happened to his body.

Circulating the energy in his body, Bai Xiaofei carefully felt for any subtle changes within. He had executed this internal sight many times since he woke up, but that feeling of torpor that caused him to stagger had never reared again, rendering his efforts fruitless.

A long time later, Heartseer finally came out from the Illusionary Sandboard. The excitement on his face fully revealed his mood. Despite being badly ‘abused,’ he had grown deeply fond of the feeling of being a mighty commander!

“Grand Senior Master, Grand Senior Master, I’m done!” Heartseer’s delighted voice echoed as he ran to Bai Xiaofei’s side. Last night, he didn’t know why Bai Xiaofei taught him so many things, but after a trip in the Illusionary Sandboard, he understood. Those were all precious experiences!

“Alright, go back and digest what you’ve learned as you’ll continue to break through tomorrow. If there’s anything you don’t understand, ask me after I come out.” Bai Xiaofei opened his eyes and dropped some words before leaving an excited Heartseer for the Illusionary Sandboard.

Whatever the reason, the hidden danger in his body must be eliminated!

The familiar colorful light flashed and a familiar face greeted him. Bai Xiaofei’s heart leaped up. What he feared most now was being told that Gu Xing also had no idea.

“Smelly brat, you haven’t come to see me for a long time.” There was a hint of complaint in Gu Xing’s tone, but it couldn’t hide the obvious smile on his face. Ever since Bai Xiaofei had appeared before him, his life had become much more interesting. At least, he now had something to look forward to every day.

“Grandpa Gu Xing, if you know what happened in Starnet recently, I’m afraid you won’t be able to smile.” Although Bai Xiaofei was in a hurry, he didn’t start off with his own problem right away. Instead, he wanted Gu Xing to catch up on the situation outside.

“What’s the matter?!” Gu Xing hurriedly asked upon seeing Bai Xiaofei’s sorrowful expression. This was the first time he saw him make this face after knowing each other for so long.

With a long sigh, Bai Xiaofei started recounting everything from the grand celebration to all the things that happened after. He wasn’t excessive with the story, but Gu Xing still flew into a rage.

“Bastard! I should have advised Old Lei to listen to Revelation! Otherwise, how could that beast Ling Tianxia have such achievement and influence!” Gu Xing slapped his own mouth, regret written all over his face.

“Please don’t blame yourself. What happened has already happened, there is no point in blaming yourself. What we need to do now is figure out a way to eliminate the negative impact of this turmoil,” advising Gu Xing, Bai Xiaofei frowned. If he had known that Gu Xing would have such a fierce reaction, he would never have gone into such detail. Seeing this situation, he couldn’t find an opportunity to ask about the Spiritualization Art at all.

“Wait! Something’s not right!”

As Bai Xiaofei pondered how he should bring it up, Gu Xing suddenly exclaimed and looked at him seriously.

“Your second puppet is that cat that Old Lei considers a treasure. Using it with the Spiritualization Art, even if you can’t beat Ling Tianxia, you should still have been able to break the formation!”

Bai Xiaofei was secretly delighted to hear this. Talk about a timely pillow when one was sleepy!

“This is also the reason why I came here to find you,” he sincerely said, and then slowly voiced his doubts. However, his heart tightened as Gu Xing didn’t answer right away and instead started contemplating.

After around fifteen minutes, Gu Xing slowly looked at Bai Xiaofei.

“Theoretically, it can’t go wrong when you use Spiritualization with the Endless State active. However, there’s one special case that my master once told me about, but I unfortunately ignored it before.” Gu Xing gulped and there was a hint of embarrassment on his face.

“Please just tell me. Even if I’m gonna die, you have to let me die a clear death!” Bai Xiaofei anxiously urged.

“You’re not actually going to die, but you may need to refrain from using Spiritualization as much as possible in the future…”

Hearing this, Bai Xiaofei froze.

What do you mean by that?! I learned it for nothing?!

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